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  1. carolyn24seven

    Big Fight with my Personal Trainer

    sounds like your trainer does not want to learn. Hummmm? Try talking to the Head guy again? I agree you need a trainer for correcting the positions. Wish this guy would get on your side! Maybe you could show your trainer this site? Depends on if he wants to learn anything. Good luck keep trying. I stopped working out and I am starting to "bag" Gotta get back to the gym!
  2. carolyn24seven

    I want to stop loosing now

    Jane, thank you. I like the web site. Wonder if they ship free to USA? I will have to give it a try. Now I know where Aylesbury, Bucks is located! I thought you were in Pennsylvania. (bucks county) this site is so amazing for all the people all over the world! LOVE IT!
  3. carolyn24seven

    I want to stop loosing now

    I haven't been back to this post for quite awhile. Well, I am at 180 still. and still exercizing. I have been eating a bit more. My face is ----well I am adjusting to it. I look good when I smile so smile it is! I think I will have the "life style lift" done in December. it pulls the neck up and the mouth area. It is approx $3,200. in Orange County CA. I am thinking of going to Mexicali for arm and leg lifts. Just too expensive here in SOCal. I would do this next Feb or March. M A Y B E. I have not made up my mind. I am in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and just about living in a swimsuit. So, I am getting adjusted to what I am seeing. I am so active, I would NEVER go back. I am NOT sorry I got my sleeve done. I am just coming to terms with this weight loss. The weight coming off is so good in so many ways that count for so much more than what I see in the mirror. I get it. I just want to make it a little better. Kinda tweak it a bit. Anyway I will let you all know if and when I do "anything" surgery wise. Until then I am going to keep exercising and smiling. lol
  4. carolyn24seven

    NSV shout outs

    YEA Chancie!!!!! I saw the NSV was from you and thought oh goodie~I love Chancies posts. But this one is the topper of them all. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you! You are and inspiration. You are one of my "angels" here on the Board. Thank you Chancie for being you. muah :-}}
  5. Mountain Lover: WOW good for you! I will watch for another post from you in the next few months. I too am at 180. Kinda holding there, I just need to get re-focused. I am so happy with the sleeve. It has made this journey possible. I will pray for you and your family. God Bless.
  6. carolyn24seven

    I am gonna do this!!

    You posted just fine. good luck to you and your Mom. I am so glad you younger ones can get this done. You will not have to struggle thru 45 years of shame and blame. Plus you will maybe not have the health issues you mentioned. You are so gonna love your life with the sleeve. Have patience. Breathe deep. Enjoy the journey.
  7. carolyn24seven

    Need help please. x

    You do nto need to worry. Unless your liver is "abnormal" already. The Dr. will not close you up for a slippery liver. Theposts I have seen on here fro NURSES, all say you cannot shrink/unslime your liver in 6 weeks. It takes a year or better. The pre-op diet is usually to get some weight off and get you in diet mode for the weeks following surgery. It is a good mind altering tool. Try your hardest, you know you want this. Just keep reminding yourself you want a better life and suffering thru a diet for a few weeks is small price to pay for that better life. You can do it. Keep posting, Good luck!
  8. carolyn24seven

    i won my appeal scheduled for 4/28

    Congratulations! I wish you the BEST on all phases you will be going thru. It is a fantastic journey. I love my sleeve. Keep posting. You will do well!
  9. carolyn24seven

    Depression After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Liz, OMG you have done such marvelous work in getting yourself "right". Your situation was so miserable. I am so happy for your progress. That you have the strength and willingness of spirit to continue is so inspiring for me. My little foibles and set backs are put in proper perspective because of your courage to continue posting honestly. Thank you, you may still be on a difficult journey, if you look back from where you were, doesn't the journey to where you want to be seem shorter? and worth it? and "doo-able? That is how I am dealing with the back slides and "failures" I experience. I am a bit disappointed that I can eat so much now. ( 6 months out) I am longing for the uncomfortable feeling that made me stop eating earlier. Carbs fill me up so I tend to want to go there first. Bad habit I am working on. I just wish I could be satisfied with one egg like before. See? there I go beating myself up for my thoughts. Working on that too! LOL gonna get back to exercizing, I felt the very best then. Thanks again Liz, you are my hero. HUGS !!!
  10. carolyn24seven

    Hi everyone! Update for everyone!

    yayyyy! u & me 67 lbs gone forever. size 14 it is sooooo goooooooood !! Now the hair loss thing. Yup, mine started at 4 months out. I am still loosing some at the 6 month mark, don't know when it will stop. Maybe at 9 months? I don't miss it as I have so darn much of it. My hair is actually more managable now. ( is that an nsv?) anyway you are doing super, keep at it and just come post once in awhile. That is what I am doing. lol
  11. carolyn24seven

    NSV shout outs

    I bought a size 14 swimsuit from Costco. It is baggy in the stomache. My waist is so little. I am not taking the protein any more, I am still losing. I am still exercizing, but, my thighs are a mess. I am gonna keep at it. Never give up. I am sooooo, loving life as a 14 going down.
  12. Congratulations Steve. You are doing a great job working your sleeve. Your "non-perfect" diet and exercize routines, shows us all we can be successful with our sleeves. All we have to do is try and let the sleeve do the rest. Thank you for the post, it will be very encouraging to a lot of us.
  13. carolyn24seven

    He's a winner! warning: Shameless bragging!

    WOW tracy, He is stunning! I would love to go to a dog show. I like to watch them on TV. When you show in May will you be showing him yourself? Will it be in Calif.again? Would you post when and where, I think some SS~ers might want to come see a dog show, we are all doing or trying to do different things now. How are you doing weight/size wise? You probably posted that somewhere else but I did not get that link.
  14. carolyn24seven

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    I am 191 at the gym scale. 195 on home scale. just gonna leave my ticker alone for this week.
  15. carolyn24seven

    Divorce and VSG

    With divorce comes a whole lot of problems. Be sure you are ready for all the issues that will come up. Try to get some counseling from your church if possible. The man you are "throwing away" will be a treasure to someone else. Everyone is replaceable. But, what you replace with is always going to have issues to deal with. When a spouse dies the grief counslers advise not to make any drastic changes for one year. Do not sell your house, do not re-marry, etc. I think that is good advice for WLS patients also. Do not be idle for that year, get counseling, grow your relationships. I wish you the best life possible.
  16. Liz, Call your local parks and recreation Dept. Find out what classes theyoffer for free or next to free. I think you are back east so, you will know in advance what to look forward to this spring. My "senior" center here offers Tai Chi. I really like it, it is slow purposeful movements to music. Not as jazzy as Zumba, but, with my knees I cannot do jazzy. (yet) I even went to lunch at the center for $2.50. LOL Most people are older than me, but, it kinda felt like visiting my Mom. (passed 15 years ago) they play cards and have a pretty good time. I can't take too much of the place, but, 2X a week for Tai Chi is good. I still go to the gym to ride the bike vigoursly and do weights for upper body. I am looking forward to the day when I can take up a real dance class like Oregondaisy. I am so glad you are feeling better and better. Progress, in little steps or large, it's all about moving forward.
  17. carolyn24seven

    Sleeved yeterday and feeling bad

    Looser: get some melatonin. Capsuels. take them(it) before bed. I too wound up awake after a few hours sleep. I do not like the OTC sleep aids, for the way they make me feel the next day. Found the melatonin thru this site and am doing much better, (when I remember to take it).ha
  18. carolyn24seven

    Gallbladder issues and surgery

    Charrity, NO! Do not try that "flush". OMG! Work a deal with the Dr./hospital for some kind of payments. Call your parents. Call your church. I will make a donation! (a small one, ha)Good heavens girl, you deserve full treatment. Just to ease your mind, if you had lost the weight on your own (with out surgery) you would have had the same gall bladder problems. I did. So, it is not "because you had WLS". Please consider this important enough to your overall long term health to take care of it properly. God Bless you and your work.
  19. carolyn24seven

    down a 100 pounds

    yeahhhhh Nikki !!!!! Oh that is just soooo great! You will be at goal in no time, keep up the good attitude. (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))
  20. WOW! Congrats to both of you! I am so sorry you had to suffer. I am so glad I was able to come on these boards and research the sleeve to my satisfaction. It has worked so well for me. Thank you for sharing your stories. Continue to do well!
  21. carolyn24seven

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    yup yup yup a doodle. It's official. I am a One~derland sister now. 199.5 Huge sigh. I upped my workout today also. One more level up on the bike and 5 min more. Plus I am doing upper body weights so I increased the reps on thoes. Bring on summer, I am gonna be sleeveless!!!
  22. If you Email Dr, Betencourt abot having someone from staff do it,be sure to tell him you only want them to film the operation and you will do the rest. You are only asking for about an hour of anyones time. You are going to do the rest yourself, right? I still may be able to come and do it. I am still thinking about it. I am only two hours driving time away. I just think for a four hour trip to shoot one hour of film is kinda not a really good use of time. Maybe you will meet someone going at the same time that will shoot for you? Anyway, I am still considering it.
  23. carolyn24seven


    Definately make the call. Could be something simple and has a simple remedy. No need to suffer in pain and doubt. Take care, please post back results.
  24. I live close enough. I am thinking about it. I do not have a squemish stomach. I just need some time to think about this. As an alternative, could you have one of the people on staff hold the camera? Not one of the nurses of course, one of the support team. Or, if you are going to Dr. Almanza, maybe Dr. Betencourt would film the surgery. I mean you are only talking one hour of filming. So, maybe you should enlist their help? just a thought.
  25. I will make a suggestion here. ONLY since you are going to have to stay 2 extra nights before you go home. Instead of staying in SanDiego, Stay in TiaJuana at the Marriot. Dr. B can get you a GREAT rate (about $80) The staff there is very used to WLS clients. Your room charge covers your food. Teas popcyles, Soups. TV in english. Have Sevier come over and give you a massage. You will feel very secure there I walked the halls anytime I was awake, in my jammies and robe. NEVER a problem or did I feel "out of place". The staff at the Hotel was soooo nice to me. My last night there I went to the dining room for dinner, they treated me like a Queen. I am sure Dr. B will help you with the arrangements. He is a dream to have on your side! One other thing to add to your list of things to take. extra panties. and pads. You will want to change often. My Bag was at the recovery house. Darn it. My Husband thought to bring my toothbursh and paste, but, he could not remember to bring my jammies and undergarments. So, for the two days in the hospt, I was in hospt gown and hand washing my panties. haha now. not so fun then. minor inconvience, but, one that can be avoided. Hope you have a great experience. I did.

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