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  1. Guess I will be the first to start in this age category. My story...I am 71 and have weighed in the 200 lbs - 245 lbs range now for over a decade. Currently at 220. Yoyo-ing several times a year, becoming depressed that even after 2 knee replacement surgeries last year, and looking forward to some pain-free "GO" years, my shoulders began paining me to varying degrees in June this yr. And even some fingers in my left hand - with twinges in my hips for good measure. Found out about the sleeve and WLS in general and felt hope surge thru me for the first time in months. Long story short - am booked in for my sleeve end of this month (Sept 28th) and thoughts of 150 lbs or less for goal weight have me almost giddy! What a load off my frame that would be! What a load off my heart! what a joy to be able to move with normal mobility it would be. Almost as good as turning back the clock! My heart leaps with anticipation, and have my family and friends understanding and keeping their fingers crossed for me that it all turns out well. Hopefully this forum and site will also support my journey and I intend to become a regular poster. The countdown is on! :tongue_smilie:
  2. No wonder I am the only one in this category, turns out I am the oldest sleeve patient - period! Also set a new record! My sleeve only took Dr. Almanza 35 minutes from start to finish! Everything went so smoothly, no bleeding, no problems whatsoever! I am feeling truly blessed! Just got home to Canada today, had a nap and now feel raring to go! So will check in on the other forums and see what I missed!
  3. I am planning on having this surgery done in Mexico this fall. My kids are having coniptions (all against it). They think I am too old - I am 71 yrs old, so they think that this procedure will be way too risky for me. Never mind in MEXICO!! (perceptions are everything rule again!) I am hoping I am not the oldest patient for this procedure ever! I am not morbidly obese - 220 lbs, but my height has shrunk to just over 5"2". Arthritis has plagued me for more than 5 yrs now and last year I had both knees replaced. Now my shoulders and hands etc are feeling very achy. Other than that I am not too bad for my age. Have the usual high blood pressure and high cholesterol that comes with being so overweight. Want to be closer to normal to stave off being diagnosed in the next 5 yrs or so with all the obesity related diseases and conditions. Am I crazy to be doing this at my age?
  4. Those of you who have reached your goal weights or close to it, have you noticed if your feet have shrunk enough to warrant a different size?Curious, as I had bought expensive but comfy shoes for summer as they are open mesh and opentoe and strapheels. I am concerned that they may be too big for me next summer. What do you think? anyone had that problem?
  5. Look what I just found out about in my mailbox today. I really respects this man's advice in his newsletters - if you don't already get them try them out for yourself. Anyway, he is offering a very superior whey Protein in 6 flavors: Here - read a bit about what they are: For a Limited Time: Get FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING on your ENTIRE ORDER (US and Canada Orders Only). Expires soon! Every day your body faces a range of stressors that constantly challenge your health and wellbeing... Everything from daily tensions to physical activity to your diet can strain your body's natural balance. Stress, aging and exercise -- especially overtraining -- can break down your body's defenses. That's where Miracle Whey? comes in. Made from all-natural grass fed cows' whey, Miracle Whey? provides more of nature's nutrients. Plus, it's certified GMO-, pesticide, and chemical-free, protecting you from ingesting chemicals and hormones* Not only that, it: Is rich in glutamic acid and branch chain amino acids which aid muscle-building and recovery* Contains 25% or more glycomacropeptides for immune support, high energy, muscle building and recovery* Promotes satiety, so compulsive craving for refined carbs and sweets is curbed* Contains beta glucans, so you can be sure that your immune system is getting the boost it needs.* Contains water-soluble Fiber, which supports healthy blood sugar levels and prebiotic properties* Miracle Whey?comes in your choice of six delicious flavors with no aftertaste like some powders on the market: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, banana and Peanut Butter (made from all-organic peanuts). Protein powder Now Needless to say they have much more written about it, too much for me to copy and paste here, but perhaps if you google his name you can subsribe to his newsletters and read for yourselves. Sounded so good, I ordered their 6 pk. Free shipping to me here in Canada? Why not! I always have pampered myself when it comes to food and supplements, why stop now! Check it out! 40 grams protein per serving, people! Incredible! Donna:thumbup1:
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    took me about 10 months, I eat pretty normally now, and wearing size 10's and smaller-think I will stay at this weight, but do need a tummy tuck! thaniks everyone for your nice comments, I really appreciate them.
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    Anyone want to chat tonight?

    when I click on chat above it says the webpage is down, what's with that?
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    Any other Canadians out there?

    I can't recommend them anymore, their safety record and aftercare is bad especially when things go wrong, Dr Almanza does not go to the recovery house and follow up with people, he is too busy doing surgeries. So if you MUST go, be sure to get out of there if you are having lots of pain, don't wait! Leave and get back to Canada ASAP, and go to emergency and get checked out! Betancourt is not a real doctor, and the housekeepers give shots and remove drains, so no real medical care after your surgery. Please please check these out: http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/rolltideroll/ Prissy4115's Profile
  13. For those of you who have been praying for my sister Linda and our families, I would like to thank you ever so much! Your prayers have been answered as Linda sent me a brief email yesterday and I will enclose it below! For those who don't know, my sister suffered horrible complications at the new Jerusalem facility (Almanza/Betancourt) in TJ Mexico back in January, and has been hospitalized ever since (still there). She was the 6th sleeve Almanza did that day, her surgery started after 10 pm! She had a leak that went undetected while there and the resulting infection sent her into septic shock, with a collapsed lung, severe dehydration and renal failure, she had about 6 emergency surgeries in the weeks that followed to flush out the pus accumulating in her body cavity and the infection went ballistic, causing all kinds of problems with porousity thrughout her esophagus. We were not sure she would make it in those first weeks.But she did, thank God, and now the end is in sight! It has been a nightmare mostly ever since, and she still has not had any food or drink by mouth (other than for leak tests) Here is her email! Donna, I drank a glass of cranberry juice and it didn't leak out of the stomach today! Yesterday I went through the hell of a CT scan after drinking more of the dreaded contrast fluid (threw up 3 times) but it was worth the torture. My surgeon today told me the results were all healed tissue she was looking at and that if I pass the juice test today I can probably go home in a couple of weeks, this time without the home care IV bags to feed me. I'm supposed to start liquids and mush, etc. soon. There is a God! (As David Jones likes to say) I will still have to have plastic surgery for the skin grafting of my now healed stomach wound and also hernia surgery. One time at a time, slowly but surely. LLJ
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    Linda's update!!!

    Well folks been a bit since I last updated you on Linda's progress. She has been at home now for almost 3 weeks as it looked as tho her leak had finally healed there in the hospital. She is off her PTN line (liquid food)- still has her drain in and homecare visits a few times a week to change her dressings for her abdominal wound. However not all is well, she is leaking again, and they are taking a wait and see stance, so I guess they don't consider it serious unless it gets infectious again. She is Tiny Tummy on this site if anyone wishes to cheer her on! Other than that she is happy to be home and in her own bed! Not a lot of energy or strength yet, but losing weight for sure! Two more really recent posts that sound familiar are here: check them out! RollTideRoll's Profile and Prissy4115's Profile they need our parayers for sure!!!
  15. Nikki, I am so proud of you! What a fantastic job, you have been workin' it girl! I know what you mean, I too am looking for that 150 number (I am 157) but it is going slowly for me! I am doing a happy dance here for you too! Cheers, Donna
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    WLS and Seniors

    That could be why I am losing so slowly, after 8 months out, still only 64 lbs lost since surgery. My hubby is happy with that, says he doesn't want me to lose too quickly. Of course it could be the grazing I sometimes do and the cereals I have been eating as snack food! ahem!! Anyway, feeling like a spring chicken again as I am probably the most senior here at 72! Feel so much younger than I did when I was 244 lbs. (highest weight) and I am walking, working more, have more energy and loving life once again. So goal is being pushed farther away but that is OK with me! Cheers, Donna:thumbup:
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    still pretty full-figured, but not too shabby for an old gal like me! thanks both of you!
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