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  1. BeardedItalian48

    Bikini waxing

    Remember ladies!! I will volinteer to remove any hair for you........:wink0: Hope ya all are well......
  2. BeardedItalian48

    Trying to decide

    Tiffykins said it very well!! I am post op since 7/11/09 and I eat what I want it is in moderation however.....I do not any regrets either. I am off all my blood pressure pills, off my anti depressants, off my water pills, off my fish oil, the only thing I am on now and this has been since surgery is my cholesterol pills. I anticipate being off those soon as it has dropped. PUSH FORWARD AND "JUST DO IT" You will be healthier, happier and all.
  3. BeardedItalian48


    Two is well enough---three and well that would be just pushing it..... ALthough I do like emmmmm Yummy LOL
  4. BeardedItalian48

    Opening the door

    THANKS for spreading that stinky stuff around. Made it smell better in here, however I am allergic so I will have to not come in for a while....peace:lol0:
  5. OK---My 2 cents worth coming from the other side of the table...a spouse. I had surgery in July....I HAVE NOT EXCERISED...yet, but I know looking at VAngel every night she has NO issues with skin other than what she had coming into her surgery. She is (or was) exercising at least twice per week most time three, and she is looking wayyyyy hot. I on the other hand have lost a lot of inches I am now down to a size 38 pants from a 48....SMILES BIG. Regarding tattos...I really like that Idea also. I have 5 tats now, one I do not like on my back I think I can turn that into some sort of symbol of MY journey once I get to goal and beyond. Let me know if you decide on a design I would like to see it....thanks KEEP ON KEEPIN ON Y'ALL
  6. OK---Since I started this firestorm let me end it. First I did NOT realize the situations you have been put in Lan, I have not read alot of your other posts. Having suffered from anxiety as well as depression I understand how hard it is to "stay into today". I apologize I did not mean it as harsh as it reads.....I applaud you for seeking help. I did and I have gotten better. So keep pushing through you can and WILL make it. Just look for the good and do not look toward bad or to the past...TRY to live in the now. With that I am out! Thank you
  7. I remain full of fear, anxiety and depression. I asked about the abscess detection because I wonder when and/or if there will come a time when I can feel confident that I'm safe. All I can say is GET A GRIP! You are a worry wart! You can make your own weather...and it seems you might be as you worry about everything. I dont know how far out you are from being sleeved however I am now 4.5 months out and I do not worry about that. I still throw up (eating to fast or too much) Just take it one day at a time and try to NOT worry about tomorrow as well as live in today. Would seem to help you.
  8. BeardedItalian48


    I like big.....Boobs and I can not lie....but to this man, I like nipples better. That being said....I have not noticed any difference in Vegas, she is still as full as she was before. The roundness has gone down --- 44 to a 40, but that is because she has shrank... :thumbup1::thumbup::001_tt1: However, like she said she is going to do a TT and a boob lift after she is at goal....Man she is going to be soooo much hotter!! I love her so!
  9. BeardedItalian48

    ONEderland at last!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My scale has been stuck 9 pounds from one hundred land now for over a week. I at this point am frustrated at the lack of scale movement. I know this is normal, it is just frustrating!! Sooooooooo I will keep doing the things we do. I LOVE MY SLEEVE, just do not like the fact of how little I can eat at a time! Oh well I love being thinner more that eating
  10. BeardedItalian48


    HELLO FRIENDS!:sad0:
  11. BeardedItalian48

    Something that i heard that worrys me

    MY EX SIL had a RnY in the 80s. They removed her stomach. NOW people were dying BUT not because of the stomach being removed. They were dying because of malnutrition and not following doctors orders to a T. Mcmad, YES people were dying but not because of lack of stomach! NO NEED TO WORRY here we have a FULLY functioning stomach with the VSG. Anyway again my two cents!
  12. BeardedItalian48

    First Procedure

    Well---- I wont have to choose. And Vegas you wont either, we are going to get both done for you (and me). You are getting hotter as the weeks go by. We all as we age are going to have some inperfections NO BIGGY....I love you just the way you are baby! :glare:
  13. BeardedItalian48

    New VST Team Member

    WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL since I am rather fond of this new moderator, I am sure she will perform well. I want to welcome you baby, and remember---I am your NUMBER 1 FAN. Love you:001_wub:
  14. BeardedItalian48

    Food Intolerances

    Just a note on this.... I BEFORE surgery loved pepper jack cheese, provalone, and most other cheeses. Since surgery, I cannot seem to tolerate any now. I am hoping I will reaquire my taste for it.
  15. BeardedItalian48

    Shaking all over!!

    I WAS having a hellva time with the full feeling and throwing up. What I had to do was slow down, chew more, and when I started feeling full stop for at least 15 min to let everything settle. Once I started doing that I have found that I no longer get stuffed nor have to throw up to feel better.......I STILL have to watch when I am realllllllllly hungry, I tend to eat fast.
  16. BeardedItalian48

    do your shoes still fit?

    :scared0:Smart ass that I am.... MY shoes dont fit anymore....my feet have grown LIKE everything else...ask vegasangel :cursing: You know what they say about big feet....woohoooooo LOL
  17. Oh hell no! If my doctor wanted me to go home 24 hours after surgery I would have found another doctor. Dr. Aceves was the Doc I choose JUST because he was so exact and caring. The second day after surgery I was the worst, I slept all day and was in pain. I was there three days and soooo glad of it. IT is just a way that the doc can make sure you are ok no leaks before they let you go. I have really liked the after care offered my Dr Aceves, any time I call they return my call if I do not get them directly or answer any questions I have on the spot. DOC has been great!!! His staff superb!
  18. BeardedItalian48

    Bikini waxing

    I'LL volinteer to help remove any hair you ladies want removed :scared0:
  19. HELLO! I have experianced insomnia, and it only lasted a couple of days. Then I crashed. After the sleeve I couldnt get motivated to do anything. Again that only lasted for a time. Like all the other things with this surgery "this too shall pass" I am amazed now that I am two months out how much I have returned to normal with energy, taste, emotions etc. The only thing that isnt 'normal' is the eating...and I am glad for that. I only eat a very little amount to be full....down to 219 now I am stoked!! Come on 170!
  20. BeardedItalian48

    Food Intolerances

    Hello-----:drool5: We are back from the cruise and wow what a great time! Anyway....I have never been intolerant of milk or ice cream or hot food...NOW I have some problems with all that. I hope as time gets under my belt...I hope that it goes away. I will say this that I tried again some hot food Sunday and had no issues, I have noticed that I must take my antacid or I do have problems. Have a good day all:thumbup1:
  21. BeardedItalian48

    Some NSV (and a scale victory too!)

    Such a romantic time we had---I love my baby soooo much. We are a great couple. Today first day back and well it just isnt as inspiring as the caribbean!
  22. BeardedItalian48

    what will i ever be able to eat, and when?

    GOOD GOD do I understand what your saying~ I wonder the same things and I was sleeved on 7/11. I get so tired of that icky feeling after I eat. OR the indigestion feeling. I hate this part of it. CANT wait till I can eat something and not feel shitty. From everyone I hear from it takes 5-6 months well I am impatient.....oh well will wait nothing else I can do....LOL
  23. BeardedItalian48

    Too much hunger after surgery??

    First---The only hunger I feel is fuel hunger anymore. I really have not been hungry since surgery. I also wish I could eat as much as you can, I eat 3 - 4 bites and I get full or I feel yucky. I have to eat three of four times a day JUST to maintain engery. I have NEVER ever been a 3 times a day person. I have always grazed and now I try to go without between meals however I find I am not getting enough fuel. I understand all about ketosis since at one time I lost 110 lbs in 110 days with supervision through ketosis. SO I have to watch that I wont put body there. Like I have said before, I just wish I could eat something anything without the icky feeling coming on. THAT SUCKS! OK that is my two cents worth....till I have something else to say I will be LURKING! :confused1:
  24. BeardedItalian48

    been sleeved

    HEY girlie!! I am so happy for you!! The pain will pass and you will feel better!! Mentally hungry that also will pass...or you will at least be able to control it. VegasAngel also said she noticed after the surgery she realized how much people talk about food and socialize about food. Just be careful when you start mushies, so you dont over do.... GLAD YOU ARE HOME-----Glad your done with your surgery. The pain will go away in time! It is just from the drain......I am 42 days out and feel good!! KEEP THE FAITH BABY!:smile:
  25. BeardedItalian48


    BOBO--- I also had no energy for about two to three weeks after surgery. NO matter what I did, drank, took I was very lathargic. Do not know why. I am now 40 days out and FEELING great. Must be something to do with the body healing itself. HANG IN THERE...It is a bugger not having any energy, NOT even for good ole fashion sex. Let alone work.