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  1. HEY GIRL--how is your fight coming along?>


    Glad you wrote. I am overall doing good. I am down 20.6 in two weeks YEA. I have had a little trouble but nothing bad, just sometime I forget that I cant eat fast or alot and get overfull. I have been able to swallow normally since about the thrid day home. I have been fuzzy in the head since I got home and have not been working (sales) However I am hoping that I will this week. I am back taking my protien which I think was the major issue, since I feel good today! What problems are you having? I really have not had any other than listlisness, and not being able to sleep when I frist got home, now things seem to be settleing down. Keep us informed. Susan is doing much better, thank god she was beginning to worry me but now she is getting in some protien with out tossing it. Talk soon.

  3. Your very welcome---I am doing wonderful now, surgery is behind me and tomorrow I leave for home..Small little drinks and I am ok...