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    Social Networking Sites

    Twitter--what a waste of time. Do not like it at all...Facebook I like, like my honey said between here and Facebook I do not have time for the other. I joined twitter to see what the big hoopla was about...NUTTIN just a status thing I am guessing. OH well-----I am NOT into status. OK back to it now that I have said my piece.
  2. BeardedItalian48

    Some are clueless

    :ohmy:I love Korean food....My mother (god rest her soul) lived there for 3 years and when she got back cooked us all kinds of that food. I have to say I love it. Mom absolutely loved it there. Sooo can you make some when you come here?
  3. BeardedItalian48

    Opening the door

    BURNOUT---where on the other side of the world!! This is a good group lots of woman (big evil smile) and a few good men. Kind of like it that way---more to choose from, I am bad. You are most welcome here and we look forward to communicating with you.:ohmy:
  4. BeardedItalian48

    Opening the door

    Yo Burnout!! Like welcome dude! That being said hells bells just let er rip tell what you want dont tell what you want. Just let us know a little about you... HAVE a good one...
  5. HELLO! I had a sleeve never have had a revision, however, I am 18 days past surgery, over 21 pounds lost and doing well. I still have to learn when I am full. Tend to eat too much, then I puke and I am fine. Hell it doesnt even hurt when that happens. Only hurts when I eat too much. Ruthi had a revision so maybe she can give you some insight on what is what. You will do fine---Dr Aceves is great and the entire staff is wonderful. Prayers are with you.:thumbup1:
  6. BeardedItalian48


    OK! I know I will be blasted for this---HOWEVER I want to stick my 2 cents in. IF (big if) your getting enough protein, and intaking the proper foods, YOUR body does not need supplements. If concerned about any deficiencies go get blood work done to see what your actually down in BEFORE bomb barding your body with supplements. The body can not cypher through all the extra stuff, your just making it work harder, and god only knows as I age I do not want my body working harder. MY OPINION nothing more
  7. BeardedItalian48

    Expectations during liq pre op diet???

    HI--- The only headaches I had----was withdraw of caffine...as soon as I could I added it back. NO HEADACHES. All things are good now.:thumbup:
  8. BeardedItalian48

    Advice needed

    YA--but think of what you miss...the arguing, the I dont have neclothes clean, the seat up...etc. I think John Cougar said it best "I want a woman to thrill me then go away" Same can be said about a man I guess.....:smile1:
  9. RUTHI--- I can be your driver:) Would love to do that---vegance is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet if it doesnt hurt someone.
  10. BeardedItalian48

    My own room!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh LADIES!! Come on in :sleep0: We just LOVE to look at you and wonder.....what we wonder...Hmmmm we dont tell. :lol0: However if you lingerrrrr you just may be hugged and kissed, we are NOT shy us guys!!! See you soooooooooooon your dirty resident ole man Bearded:drool:
  11. BeardedItalian48

    Advice needed

    You dont need noooooooooooo stinkin man...just a good B.O.B. Good woman do not need a man, good woman would like a man to help fulfill there life. Good woman enhance a mans life. So long 'we' (big people) have thought of ourselves as second class citizens. WE ARE NOT. YOU are a strong vibrant good looking (I seen pictures) woman.....OWN that thought~~~
  12. I CANT wait to go buy Vegasangel some 'sexy' clothes. To me she has always been sexy, but hard to buy for. Once the weight is gone I will be able to go and buy her things...I just love buying womans clothes for the woman I love. To me it is sexy to see her in ANYTHING that I bought for her. I also want to for me be able to buy smaller sizes without going to the 'big n tall' I never thought of myself as that way....yet was
  13. BeardedItalian48

    Fitness Center

    CONGRATS JUDY!!! VA and I put a bid in on a house if we get that I am going to join the gym that is close. So I can go do my thing when I want...since I work out of the home.....
  14. BeardedItalian48

    Calling Vegasangel....

    CLOTHES are for sissies! LOL----
  15. BeardedItalian48

    Do we always have to talk about the sleeve?

    DASIY----DONT Worry about a thing, damn girl....we are going to have fun and RELAXXXXXX ok? Vegas uses bare minerals and she loves it......YOU two girls can have some fun together, as long as you dont forget about me ...LOL
  16. BeardedItalian48

    Does VSG improve your sex drive???

    SEX---will come as we get more engery!! Right now that is not the only thing that is slow in coming back. ENGERY is slow in coming back, I guess this operation takes more out of you than I thought it would......BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT when the engery comes back YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  17. BeardedItalian48

    Calling Vegasangel....


    Glad you wrote. I am overall doing good. I am down 20.6 in two weeks YEA. I have had a little trouble but nothing bad, just sometime I forget that I cant eat fast or alot and get overfull. I have been able to swallow normally since about the thrid day home. I have been fuzzy in the head since I got home and have not been working (sales) However I am hoping that I will this week. I am back taking my protien which I think was the major issue, since I feel good today! What problems are you having? I really have not had any other than listlisness, and not being able to sleep when I frist got home, now things seem to be settleing down. Keep us informed. Susan is doing much better, thank god she was beginning to worry me but now she is getting in some protien with out tossing it. Talk soon.

  19. BeardedItalian48

    My own room!!!!

    OK LADIES-----COME ON IN, There are enough of us now to 'handle' you all (big Grin)
  20. on a one to five basis five being real bad 2
  21. BeardedItalian48

    Do we always have to talk about the sleeve?

    I agree with you---SOME men cant handle the fact that it is difficult for the woman and they shy away. Sounds stupid I know buttttt some guys just cant take the fact that they need to be the support for you.....Daisy---my dad use to say there are always MORE fish in the sea....adopt that attitude about him.
  22. BeardedItalian48

    Right Side Pain? Help

    Rosey--- I had my surgery on the 11th. I also the other night had pain on my right side. Before I went to bed that night I swallowed my pills (whole) with a big gulp of water. They did not get stuck however as I was laying in bed, I had pain in the same area as you. No numbing of the arm or hand though. Nothing the next day or since, however it did upset me. I just thought it was becasue of me swallowing the pills and gulping the water----hasnt happened since. If yours doesnt go away or hasnt GET IT CHECKED
  23. :sneaky2:Oh golly---I just want to be able to... I am glad to see all of you posting your reasons, it is cool from a male perspective to see. I just want to lose weight to be healthy again, no blood pressure pills, of which I was taking 5 per day that were related to BP. I want to wear a size 38/40 pants and a lg or med shirt again. I dont want my stomach anymore---that way I look better...:eek:
  24. BeardedItalian48

    Do we always have to talk about the sleeve?

    Sticks head in---Looks around, reads and awwww can answer from guys point of view.. As far as 'good looking man-fat chick, Some men like woman with meat on there bones. Most men will stay with a woman for the sex for a time, however if your have nothing else to offer, we will get bored (oh no did I say that) with just that and soon leave. Looks around again and noone is looking so I will split now