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  1. Hey guys! Quick question! This is my first time every paying for anything medical out of pocket (since I do have insurance) however, I paid cash for my VSG and I was told that we could get some of the money back at the end of the year? Does anyone know any specific information regarding this? Thanks.....
  2. Hi all, I've posted on here before....(you can read my thread under the this is my story section). Anyway, I cant believe that I am thinking of going to Mexico for my surgery. Not because they dont have good doctors or anything, its basically fear of the unknown. However, I know a great package when I see one.:001_smile: Im also a nurse and I am well aware of the appropriate level of care and skill that is needed for a safe surgery. I am tenatively scheduled for my surgery on 9-15 here in Houston, TX with Dr. Alanis. I am impressed by him and I enjoy being home with my family (If GOD forbid, anything was to happen). But I have been researching Dr. Aceves for about a week and I am overwhelmed by his good reviews, success rates, no leaks, etc. That is SOOO important when you are considering a surgeon and I know this. The two big things that made me start thinking about going to Dr. Aceves are: His stats and you get 3 nights in the hospital after surgery as opposed to one night in the hospital if I have it here @ home. Now, those of you who chose Dr. Aceves is it true that if you have complications that you wont be charged? I think I read something like that. (Please explain, if you know more) My dilemma is: my family WILL have a cow and two calves if I tell them that I am going to Mexico to have surgery. LOL. So I want advice on HOW to deal with this? To tell or not to tell? I feel that I am an adult but I would really like my family's blessings on this. My fiance however, is so supportive and told me that whatever I chose he will support my decision and travel along with me regardless where I chose.:confused1: So that helps. So to make a long story short, how did you all deal with your family and/or friends when trying to make a decision like this? I guess @ the end of the day, you have to DO what is best for YOU. Thanks for all of you guys support and answers on my pre-sleeve journey thus far.
  3. Good for you chica~ I am happy. I am doing well. I think im at a plateau but Ive had so much going on with my wedding (that was 10 days ago) and our honeymoon. During the honeymoon....I enjoyed myself and ate things that I hadnt eaten in months but im home now and back on track! So we will see if the change in my diet spikes a weight loss!!!! Congrats on the new job~ I will be making an update soon with my wedding photos!!!! Im glad to hear you are doing well!

  4. How's it going girlie?

  5. Brenda, No problem! Im glad I can be inspiring to someone. I was a pre-op once and I WAS VERY nervous! You will be pleased with the sleeve! Trust me, it has its up's and down's however its well worth it. Im not @ goal but im confident that I will reach it soon. Congrats on your surgery date! I pray that you have an uneventful, complication free surgery!
  6. Hi Sleeve family, Even though I've been busy, Ive promised to keep you guys updated on my progress with pictures. For those of you who dont know me...I was sleeved in September (almost 6 mos ago). Its been a wonderful experience, Im feeling GREAT! Im getting married in only 8 weeks and now Im about to up my cardio/weights so that I may speed up the toning/weight loss process. I am still attending my WLS support group meetings and I am so glad I had the sleeve. All the sleeve people in my group are doing the same or better than Bypass patients!! My surgeon said the sleeve will be the new gold standard and he would rather give all his patients sleeves than anything else! Oh yeah, I will be having my tummy tuck around Christmas time (as its already time for one) lol So drum roll please....Ive lost about 70 lbs in a little under 6 months. One thing Ive learned DONT compare yourself to others because you will get dissappointed. Everyone's body is different and we all lose @ all our pace!!!! Just keep doing what you are doing new sleevers! Here is my now pic! (Taken early Feb) chicken and a waffle (yum).....WELL, the sleeve showed me who was boss. All I was able to eat was one section of the belgium waffle and 3 bites of the chicken! I was so dissappointed! LOL But I was glad that I'd had the sleeve because if this would have happened pre op, I would have had 2 belgium waffles and 2-3 pieces of chicken! That experience really MADE me appreciate the sleeve! Big Time! Now I dont even had the desire anymore because I realized I cant eat enough to enjoy the food anyway! LOL. I dont think my brain has caught up with the new me yet. So thanks to you all for helping to encourage me throughout this process (Special shoutout to Tiff, Vegas Angel and Alegna) you guys ROCK! and you helped me as a preop (when I didnt think I was going to be able to have the sleeve). So as far me, Im still working Full time, Going to School Full Time (im getting a Master's) and planning a Wedding Full time. Im a busy girl! My next update will be my wedding photos after May 1, 2010~ I love you all! Thanks for your support!!!!!!:thumbup:
  7. Thank You~Having the sleeve done was a very good decision~
  8. Hey Sleeve Family, I know ive been missing in action lately but with holidays, a new job, wedding planning, working and going to school full time my time is so much shorter! I did not forget to update you all with pictures! I still love each of you, I have just been so busy- I will try to peek back in here at least once a week. I have been attending my monthly support group meetings (which I am enjoying)! I was sleeve on 9/15/09 for those that dont know. I started out around 248 lbs, as of this morning, I weigh 188 lbs! Woo-Hoo! (The guy in the photos is my future husband). I am still about 40 lbs away from goal (I think) I hope everyone is doing great! [/url]
  9. Thanks guys! I have posted my 6 month update as of yesterday! We all must keep each other motivated!
  10. Thanks Alegna! I attend my support group meetings @ Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital (which is WAY far from where you live). Maybe you can try calling a local hospital to see if they have WLS group meetings. I know @ my group most of us had surgery elsewhere but they welcome everyone! Yes his new office is far for most. Interestingly enough, I live right down the street (lol). I am noticing that he is GETTING more and MORE busy with each visit! I have referred 2-3 people to him and they are all scheduled for their surgeries (unfortunately) they are all getting the lapband because they are afraid of the "permanancy" of the sleeve or bypass. But hopefully they will still be succesful! Yes I will post wedding & honeymoon pics. We are going to Miami for 2 days after the wedding, then cruising from Miami to the Bahamas and the Grand Turk Island of Turks & Caicos. So we will take plenty of pictures from both events...so be on the look out for them in May!!!! I see you are almost @ goal girl! You are working your sleeve darling! Are you still working nights?
  11. Thanks thin, Yes he does love the new look. However, I was bigger when we met so he liked the old look as well. Thanks for the well wishes!
  12. Thanks Lan, How have you been? I think we were sleeved either on the same day or the same week. WE are sleeve sisters.....
  13. Thank You so much. The well wishes are greatly appreciated!
  14. Thanks Tiff! You are an inspiration to me!!!!
  15. Thanks. Good luck on your sleeve journey!
  16. Thanks, congrats on having the sleeve! I see you are in Houston as well!
  17. Thanks Alegna! You are looking hot yourself girl!!!!!!
  18. shanda7182

    Confession Time

    I confess that although I love my fiance and am ready to be married! I am ready for this wedding stuff to be over!!!! I am tired of spending money! lol......Please May 1st, hurry up and get here!!!
  19. shanda7182

    Time off of work

    Im with attitudefree, I took 3 weeks off (which was wayyyy more than enough). I was in the gym after 3 days (doing treadmill walking). I just continued with my time off because I knew I would not get it like that again. Some people do get extremely fatigued after surgery though but that did not happen to me. Good luck with everything!
  20. No regrets @ all. Only regret is not having it 4 or 5 years ago! Im with Tiffykins, I dont think of food the same. I do still have some hunger but its about a 1 on a scale of 1-10, nothing like before. Im enjoying the results!! You will too!
  21. Girl, im making it, slowly but surely im in onederland, so that is GREAT! Im about 187 or so. Still about 43 lbs from goal but I guess thats not too bad for only being 4 months out! You are rocking your sleeve girlie! Its hard for me to get on here alot now because im working and going to school fulltime! But im still hanging around! Take care girlie

  22. Thanks for your kind words Vegas, I look at you as a sleeve big sister. You really helped me during pre-op and offered personal support! I will certaintly post wedding pictures in May! Hopefully, I will be @ goal by then (that will make it so much sweeter)......:hurray: I will check back as often as I can but this school/work (both full time) keeps me busy. The Future Hubby is in school as well so we are both always doing school work! We are both in graduate school-so we are pretty compatible right now. lol I hope you are having a great 2010......
  23. Thanks! I do feel very free and so will you!
  24. Great, you will enjoy seeing the video posts of her update. Another one that I watched was Kellawanda. I dont know if she is on this site but she posts alot on ObesityHelp.com. You will enjoy the sleeve, im so amazed @ how im progressing...I know some people have lost 100 lbs by now but Im satisfied. At this rate I should be @ goal by May 1st, 2010 (which is my wedding day). You can always ask any of us on this site if you have questions!