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  1. I am looking for a sleeve buddy in my area. :cool0:
  2. ahchancey

    I'm Soooooo Frustrated!

    i havent lost any weight in 2 months
  3. ahchancey


    I take my vitamins (biotin) & provigil (med) in the morning and everything else at night. I have had wonderful results.
  4. ahchancey


    I was told that if you have the gastric sleeve you couldnt absorb the calcium citrate? Have you ever heard that?
  5. ahchancey

    what will i ever be able to eat, and when?

    I am 5 months out and finally eating normal. Hang in there it gets better.
  6. ahchancey

    Full liquids - whats allowed?

    I am doing enjoying my sleeve. However I have stopped loosing weight. I need to try much harder. Good luck to you.
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    hawaii trip

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    IMG 0982 0

    From the album: hawaii trip

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    hawaii 2009 061

    From the album: hawaii trip

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    hawaii 2009 202

    From the album: hawaii trip

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    From the album: hawaii trip

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    Balloon procedure done

    I made it through the procedure and all is fine. At first I thought it didnt work. Now it seems that I am not throwing up as much as I was and holding down alot more. I have only had one acid reflux attach, since the 16th. This is a big change. :biggrin:
  13. Well it is official, I have scheduled July 16 to go in to have a balloon put in to open up my sleeve, to help reduce the acid reflux problem I am having. I am excited and then not looking forward to either. I hope this helps.:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  14. This sounds to familiar. I am heading to Hawaii on 7/3 for a week. I have no idea what I will eat while I am on the plane for 8 hours or while I am there. I guess I will hit the grocery store an see what they have to offer. Any advice.:tongue_smilie:
  15. Dr Vadim Sherman in Houston, at Baylor college of Medicine, I had surgery in St Lukes of Houston. What a small world, I cant believe to find someone who lives close

  16. ahchancey

    Jell-O Shooters a HIT!!

    I was given an Isopure by the Dr. office it was grape and to me the texture left a gritty taste in my mouth. I couldnt drink it.:crying::crying:
  17. ahchancey

    Rate your liquids

    This is my mixture: Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme Powder 2 scoops 3 spoon fulls of plain yogurt some kind of fruit 6 oz of milk and wala, it even keeps its consistency in the fridge changing the fruit changes the flavor.
  18. ahchancey

    Verbiage to use for insurance appeal?

    Sure anything to help. By the way my BMI was only 35 to start with for the revision. The Dr. I used is Vadim Sherman of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Tx.
  19. ahchancey

    I'm GAGGING Here!!!!

    I am 2 months out and have always swallowed my pills. I take about 12 aday and have split them 6 in the morning and 6 at night. If i try 1 or 2 at a time with liquid I get to full and vomit, so i have to take all of them at the same time and a drink. I dont break any of mine. I just have to make sure I dont have a stomach full of food.:laugh0:
  20. ahchancey

    Surgical Tape Allergy

    my dad has an allergy to surgical tape. there are alternatives that they use, just tell your dr.
  21. ahchancey

    Verbiage to use for insurance appeal?

    I have Federal BCBS and they paid for me to have a revision a gastric bypass to a VSG. I to had a problem with vomiting, the opening was narrowed and not allowing food to go through. I think when you appeal the decision is made by a different clerk. Dont give up. They dont always consider VSG investigational, my was approved the first time.:laugh0:
  22. I am a 34 yr female that just had a stomach stapling replaced with a VSG, after having problems with the stapling. I am still having problems with the VSG and most likely going to have a stint put in to stretch the opening. I have lost 40 lbs in 10 wks. I only needed to loose 60 lbs to start with. I am also having alot of hair loss. Over all I am happy I made the change. :thumbup1: My surgeon is Dr Vadim Sherman from Baylor College of Medicine @ St Lukes Hospital. He is wonderful. Has a great bedside manor, his team visits you frequently in the hospital and they all take the time to listen to you needs and concerns. I have never felt rushed. Although he is young, do not let that intimdate you. I have Multiple Sclerosis and searched 40 something Dr.s till I found him. He is willing to do surgery on high risk patients.
  23. ahchancey

    Protein Powders

    what is the difference between whey and soy proteins? I have always used whey but dont know why.
  24. ahchancey

    Protein Powders

    I use the unflavored whey protein from GNC. You can use it in other things besides shakes, such as meals to add protein.
  25. ahchancey

    Looking for Texas Sleevers???

    I had a stomach stapling and had complications so went with a sleeve. I started at 218 pre sleeve was 208, now at 179 11 weeks out. So i have lost 39 lbs total. I have a curves membership and exercise 3 times a week. Some times it is difficult for me due to me having multiple sclerosis. I find it very easy to use this as an excuse. I always get dressed and go and do what I can even if it isnt the whole 30 minutes.