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    paula got a reaction from Tbeeyore in Before and After Lap Band Surgery - PICTURES ONLY   
    Here is a before and after.
    1st one taken in June 04, about a month before WLS.
    2nd taken today, Sept. 05. Nearly 70lbs lighter.

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    paula got a reaction from aviva1979 in Before and After Lap Band Surgery - PICTURES ONLY   
    In June I was 246... now I am 203. -43pounds. Cant see it much!

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    paula got a reaction from aviva1979 in Before and After Lap Band Surgery - PICTURES ONLY   
    In June I was 246... now I am 203. -43pounds. Cant see it much!

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    paula reacted to La_madam in Bright Red BLOOD   
    Pat..that is never a good sign
    Please make sure you have this checked..it could mean a number of things. I once had a bleeding ulcer and would spit up blood from time to time..
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    paula reacted to HarleyNana in Bright Red BLOOD   
    Where was the ulcer, it didn't feel like it came from my stomach, because the Water felt like it got stuck at the top of my band. I've convinced myself it was probably a blood vessel because it was rather forceful if that makes sense. Since it happened a couple of weeks ago I have paid close attention to be sure there was no sign of dried or old blood. I really think it was a blood vessel, ok there, I've diagnosed myself.
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    paula reacted to DeLarla in Bright Red BLOOD   
    Nana, do not post here again till you have a doctor's appointment! You worry me, so get on the phone and get to the doc quick hop like a bunny. Hurry back, too.
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    paula reacted to Iluvharleys in Message Boards for Dummies   
    I've never added to any one's reputation, I didn't even know you could!
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    paula reacted to Alexandra in Message Boards for Dummies   
    Yep, they're both new and we don't quite know what they mean. Anyone can add to anyone's reputation, and even write in a little comment--which is visible only to the person who got it--by clicking on the scales in the upper right-hand corner of the message.
    I'm still not sure what Reputation Points are, like whether you get them by giving or getting reputation comments. The whole thing is very surreal.
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    paula reacted to TrishS in Message Boards for Dummies   
    I added to your Reputation to see what would happen... I didnt feel anything, did you? hehehe
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    paula reacted to Mita in Message Boards for Dummies   
    Mine says I have 10 reputations points. Can I see them? Not quite understanding. Also says my post are even what does that mean?? I guess thats better then being told I'm odd.
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    paula reacted to leatha_g in Message Boards for Dummies   
    bumping simply means someone posts something on it so that it brings it back to the top for others to see.
    sticky's can only be made sticky by moderators, i believe.
    i don't know a darn thing about 'rep power' .
    I reckon 'Hot' means it has lots of posts???
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    paula reacted to donali in A Tool for Dealing with Emotional Hunger   
    Hi All -
    One of the exercises I was required to do by my counselor for my food obsession was to create a chart of alternative activities for the various emotions I felt throughout my days.
    I am not a journaler by nature, so a lot of the counseling sessions were tedious for me - lol. But I thought that this particular exercise was so worthwhile, and gave me a concrete and self-tailored tool to help me deal with my emotions seperately from food.
    First, take one week and write down the time every time you eat. Do not change your eating habits - this is not a good/bad kind of thing. In addition to the time, write what you ate, and then write how you are feeling: bored, tired, physically hungry, sad, worried, anxious, resentful, mad... whatever. Write down EVERY emotion you're feeling at the time you eat. Do this for an entire week.
    Second, review your week's journal. On a separate piece of paper, write down one time every emotion you noted. This in itself can be enlightening - you get to see the kind of foods you are drawn to when you're eating for a reason other than physical hunger.
    Third, think about all the things you could have done INSTEAD of eating that would have had the same effect on your mood that eating did. Some of the items on my list were: take a hot bath, give myself a facial, take a walk, play on the computer, curl up in front of the TV with a sugar-free hot chocolate, call a friend to chat, work in the yard. My food tendency is to eat to calm and relax myself, or to entertain myself.
    Fourth, make a grid. Down the left hand side write each of your emotions from your journal week. Across the top, write each of the alternate activities you thought up.
    Fifth, read each emotion, and mark an "X" under each activity that you think would help you deal with that emotion. For me, when I was feeling anxious or frustrated, I felt a more active response like working in the yard or taking a walk would be helpful. But for the times I was feeling neglected, or worried, or tired, a more nurturing activity like a hot bath, or reading sounded more soothing.
    Once your grid is completed, and you have your emotions matched up with activities, you have a valuable tool for when you want to eat but you know you are not physically hungry. Whip out that chart, find your emotion, and look at the things you want to try before turning to food.
    Sometimes you will still turn to food - that's okay! Be good to yourself. Remember that food has been an important coping mechanism in your life, and do NOT feel guilty or bad! However, the more you work with the tool, the more often you will end up substituting a different activity for eating in response to your emotions.
    The goals of this exercise:
    1. become aware of WHY we are eating
    2. eat only in response to physical hunger
    3. substitute an alternative behavior to eating in response to emotional hunger
    4. be kind and loving to ourselves throughout the process
    I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me!
    Dr Lopez, 1/23/03
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    paula got a reaction from lapbander081004 in New stuff in the right hand corner of the posts!!   
    Some green lights say "off the scale" and some say "on a distinguished road".
    (Im "off the scale", but Kelly, your green light says you are "on a distinguished road", weird, huh?)