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    B-12 Shots

    Friday night I went with my sister to a Weightloss Surgery seminar. The speaking surgeon performs both the RnY and lap-band. He said that he recommends all of his patients take extra Calcium tablets and B-12 injections - the B-12 injections increase metobolism (energy). Just wondering if any of us are getting these injections?! Since I am -so tired- all of the time, I was interested in getting a B-12 shot, just didnt know if it helps or not!
  2. Hi Alex, Those of us older LBT members can testify that we've always squirmed at changes you've made in the past. Through time, we've adjusted. The ad's on the right do not bother me. If these ad's are the reason that we can continue using this site for free, then so be it!
  3. Barbara, could you please put surgicenter's info in your sig-line(or profile?). I've tried 'finding' YOU to find the info - and boy, what an aggravating situation! I was banded by Spiegel back in July of 04. I liked HIM - due to my 'consultation' - which was the one and only time I met and talked with him. Didnt put my eyes on him till the day AFTER my surgery. ((gee, hope he was the one who placed my band .)) His office staff is **HELLISH**... always has been! Looks like things havent changed. The day after my surgery, when he came into my room to discharge me, I unloaded on him about his horrific office staff. he looked shocked. :omg: Anyway, if you are looking for experience, then he's the man! He's #1 for expereince. But... His office staff doesnt do a cotton-pickin-thing, so YOU will be the one to get your insurance moving. If you are looking for better after-care, then keep looking. By the way, Im having some slight band-related issues. First time in my near 3 years of banded life. I called his office yesterday and talked to a *obviously* unexperienced office worker -who claims to be banded. duhhhhh..... I think I'll get better answers/results from my 6yr old.
  4. paula

    Night Cough

    gosh, 2 years later and you just NOW develope a night cough. Unless you've had recent adjustments, I doubt this is band related. Allergies maybe? How long has this been going on?
  5. paula


    Dealing with one problem at a time... Last month I went to the Dermatologist for pail red blotchy rough spots on my cheeks (not really on my nose, just cheeks). And Rosacea is what she diagnosed me with (**Ive been using 1% hydrocortisone for the past 10 years. Ive just NOW decided it was time to get proper treatment for this problem** i know, i know... :eekB: ) Anyway, the doc gave me a regimen of different creams and moisterizers to try (both otc and scripts). With the instructions of, "some thing work for some, and other things work for others. We just need to find the right treatment for YOU." So that left me feeling a little nervous. So Ive started using all of this new stuff. But the same thing is happening that has occured in the past when I tried to stop the hydrocortisone... my skin gets flakey looking and itches! I look like a shedding lizard when this happens. PLUS I have mulit-colored skin tone. All of this together is NOT pretty. I really dont think Rosacea is the correct diagnosis. Any of you have this? What did your skin look like before treatment? And, what is your treatments?
  6. paula

    My experience with VG.

    Hey Anthony.. Im still keeping tabs on you, Bro. Glad you are doing well! Any hunger? This is my biggest issue with my band - I stay hungry! Thanks for checking in. Ive got my eye on you!
  7. My husband grew up as a S. Baptist. About 4 years ago his mom called to ask if their church's Music Minister had ever touched him (my DH) on private parts... Seems this BAPTIST, MARRIED (with Children) Music Minister had recently been charged with over 15 counts of child molestation (on boys only) that happened over a 15 year span.... ..wonder why we didnt read about this in the New York Times?? :kiss anyway... :focus:
  8. Phew! Goodness, Id say you ARE lucky to be here. The heck with the band.. you are 95 pounds lighter now. Thats a reason to smile. Hang in there - and PLEASE keep us posted on your outcome!
  9. paula

    Goodbye to Sarah

    Awe Carlene... another LBT pet loss ((big loving hugs)) We lost our 'Clare' (doxin) back in late August.. car accident. I truly believe that we will see these loved ones again.. one day.
  10. paula

    please read about my gastroparesis!!!

    Hi Heidi, I am so sorry that you have experienced this. And Im scared as well to think of the long term affects that this band will have on my system. Like you, I have young kids -which is the biggest reason WHY I got the band! Hopfully it will extend my life - not shorten it. Your closing statement is something I want to comment on.. PLEASE be careful, the band I know is reversable.....the condition is not!!!! How true! God bless you and thanks for coming by and sharing.
  11. Donna, this is the first time Ive ever heard of using the flap for reconstruction. I was in awe to see the reconstruction job on some of those patients! Totally impressed. You have a goal/time line for all of this work to take place.. very wise! Its hard for many of us to give direction on an issue like this - until one goes through it, we're not sure what we would do... but this option looks very logical! And definately one I would consider if I were in your shoes. Good luck!
  12. paula

    Flipped Port

    Hi K@t :wave: - where the heck have you been? I hate that this happened - but its one of the more commen issues with lap-band. Id be the same way - worried and scared! Other then this, hows the weightloss going? I sure miss you!
  13. paula

    hi from MN

    Jenny, WELCOME to LBT! As far as your question, here is a great site that helps US know when a fill is near... http://lapbandtransformation.com/Adjustments.htm
  14. paula

    Slowly it goes.

    HI Bobby :wave: Glad to know that 3 years later you are still holding on.. I applaud you for the rededication! Good luck, Man!
  15. paula

    School Bully's

    Mrs. Hughes, I wanted you to know that I have taken care of the incident and the student has been suspended. I will assign the other student a place at car pick up away from Marcus UPDATE: I just received this email from our principal. At this point - Im angry! Suspension is the least thing that this boy needs... I like what someone said about insisting on Bully seeking counseling. Anyway - anymore great advice out there?
  16. paula

    What's the MPG on Your Car?

    I need feedback from regular folks - not a car forum.. so please help! I recently bought a 2 yr old Corolla... thinking it would pay for itself by getting a really GOOD mpg - like 30 (in town) - which is what I need for my small delivery type job. Im not asking for anyone to help my issues (Ive already done a ton of things PLUS had the dealership check it out)... just wanting those that have small cars or motors to please tell me what type of car you have and whats your mpg.. please? Im only getting approx 21 mpg not good!
  17. paula

    What's the MPG on Your Car?

    TOM, when I was driving our 4.0L v-6 truck - I was getting about 18 mpg... same job/same driver/same terrain.... Im now driving a 1.8L 4cyl car and Im getting 21mpg. Doesnt make sense. Wheet's - whats a Tornado?
  18. paula

    Friday the 13th?!?!

    LOL - Friday the 13th, eh? I find the date a little amusing... Just remember - that day is just like any other day. Ive personally never had anything bad happen on any F/13th, and cant recall anyone that HAS. Hang in there - and be JOYFUL that you have a date!!! btw: CONGRAT'S!
  19. Unfortunately I had a recent birthday - that required a re-newed drivers license. I thought the old/new version of me was worth sharing... old was in 2002, I had wls in 2004, new is 2006
  20. Hello Nancy M. WLCOME to LBT. Im not canadian - but I would love to still offer you some support for your journey. Good luck!
  21. paula

    Pain...Muscle or Lap Band

    Hey Barkley... you still have a gall-bladder?? Id call the MD and get some type of evaluation. Keep us informed, k?
  22. paula

    5 years ago today 9/11

    Leatha, Youre story gave me chills the entire time I read it. You are blessed Momma L... and God blesses me everytime I read your post. ((hugs))
  23. paula

    OT- sort of - Beans!

    love it! Its been a long time since Ive read it. Thanks for the laugh!!!
  24. Awe Deb, see? if i wouldnt have been for the pre-lap-band testing, this may not have been caught and corrected so early. Hang in there! You'll get another band date in no time!
  25. paula


    LOL, How funny! Im copying and pasting to my email so I can send these on. Thanks for the laugh!

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