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  1. brazos

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Single man, Houston area.
  2. and the pre-op diet starts tomorrow.....

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    2. AZ Gary

      AZ Gary

      Good luck on it. Today marks the 6th month of starting my pre-op diet and the last time I had a soda diet or regular. As a brother in IT, you know how hard that can be.

    3. ribearty


      Brazos, you will be fine. Remember the long-term goal. Think of it as the first challenge you'll face forever in making a healthy choice over the alternative.

    4. kll724


      Best wishes!

  3. Well I finally got my letter of approval!! its set in stone for December 19th!!

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    2. Andrew Jourdan

      Andrew Jourdan

      Good luck! That's my birthday! My surgery is Dec. 10th.

    3. Alex Brecher
    4. Bandista


      Congratulations! Today is my three week anniversary. I am SO happy I did this. Life-changing in so many ways.

  4. brazos

    Free Paleo Cookbook

    have you tried any of the paleo recipes?? Im curious to hear from someone ho has
  5. So i have gone for 5 of my 6 visits so far and am just weeks away from my final visit. I haven't told any family and friends about me doing the lap band yet. For two reasons: 1. in case my insurance denies me, i don't want to have to explain it 2. in all honesty it just doesn't seem like anything i feel i want to share. I dont think anyone will truly understand the struggles I've had, and then there is always the ones that want to judge....I don't have the patience for those people at all. how did it go for some of you folks? just curious.
  6. just want to say thank you to all of you for your responses. I greatly appreciate it. I think at work im gonna just take a few days vacation for when i get approved. Then I'll just go from there.
  7. made red velvet cupcakes for the kids.....

  8. b-o-r-e-d out of my mind!!!

  9. b-o-r-e-d out of my mind!!!

  10. went to my 5th appointment..sh**s about to get real