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  1. I had lapband surgery in July of 2013. I had lost 180 pounds prior to surgery. At first things went pretty good, than they started taking away all the foods I had eaten to successfully lose 180 pounds!!! OMG if it isn't broke don't fix it! Thus I quit losing about a year ago, even though I work out and count every calorie that goes in my mouth! My trainer feels I'm not getting enough to eat. My band is considered a failure even though it has not slipped. However I have other problems. Now I have decided to have it removed and revised to the sleeve. Family does not support my decision. I turn 60 on Friday and my weight issues have me very upset. I guess I just need some input from others who have already done this. What can I expect, I need to lose another 50 than skin surgery and from there on to maintain. Just need some reassurance I guess. Thank you for listening.
  2. skb123

    Mediterranean Diet

    My doctor took fruit away from me! I sure do miss it!
  3. skb123

    Can't afford my fills, help!

    I guess the worse case would be taking a cash advance against your credit card. My doctor charges 250 also, if you have to pay for the appointment but they do take credit cards. I pay a 20. co pay and use my debit card all the time.
  4. I'm so sorry you were treated this way. I have been in a relationship with the same person throughout my weight loss. I know he loves me for who I am and not what I look like. I hope this guy wakes up and sees how hurtful he's being. Well off to work I go. Have a blessed day my friend.
  5. skb123

    Staples, Stitches, or Glue?

    I just had tape. Can hardly see were them and it has not even been 5 months yet!
  6. skb123


    Don't be hard on yourself and never give up! The last 2 months have been difficult for me, I have lost zip! Went on a vacation for 2 of the weeks. But I realize I hit plateaus from time to time and the lower my weight gets the longer they last. But I keep on pushing. Sometimes life just gets difficult and our old habits emerge, comfort food 101! But see your doctor, maybe you're just one fill away from continued success. Good luck and God bless!
  7. skb123

    No Need for Tummy Tuck!

    Way to go, I'm afraid I am not so lucky, I'm having a full body lift in April. But I started out at over 400 so the suit is a bit stretched out!
  8. I know my surgeon used a 10cc band on me, She told me that your size has a lot to do with what size they have to use. I met someone in her office who got theirs on the same day as I did, his starting weight was 120 more than me and he said they had to use a 14cc band on him. So I had to ask how the determine band size and she told me it had to do with body size. Hope all goes well for you now. Sorry you had to go through so much to get to this point, hopefully smooth sailing from here on out. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery!
  9. When I started my weight loss journey 3 years ago I wore a size 12 ring, when it fit! I was over 420 pounds, in 2 years I lost 170 pounds and maintained for 1 year than in July got banded. I have now lost over 200 pounds. Last weekend went shopping with a friend and we were looking at jewelry the clerk insisted I try a ring on, much to my amazement it fit! She said it was a size 7, well I knew a 8 fit but could it be. I than tried on a dozen or more rings all were size 7's!! OMG the first ring I ever owned at age 11 was a 10, I have never worn a size 7 ever! Well my friend said well Susan you said you wanted to wear a single digit size and I laughed and said I didn't mean in a ring or underpants! I wear 12 and 14's but I want to make it to a single digit size hopefully! But hey a 10 would be great too! Just had to share.
  10. I was on a 2 week vacation. Last time I vacationed it took me nearly 2 months to take off the 14 pounds I gained! But this time thank you lap band I did not gain a ounce! I didn't lose but I didn't gain so it's all good! The nearest 24 hour fitness was 50 miles from where I was staying so I didn't workout like I would at home. Well looking forward to a nice loss this month. Also got my 3rd fill last Thursday and I am feeling lots of restriction I get full on water! Will make for a great holiday season!!
  11. skb123

    4th Fill- This May Be Green Zone

    I know what you're saying. I just had my third fill and finely I'm feeling quite a bit of restriction. If i drink water I feel full for hours. Good thing just in time for the holidays!!
  12. skb123

    Fever now

    I think I would get a hold of the doctor just to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry as they say. Hope you have a quick recovery.
  13. skb123

    4 weeks today

    Things slowed down for me too at the 4 week point. Seems like when my body got real food it wanted to keep it all. I go for a fill in a week and not sure what the scale will say, I just got back from a week long vacation. Oh well.
  14. skb123

    weight gain

    I gained a couple pounds when I went from liquids and purees to solid food. Just was a way of my body saying finely you're feeding me! But that was the week I was allowed to work out again and it came off the very next week. So don't beat yourself up, besides 4 pounds could simply be a fluid gain. I stay away from the scale, I just weigh when I go in once a month fro a fill. Best wishes to you!
  15. skb123


    I lost 176 pounds prior to banding, I too had a chocolate fetish. To top it off I am a wholesale baker so I am around chocolate all the time. But I just had to retrain my eating habits I kept 50 calorie snacks handy should my desire for chocolate get the best of me. After 5 or 6 weeks of not eating chocolate or sugar I found I felt so much better. I had lived with bad headaches for most of my life and they went away. It has been just 3 years since I started my weight loss journey and I have to say chocolate is no longer a temptation for me. New better habits really can be formed. It just takes will power and a little time. Good luck!
  16. My daughter has Kaiser and she has been denied twice, she has gotten an attorney to fight for her. The attorney said that 90% of the time they get approved. So you might need to go that route. It's surely worth looking into.
  17. skb123


    You'll do fine. I just about bailed out but I am so glad I didn't. I have lost over 30 pounds since my band, putting my total over 200! I tell everyone i have lost a good sized man, and I gained a good man in the process!! Good trade off!
  18. Papaya does not taste like mint at all. My dad used them all the time, and my kids, always remember their grandpa giving them papaya pills after dinner when they stayed with them! They taste pretty good and they do work.
  19. skb123

    350LB + in your 20s - Excess skin?

    I have lots of excess skin, will have surgery next spring. But I did find out after the fact that there were some things I could have done to have helped with it. One was taking large doses of vitamin E and D. I was taking the D but not the E. I started out at 421 and I am now 208, but hey I'd rather have excess skin than fill it out again!! LOL But I think you have time on your side, your age and if you have not had children yet that helps as well. I always tell people that the suit is wrinkled!! Oh well!!
  20. skb123

    Exciting NSV

    Too cute and hot too!!
  21. skb123

    Joined the YMCA today!

    The YMCA helped save my life! They bent over backwards to help me through my weight loss. I go to 24 hour fitness now because my health insurance pays for it. But I owe the Y a lot, they use my weight loss story to raise money for their assistance program. I was even featured in a video for the Y. I miss them. Enjoy they are fantastic and very family friendly.
  22. Only one thing I can say gasx will be your new friend!
  23. skb123

    Pain meds

    I was given OxyContin now that knocks you for a loop!! Needless to say I took very little.
  24. I've lost 49%! OMG that's crazy!

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