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  1. Hi there, I guess it's true that Time flies when you're having fun; I've been having a lot of that. Honestly, I cannot believe that two years ago today I was waking up from surgery and beginning a new chapter in my life. I had no idea then of the many ways my life would be reshaped aside from the shape of my body. I'm forever grateful the band was available to me as it has been the perfect choice for my situation. We are all different. I was 52 at the time and had never been an overnight patient in a hospital before. I can barely tolerate going to the dentist. Getting a band was a big decision but I was fortunate somehow to just know that that's what I wanted to do. Thank goodnes there are so many different surgery choices available to us; we live in marvellous times. Two years ago I was 250+ and now I'm in the seventies. I'm a little tall and like my curves (oh my goodness, do I LOVE having a waist!) so I don't want to get too thin. But a word about collarbones: YIPPEE! And hips. Wrists. You know how it is -- I'm celebrating this new body every day. I was wearing size twenty pants and am now in tens. No more Plus Size anything. I would not have predicted that I have a thing for clothes, but oh yes, I sure do. It's so much fun to be able to just try something on without all of that angst. I have been an exerciser for many years (arthritis - have to move) but in the last two years I have ratcheted up to being more of an athlete. I feel ridiculous even typing that out as it's such a foreign concept. I used to work out for 45 minutes 3-4 times a week; well, it turns out I am some one who needs more like 75-90 minutes 5-6 times a week. There's the faking it until making it thing and that's what I did. I pretended that I liked it, that I was one of "those" people until I actually have become something resembling one of those lucky people who truly look forward to exercising. Like I said, resembling. I'm not quite there but I raise my hands up in that crossing the finish line pose and I go do what I need to do and I feel like a million bucks afterward. Food. I am happy to report that I still like food. I can taste almost anything and be quite satisfied. That is a miracle. I love to cook and one of my weird non-scale victories (NSVs) is being able to tie my apron double around my waist. I love that. All those years in all those kitchens with my big fat Winnie-the-Pooh belly in an ill-fitting apron or Chef's jacket. No more. Silly, but that just feels so good. I was very restrictive in my former life so I am careful to not be on a diet. I make good choices, which I can do because my appetite is dimmed and I know what good choices are. But I also let myself have a little bit of whatever I want, whether that's a square of chocolate or cheese (behold, the power of cheese). This is why I still have a little weight to lose but I'm okay with that. I do drink alcohol and we have a lot of dinner parties, go to restaurants, etc. Practically no one knows I am banded; I'm extremely private about that. What people do see, however, is how much I'm exercising and how good I feel. It was important for me to go a bit slowly because I wanted the weight loss to be incremental and I didn't want to have saggy skin. Well, that's about it. I am tremendously grateful to all of my Lapband Talk friends and now Bariatric Pal. You know who you are -- the encourageers. Virtual friends. This has been my first experience on a forum and it's been great. Best wishes to all of you wherever you are in the process. For new people, a few words: don't get too hung up on what kind of surgery you had; we have much more in common than not. Don't try to give or take advice from strangers on the internet. Have a good working relationship with your doctor and show up for all your appointments. Show up for yourself! I really had to put myself first to get the surgery and choose my own well-being over taking care of other people's needs first. I don't do that any more and, guess what, every one else benefits from that. Here's to our health!
  2. Bandista

    First time regurgitated

    Hi there @@rosemarie chicken is one of those foods that many have trouble with -- too fibrous, I think. At home I cook thighs down in stock to soften and that is very delicious. The band is all about chewing, chewing, chewing. I still have issues with a lifetime of eating too quickly, especially if I am distracted. That's the main thing, for me, the awareness and really paying attention to what I am eating. I love my band!
  3. @@nikkih100 hi there, I am not familiar with your region but just wanted to chime in with congratulations on your surgery. I've had my band for three years and am very happy with it.
  4. Yes, thank you. Just what I need. Banded three years and doing well but still have a chunk to lose. Plus need to exercise and harder to accomplish that in the wintertime. Lining up an exercise partner right now for the New Year. Yay!
  5. Bandista

    Why is the band tighter in the morning?

    I don't know but I can vouch for the morning tightness. One thing I do know is that I don't eat Breakfast now and I'm very happy with that. All those years of trying to make breakfast the most important meal of the day, blah, blah, blah -- now I just enjoy my tea and eat later, when I'm actually hungry. Those are the rules for myself -- to eat when I'm hungry and not eat if I'm not hungry. The first is harder for me, after all those years of dieting and restriction.
  6. Bandista

    Banders #7

    @@Treadmillwalker congratulations on choosing weight loss surgery and choosing yourself -- I love my band. It's been three years and no issues beyond my own behavioral ones (eating too fast, that sort of thing). Happy Holidays every one! We have snow on the ground and it's starting to look a lot like Christmas.....
  7. Bandista

    Banders #7

    Wow, am I ever glad I dropped by today -- what a boatload of great news! So happy for you @@JustWatchMe -- yippee!
  8. Bandista

    My Five Year Banniversary!

    Love these success stories! And I love my band, too. As you say, it is a tool but having that appetite monster off of our backs makes it easy to make good decisions. Here's to health and happiness. Thanks so much for posting -- makes my day to hear from other banders (we are a rarer and rarer breed these days).
  9. Bandista

    Banders #7

    Hi there -- a gorgeous Sunday morning. Just Watch Me, a finish line is finally finally in sight -- we will be thinking of you. That phrase "keep on keeping on" comes to mind. We are in the same weight range and I just looked back at your stats: 124 Pounds, WOW and WOW. Way to go! I would like to enter winter below 175 and work on the next ten pounds -- still not sure where I "should" end up as I am not a skinny-mini and don't want to be too thin. 165 could be the right ballpark for me. We are going on a beach trip and I just ordered up bathing suits to try on and send back what doesn't fit. It was something to go through all the sizing and try to pick out a flattering suit, but it was not emotionally painful. I am actually looking forward to their arrival and trying them on. Having fun clothes is definitely a huge benefit of weight loss.
  10. Bandista

    Feeling your green zone

    @@lf1227 HI there and good luck with your move. I really learned a lot from the two links below in my signature: The Lapband is Not About Restriction (Dr. Simpson) and O'Brien's Eight Golden Rules. Every one is different as far as what they can tolerate and how much fill is required for the Green Zone. I don't like to be too tight but in my view if I ever am I can do a liquid diet until I am able to get a smidge removed. My personal test is salmon and broccoli -- I need to be able to eat those foods easily. Sometimes chicken, steak, etc. are too tough and require a lot more chewing or still will not feel "right" to me. The problem with a too-tight band is reliance on Slider foods which will cause weight gain. You'll get there -- stay on it!
  11. Bandista


    There are a couple of links in my signature below that helped me understand how the lapband works.....maybe they will help you, too! I must have reread the Simpson a thousand times, "The Lapband is NOT about restriction." Good luck with all. I did a pre-op diet and lost weight on that. It was the first time I knew the pounds would finally be gone for good. Shrinking the liver prior to surgery is helpful for the procedure.
  12. Bandista

    Banders #7

    Hi Debbie, so sorry to hear you are suffering back and leg pain. I know how difficult it can be to find the right kind of medical care -- put those professionals to work and don't give up! We've lived in a thirty-year pain scenario for my husband, who was in a serious car accident a long time ago. He's had three huge surgeries (the last one he was in the hospital 24 days). That was four years ago and he now says his back is the best part of him. He has residual leg/food issues (that sciatic nerve does not kid around!) and wears a brace, but we are out of the woods and forever grateful. I was thinking of you the other day because we are going to a dance party next weekend. I'm so excited! My husband will dance a slow one with me if I'm lucky but I will dance all night and look forward to that. Hope things turn around for you soon! Best wishes.
  13. Bandista

    Hockey after band

    Hi there, talk to your doctor about length of time before competitive sports, etc. I had five little incisions that needed to heal up. First few days they looked pretty impressive (knife fight!) but they healed quickly and now there is barely a trace. The port gets sewn in and you will want to be careful about that until it is fully healed and then no problem. The hockey will be great for getting the weight off -- all that cardio! Congratulations @@vaughn! Exciting times. I remember those carton Soups in the health food section of the regular grocery store helped get me by -- potato leek, etc. (made by Pacific, I think). And my surgeon allowed egg drop Soup. I'd think I was really hungry and then have just a bit of something and feel full. Good luck with all! I am very happy with my band and my new life.
  14. Bandista

    Freaking Out!

    This post made my day! Go, go, go -- you are rocking this!
  15. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for re-posting. I have not been on here as long but I sure am glad I found Lapband Talk that year or so before it combined into Bariatric Pal. I got so much great support from those who went before me.
  16. Bandista

    Banders #7

    Really rocking this Whole30 Program -- very focused on Protein and veg, which is of course the winning ticket. I've lost 9 pounds in 14 days and feel like I'm back in touch with my body the way I was in that first year banded. Weather is absolutely gorgeous here. Julie, I so get that about the tourists! We have summer people here and we're always glad to see them gone. Exercise has been good with lots of lakeside walking and now I am working to clean the basement in anticipation of the winter months when it's too cold and snowy to do that anymore. We have a Bowflex, treadmill and bike but it's a basement -- at least it will be clean down there. Working on better lighting next, and then I can take my laptop down there and get my workouts in no matter what. Winter requires strategy for me. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying a beautiful autumn!
  17. Bandista

    Now What?

    If you're losing more weight than you want, maybe add in something healthy like nuts or, if you eat dairy, full-fat yogurt, etc. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding! Enjoy your gorgeous dress and the occasion....and knowing that you look fantastic.
  18. Bandista

    Lap Band Before & After

    You look FANTASTIC! Way to go!
  19. Bandista

    All happening so quickly!

    @@futureskinnybtch congratulations! So happy for you. I love my band. My advice is to follow instructions to the 'T' and keep all your appointments -- in the first year the regular visits and eventual fills are where it is at so you can achieve the Green Zone. The links below in my signature are ones that really helped me understand how the band works and how to work the band. Best wishes with all! You are on your way.
  20. I got down to 175 briefly and wanted to lose another 10-20 (still not sure what will be ideal weight for me). Instead I promptly gained 12 or so pounds, which meant I needed to lose 25. That felt like "same old, same old" and I definitely wanted to nip that in the bud. I love my collar bones and hips -- and my size ten jeans, etc.! Friends (non-WLS) and spouse went on Whole30 program which is basically Protein and veggies, a little whole fruit, some nuts, etc. but easy on all that -- basically meat, fish, chicken and veg. It's how I need to be eating anyway and I have been able to get back on track for myself that way. Feels good. With a band it's really important to chew, chew, chew and to avoid slider foods. Of course it's easy to come to rely on those yummy things like yogurts, fancy cheeses, etc. Oh, and alcohol apparently does me no favors as far as the scale is concerned. Avoiding the constant wine & cheese party mode is very helpful. I am back in the jeans I had before and hopefully on my way to the next pair that are waiting.
  21. Bandista

    Gas vs. Stuck

    @@Universoul_D Hi there and congratulations on your surgery. That post-op gas pain can be very painful. Many people experience it in the left shoulder but it can be anywhere as the abdominal cavity gets filled with gas in order to perform the surgery easily and then it has to escape somehow. Getting stuck for me is a very different sensation. I basically know it as soon as I've done it and like @@needtorecover that's when it happens to me: too hungry and eating too fast. Reverting to old habits of shoveling the food in, etc. Now I can really tell that I cannot have even one more little bite, not a walnut or piece of dried fruit -- the pouch is very sensitive and when it's full, it's full. Good luck with all! Great that you are thinking it all through and doing "the work" as part of your recovery. I love my band.
  22. Yay! You are on track and yes, very impressive that you have done so well without the help of the green zone. Great things in store for you going forward.
  23. Hi there, I am some one who needed several fills to get the appropriate restriction (and I have had to have a smidge removed as well). It turned out that the incremental process was a good as I needed to address my habits, like eating too fast, etc. Good luck with all! Sounds like your fill is today.....yay! Good luck with your move. Hope you can find a doctor in your new location ASAP so you have some one to work with and just in case you need another fill or unfill. You will get there!
  24. Bandista

    Cooking for the family and friends

    Way to go on the cauliflower -- very sneaky (though as a bander those skins would probably not work for me). Love the production cooking mode, have fun!

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