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  1. Bandista

    First time regurgitated

    Hi there @@rosemarie chicken is one of those foods that many have trouble with -- too fibrous, I think. At home I cook thighs down in stock to soften and that is very delicious. The band is all about chewing, chewing, chewing. I still have issues with a lifetime of eating too quickly, especially if I am distracted. That's the main thing, for me, the awareness and really paying attention to what I am eating. I love my band!
  2. Bandista

    Banders #7

    Wow, am I ever glad I dropped by today -- what a boatload of great news! So happy for you @@JustWatchMe -- yippee!
  3. Bandista


    There are a couple of links in my signature below that helped me understand how the lapband works.....maybe they will help you, too! I must have reread the Simpson a thousand times, "The Lapband is NOT about restriction." Good luck with all. I did a pre-op diet and lost weight on that. It was the first time I knew the pounds would finally be gone for good. Shrinking the liver prior to surgery is helpful for the procedure.
  4. Bandista

    Freaking Out!

    This post made my day! Go, go, go -- you are rocking this!
  5. I got down to 175 briefly and wanted to lose another 10-20 (still not sure what will be ideal weight for me). Instead I promptly gained 12 or so pounds, which meant I needed to lose 25. That felt like "same old, same old" and I definitely wanted to nip that in the bud. I love my collar bones and hips -- and my size ten jeans, etc.! Friends (non-WLS) and spouse went on Whole30 program which is basically Protein and veggies, a little whole fruit, some nuts, etc. but easy on all that -- basically meat, fish, chicken and veg. It's how I need to be eating anyway and I have been able to get back on track for myself that way. Feels good. With a band it's really important to chew, chew, chew and to avoid slider foods. Of course it's easy to come to rely on those yummy things like yogurts, fancy cheeses, etc. Oh, and alcohol apparently does me no favors as far as the scale is concerned. Avoiding the constant wine & cheese party mode is very helpful. I am back in the jeans I had before and hopefully on my way to the next pair that are waiting.
  6. Hi there, I am some one who needed several fills to get the appropriate restriction (and I have had to have a smidge removed as well). It turned out that the incremental process was a good as I needed to address my habits, like eating too fast, etc. Good luck with all! Sounds like your fill is today.....yay! Good luck with your move. Hope you can find a doctor in your new location ASAP so you have some one to work with and just in case you need another fill or unfill. You will get there!
  7. Bandista

    Eating almost nothing, and not loosing weight

    Changing things up works for my body.....and you may be having a few more calories hidden in there somewhere that are just putting you over the limit so you are status quo when you want to be losing. Maybe time to see your bariatric physician for a check-in?
  8. Me, too. Sigh. Old habits like eating too fast can reappear, especially when I'm distracted. Glad you're okay and that you know getting stuck is not the end of the world. (Also, I have sometimes used Water to help bring the inevitable to pass).
  9. Hi there, I'm so excited for you to have insurance and to be able to get the fills you may need to get you there -- it's going to be night and day. And you did a great job basically on your own. Critical to have those doctor's visits and periodic check-ins to assess for whether you need a fill. You're going to love having a partner in this process. Foods that work for me are ones that I can thoroughly chew. I think it's important to figure out what your sliders are (things that just go right through). Check out the links in my signature below about how the band works -- satiety is all about the chewing! So chew, chew, chew (which you'll really need to do as you have restriction in your band) and learn to listen for the signals that you are full. Chili for me is a great food and I make it regularly (family and company love it, too). Any ground meat for me needs to be cooked down (I cook it in stock for a long time to get the right texture). For steak I have to have something in the tenderloin realm. I prefer chicken thighs for the falling-apart quality. I love eggs and thought I might have scrambled eggs all the time but it turns out what works best for me is a fried egg, go figure! Makes no sense to me. Basically, we have to experiment to find what our bodies like best. Good luck with all -- you are off to a great start!
  10. I love my band and plan to have it forever.
  11. @@dbfn that's the way I make it, too, and how it's taught in cooking school. We have a wood stove and sometimes I have a big stock pot going there -- every one who comes into the house swoons. Right now in the freezer we have lamb broth, beef broth and turkey/chicken broth -- all organic and homemade with lots of veggies. I gave up making fish broth -- just too stinky in the house.
  12. Bandista

    Who do you want to be after?

    Prior to weight loss I had a basic uniform of black jeans and a black top. I work from home but have to have meetings from time-to-time and that was always a nightmare trying to figure out what to wear. Now I play dress-up all the time. And I love to go shopping! I have some great skirts and colored tights, low boots and high boots, hats -- recently I got a faux leather jacket in a kind of silver grey. Looks great. We live in a rural area and when I go to the city for getaways I take my sexiest stuff along with me as I am still uncomfortable with attention. Last summer I wore a sleeveless linen sundress I bought in a consignment store. Oh my god, sleeveless. My goal is to work my arms so I look even better in it this summer. Isn't it great celebrating ourselves and enjoying the fun instead of hiding out? Thanks for this great thread.
  13. Bandista

    Tomorrow morning is the day.

    Yippee, so happy for you!
  14. Bandista

    Banders #7

    Hi there all, good to check-in! I am not able to search on this thread and post......have to wait for it to come up (weird!). I am doing some cleansing and also amazing body work, kind of like PT meets massage. The holidays don't seem to be a particular trigger as my band is there to let me know I don't need much food. Yay!
  15. Hi there, finally found it -- won't come up for me in a search either so I had to wait for some one to post: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/349818-banders-7/
  16. Hi there, Flouncy Ruffles -- you do your thing! I loved this post. So germane in my life right now. I'm mid-life or whatever it is, and I'm looking better and better. This can feel a little weird and messy. But I want to wear those boots. That skirt! I say let's go for it and enjoy it all. Best wishes to you. Dance on!
  17. @@SassyNanny whoah, a bit scary -- but hey, who would have thought of weight loss surgery years ago and here I am so happy with this newfangled thing on my stomach.
  18. Bandista

    My first fill?

    Hi there and congratulations on everything. I remember my first fill and how I didn't realize the surgeon had done it already. Very easy! And yes, eating slowly and chewing very thoroughly are definitely where it's at. Best wishes!
  19. Bandista

    Which surgery is safer

    Hi Jackie, be careful not to take advice from strangers on the internet. We are here to offer support to each other but medical decisions can only be made with the help of our medical professionals. I can only speak to my own experience and the Lapband has been wonderful for me. There are a couple of links in my signature below that talk about how it works -- not to restrict intake but to help signal the brain for satiety. Best wishes to you as you research and decide what's right for you. I am lucky that I knew from the get-go which surgery was right for me and I'm glad it was available as I would not have done something more drastic. I like it that the band is reversible and I still have my whole stomach, etc. Many people who have the Sleeve and other surgeries are very happy as well -- the successful weight loss people are ones that do a lot of research and work closely with their doctors to follow instructions to the tee. Weight loss surgery is life-changing. I'm so glad I did it!
  20. Hi there @@lou2807 -- I was 52 when I was banded two years ago. Had never been an overnight patient in a hospital before, am kind of an alternative medicine health food type (can get plenty fat on good food, too, lol). Writing everything down was helpful to me. In electing weight loss surgery I was choosing myself and my healthy future which was powerful in unexpected ways. Getting the appetite monster off of my back has been a beautiful thing. There are links below in my signature that really helped me understand how the band works; maybe they will help you, too. I still love food, just in small portions at appropriate intervals. Best wishes!
  21. @@Indieflickers Hi Indie, what worked for me was going away without the machine. First few times I went right back to it when I got home -- missed it! -- but this last time I think maybe we are there....
  22. @@PayItForward -- thank you! Very good point. I know I should make an appointment for another sleep study but I have been dragging my heels (and wanting to lose 10-15 first).
  23. I would feel very uncomfortable with this. I've been very private about my surgery and think we are entitled to that without feeling we've deceived any one. I would say: No, Thank you. No, and no and no. I'm not a side show!
  24. Bandista

    Should I get the band

    Great post, Sharpie! I love my band -- this has been an amazing two years and I'm very grateful for all that has transpired. Best wishes to you! There are a couple of links in my signature below that explain more about how the band works.
  25. Bandista

    Is Anyone Thankful for Me?

    When I elected to have weight loss surgery I knew it was a big deal for me but I had no idea how it would impact my life as a whole. Choosing myself first and my healthy future has given me so much self-esteem. I'm thrilled with the weight loss but this unexpected aspect of empowerment is truly amazing. Thanks for addressing this so eloquently!

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