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  1. I'm glad I found this thread..... my weight loss has slowed. I am 9 weeks post op but started at a lower weight and BMI. I need to not expect to lose it all so fast and be patient in the process. Thanks for all your inputs....very helpful for me. Lisa
  2. Today I am 6 weeks post op....25 lbs down. The Dr said my ideal body weight is 160 for my height (I'd like lower)....that would put me 15 lbs away from my goal. Revising my band to the sleeve was the BEST thing I could ever do.......Hope all my friends are just as happy with the sleeve.... Lisa
  3. Hey buddies....today I am 3.5 week post op and pushing 20 lbs down. I feel amazing....so far....best decision ever! Hope my buddies are all doing as well. I think the key to my fast recovery was getiing up and moving. Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Lisa
  4. Awesome.... We are all going through the same thing at the same time. So praying that this is the BEST decision EVER. I believe it will be! Lisa
  5. You look amazing. I am soooo inspired. I am getting the sleeve next week. I hope I have the same success
  6. MsGal


    SO proud of you..... My band is being revised to sleeve next week. Hoping for great success. Keep it up
  7. MsGal

    1 year

    That is AWESOME..... Congratulations.
  8. MsGal

    8 Months Out 80lbs Down.

    You look awesome! Thanks for sharing and encouraging
  9. Hey ladies...... I have been going 3-4 shakes and a lean Protein and salad. only down a few lbs so far but have til next Thursday the 21st. What are your dates again? So ready to get this done. Lisa
  10. This is exciting......lets get this going!
  11. Nice to have buddies in this process. Are both of you have band removal and sleeve at the same time? I start all liquids tomorrow! Lets kick butt!
  12. MsGal


    My new surgeon said there are more people with complications than successes. He also said they are doing very few bands anymore! Sleeves are the way to go....according to him. Looking forward to not tossing my cookies everyday! Good luck with everyone's journey!
  13. I also have a low BMI.... Dr. had no problem revising to sleeve (May 21, 2015...in 21 days). Actually he said he does so many of these due to the problems. He doesn't so the band anymore. Can't wait.
  14. Is there a reason they won't do the sleeve at the same time? Mine is being done at the same time...curious
  15. I've had the band 1.9 yrs.....been throwing up for 1.5 of that time. Having the revision on 21st of MAY! So glad to hear everyone's story. This gives me hope..... ready to do it!
  16. My revision is May 21st..... happy to have a buddy! Lisa
  17. July 2013 (not quite 2 yrs ago) I had the Lapband surgery. Initially I did well... dropped 40lbs pretty quick. Thanksgiving 2013 I got something stuck (empty band) and this landed me in the ER and have had daily problems since. MAY 21st.....converting to the sleeve. This site has given me the motivation and confidence to move forward. Please keep me in your thoughts....hoping for a great result.
  18. MsGal


    Well said Hazel! In this last week I had two episodes of getting stuck...yep, uncomfortable but I walked and it passed fast! Listen to what Hazel wrote.....move past it! You will be fine. and BTW....the two things I got stuck was bread...not meat!
  19. MsGal

    Day 4 may be long

    For me....I could only eat about 1/2 a cup at first. I stopped after that and waited to see how I felt. Go slow.....better safe then feeling ill! Good luck!
  20. MsGal

    First fill

    I HATE NEEDLES....it ended up a nonevent! Super easy.......DO NOT SWEAT IT!
  21. Good for you! I like your attitude! I love your spirit! I need to get moving myself...thanks for the motivation and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Lisa
  22. MsGal

    Protein Drink

    I drink Premier Protein....available at Sams club! LOVE THEM! 30 grams protein....160 cal....1gram sugar...
  23. MsGal

    Feeling discouraged...

    I didn't have my first fill until almost 3 months post op. I think a lot of success is mental preparedness and using the program as a whole. I NEVER eat more than 1-2 cups of food...always the protein first then veg... ensure I get my protein and water in every day! If you work off of that.....SUCCESS! I use my bad as a too...not a crutch! I only have 3 tiny units in my band now....! Good luck to everyone......Lisa
  24. MsGal


    OK..... you identified all the "what I'm not doing" things.....lets get you doing and working the "what I'm going to do now" things. Good thing is....you realize that the band isn't a majic fix....it's a tool to help you! Let's go lady......if I can do it...you CAN TOO! I really think if your not going to the support group at the facility you had surgery at.... you should! Have another appt with the diet dept.....and get to using your tool. We are all in this together.......Lisa

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