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  1. Name..............Current.....Goal......Lost...... luvinke.............206........190.......0.......
  2. luvinke

    Unnaturally cold all the time

    Every since I started losing weight (after being banded) I am always cold. When I'm in my office I have to close the door put on a small heater, a sweater and throw a cover over my legs because I am always freezing. Once in a while I may say I'm hot but that's usually only when I'm outside and its 90 something degrees out. I always joke and tell people that I've lost all of my good fat, that it kept me warm. I love the cold but now I have to wrap up indoors and I'm just not use to that. I was thinking that maybe my iron is low, but I've never had a problem with that in the past.
  3. I have the Wii fit system and have not been using it at all so as of today I am dedicating at least 30 to 45 minutes of my time to working out on it. If this goes well then I will give the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer a shot. This will not stop me from pricing this particular game.
  4. luvinke

    i am staying on plan today because ...

    Because I want to lose 15 pounds before Mother's Day Weekend getaway.
  5. luvinke

    Which free tracking site is best?

    I've tried FitDay and SparkPeople and I have to tell you that I think SparkPeople is great. They have a lot of the foods that we eat daily but you can also create your own list for example I make a high protein shake that I drink often and I was able to create it and add it to my list and therefore it's available for me to add anytime I want. They also customize a workout routine for you but you can opt out of that and create your own, they also demonstrate the exercises for you. It's got a lot of features and they have important news articles and recipes you can share. It's free and it's managable and I can access it from anywhere. Good Luck with your selection.
  6. luvinke

    Slow Losers Unite!

    Hello Everyone! I'm back, I've been gone for awhile but I'm refreshed, recharged and ready to lose. I stopped working out when the weather changed and my weightloss has suffered because of it. I've been at a stand still so starting today I'm reclaiming my aerobics, I'm going to put that Wii Fit to good use and I'm going to shed these pounds. I would appreciate and exercise, eating, and other tips that you want to share as we are a team and everyone is here to help one another. Thanks for your support. We can do this together.
  7. luvinke

    To all of you SLOW LOSERS!!

    Hello everyone! I too am a slow loser and I lost track of my eating healthy for a couple of months probably since November but I'm getting back on track. I couldn't get enough of my fried wing dings ans meats with gravies so I've decided to cut that out for a while. I will reintroduce myself to it but perhaps try it once or twice a month max. I haven't been exercising at all and that's what I know that I need in order to lose weight so starting today, I'm getting out of the kitchen cooking all those heavy family meals and I'm going to go in the family room and connect my Wii fit so that I can get the weight loss started. I want to lose 10 percent of my body fat in the next 3 months and I know that I can achieve it with your continued support. Thanks for this thread. I'm back for good this time. Happy New Year and may we all have continued success!:thumbup:
  8. luvinke

    I'm so cold-is this normal?

    I too am cold all the time now that I even had to go out and buy me some long johns to wear under my pants and tops. I am a winter baby and enjoy the cold temperatures but I'd much rather have on a sweater now becuase I'm always freezing. I often tell people that I am still fat but I lost my good fat (which was what kept me warm). They often laugh and disagree with the part about me being fat which I truly appreciate. I think out weight loss has a lot to do with it.
  9. luvinke

    Countdown to Onederland!

    Hello all, I'm back and doing my countdown again. I hope to get this last couple of pounds off me to get to onederland. Somehow I lost focus so I'm back with a vengenance and a Wii Fit to help me get there. I will see you all on the other side soon.
  10. I too have been experiencing the same feelings for the past couple of nights. I haven't had a fill in a few months but my eating pattern has changed for the last couple of nights. I am eating to late and going right to sleep afterwards and I don't think I'm chewing my food throughly as it seems to be stuck. I said I will work on my eating for the next couple of days and may schedule an appointment with my Doctor for next week. I have also been snacking on chip and dip. Any additional advice is appreciated.
  11. luvinke

    i am staying on plan today because ...

    I'm staying on plan today because I really need to.
  12. Come on bandsters lets get this challenge started. We've got to get into our swimwear. Name........................Current.......Goal....... Lost.......Still to Lose luvinke.........................217............190..........0....... .. ............27
  13. luvinke

    i am staying on plan today because ...

    I'm staying on plan today because I need to after all the labor day partying and jello shooters.
  14. Congratulations everyone! Thanks renewedhope for the stats, we did great. I didn't make it to goal but I did manage to lose some weight. I am scheduled for a fill on Monday so hopefully that will jumpstart me for the new challenge. For those of you that haven't signed up for the new challenge come and join us, the more the merrier. I look forward to seeing less of you all on the next challenge. We can do it! Keep up the good work!:biggrin:
  15. luvinke

    i am staying on plan today because ...

    I'm staying on plan today because I want to lose weight. Renewedhope, it appears that you have a new picture for your blog. You look really nice, I can see all the weight loss in your face (meaning your face is a lot smaller than the other picture). You inspire me, thank you!
  16. Welcome all, I'm glad that everybody is excited to join another challenge. Renewedhope thanks for setting up our table up for us. These challenges help keep me going/motivated. Good Luck everyone!
  17. Thanks for sharing we all need to keep that in mind.
  18. Hello all! It appears that I will fall short of my goal but that's okay I haven't given up hope. There is still a few days left so maybe I can get the scale to move just a little bit more. For those that want to join me I've started a Labor Day Weight Loss Challenge. I hope this is not to much but I enjoy the teamwork. Thank you all for the encouragement.
  19. luvinke

    OMG! I got felt up!

    Congrats on the NSV, your stats look good. Keep up the good work!
  20. luvinke

    i am staying on plan today because ...

    I am staying on plan today because I didn't yesterday. It's this TOM and I did give into some cravings. I've got to do better today. Not to mention the stress I felt yesterday.
  21. Purchase the dixie pack of children's disposable utensils (even though I wash and re use them) they will help you eat smaller bits, chew chew chew and then chew some more. Put your fork/spoon down during bits. You have to learn to enjoy the taste of the food and that alone will help you to feel full faster. It is a true learning process that we all go through. Make sure you are measuring your food as well, if you don't like the idea of actually measuring out the portions then go to the Dollar Tree on the baby isle and pick up all the different size 4 ounce containers you can find and put your meals in those that way you know that every meal is 4 ounces. In the beginning you may or may not eat 4 ounces some may need a little more but try the containers first and if needed add a little more food after you have completed the 4 ounce portion and waited for about 5 to 10 minutes for the signal that you have had enough before eating some more. Choose foods high in protein then eat your veggies you may not have room for sides. Best of luck to you both.
  22. luvinke

    Slow Losers Unite!

    Hello Everyone! I was just checking in on you all, glad to see everybody is doing well. I've been doing good as far as eating but I'm taking classes now so it's hard for me to get in my exercise with all the ripping and running but I'm trying to get back on my exercise routine today because when I exercise the scale really moves. Keep up the good work everybody and I'll be checking in.
  23. I have the lap band in which I was able to find a lot of information on and as far as my support group, I have this website, my Doctor's office (they are great) and my immediate family. That's enough for me. As for the realize band I have just started seeing commercials for this a couple of weeks ago so I don't know. The commercial I saw advertised didn't appear to be exactly in line with the band as far as weight loss statistics but if you have been on this site then you know that the weight loss is contingent upon the individuals diet and exercise so in other words the product can only be as successful as you allow it to be (lap band/realize). If you can't make a decision on your own then let your Doctor do the surgery that he is the most familiar with that way you limit the risk of complications. Good Luck!
  24. I suggest you check with your insurance company too. I have BCBS and they covered everything except my copays and I also have to pay a small amount for my fills plus the regular copay. I hope this helps.
  25. luvinke

    i am staying on plan today because ...

    I'm staying on plan today because I need to.