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  1. Jenny Thom

    Gastric Sleeve Coming Up 8/30/2016

    Mines 8/31/16 and I'm excited but so nervous with all the different postings. I just have to take the negatives out of my head and pray. I just don't want any complications. Pain I can handle
  2. Jenny Thom

    I got my new birthdate!

    @@myfatisnotaflaw I can relate to all that said. My date for surgery is 8/31/16. All the best. Keep us posted
  3. Jenny Thom

    Ok so how bad is this gonna hurt?

    @@Dub did you tell your surgeon About your abdominal hernia before surgery? I'm having groin pain and thinks it's a hernia
  4. Jenny Thom


    @@tracii62 my surgeon told me to discontinue taking prednisone for my knee pain as it will affect my healing process. My sleeve is on 8/31/16
  5. Jenny Thom


    @traccii62 I take prednisone for arthritis knee pain and my surgeon told me to stop taking it as it will affect my healing process. My surgery date is 8/31/16.
  6. Jenny Thom

    Jenny Thom

  7. Jenny Thom


    From the album: Jenny Thom

  8. Jenny Thom


    @@Jasminkw I know you must be disappointed but all things work together for the good. Mine is 8/31/16 and I am already dreading the preopdiet. Good luck and hang in there. We have come too far!
  9. Keeping my fingers crossed. Submitting to insurance July so hopefully I should be going in for surgery in August. Can't wait!
  10. Jenny Thom

    Any April 18 sleevers?

    @@MrsKTS so happy for you. Feel inspired. Keep up the good work. I just have my endoscopy last and then I go for clearance.
  11. @@Dub thx for the encouraging words. Can't wait to get my sleeve done. Been suffering to long with knee and back pain
  12. @@Dub thx for the encouraging words. I'm excited to get my sleeve over with. My sufferings has been too much with knee n back pain
  13. @@KLat I myself suffer with knee and back pain and I can't wait to do my sleeve. I cry night n day with pain and nothing helps. Hope we will overcome!
  14. Jenny Thom

    C-Section vs. VGS surgery

    If you survived c-section, you will do fine with the sleeve.
  15. Jenny Thom

    What's a good protein drink?

    Premier Protein is the best. Can be purchased by the case at Costco or BJs. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate favors. GREAT TASTING!!!
  16. Has anyone experienced knee pain relief from the sleeve surgery. My ortho doctor suggest for me to do WLS first before knee surgery (if necessary). Said it was risky with my weight so he suggested bariatric surgery as he thinks it will help with my weight and knee pain. HELP!!!
  17. Jenny Thom

    Knee pain and sleeve

    @@Christinamo7 will up my protein intake this week. Thx for advice
  18. Jenny Thom

    Knee pain and sleeve

    @@reree6898 thx for your advice. I am so looking forward to a relief. Can't suffer any longer. Will certainly update. Thx @@bellabill
  19. Jenny Thom

    Knee pain and sleeve

    @@Kindle oh I can't wait! Thx everyone. Will continue to share my journey @@2goldengirl and @@hopeful one
  20. Jenny Thom

    Knee pain and sleeve

    @@fernandfj thx for sharing your experience. It's helpful
  21. Jenny Thom

    Knee pain and sleeve

    @@bellabill good luck with the surgery and thx for the insight
  22. Jenny Thom

    Knee pain and sleeve

    Fernandfj thanks. At least there is hope. I have excruciating pains and can't wait to get relief
  23. Jenny Thom

    April 27th VSG DATE

    NY area. My MDs are very thorough. I have HTN and my BMI is high so they just want to make sure I am well enough to do the sleeve. So far so good. I don't mind the process.
  24. Jenny Thom

    April 27th VSG DATE

    Carlissa glad to see ur quick progress. I am going through my hoops too. Did cardio, pulmonary, labs, psych, nuts,sleep study (which I have to repeat cos I didn't sleep a wink in the lab). . Last is my endo and colonoscopy. I will keep u posted as we share our journey.
  25. Jenny Thom

    Banded monday aug 5th

    good luck. having my consult aug 19th did initial bloodwork i also have high bp, very concerned about the post surgery feelings. take good care of yourselves,

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