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  1. Thanks Everyone for all the great replies! Sometimes the answer is hard to hear. I guess I was feeling guilty and needed to "vent." I needed someone to tell me that all is not lost, that all I have to do IS to start over. It started out with just one candy bar. I ate the whole thing. Candy had never been a problem for me before. But all of a sudden, at least it seemed like all of a sudden, I'm eating a candy bar or two a day. It seems like I can't quit. So, I'm going to take all of y'all's advice. I'm gonna get me a notebook and I'm gonna start out each day and re-commit to doing better for myself. I'm gonna write down my plans and goals for the day and then write down what I ate for the day. I'm gonna re-commit to eating my Protein first. I'm gonna call my weight center and make an appointment to go talk to someone there and tell them what I've done and ask for their help, as well. I had lost 36lbs but I've gained back about 10lbs. The one thing that I had not done at all was to exercise. Now that it's cooler, here in the deep south, I'm gonna make myself get out and walk. Thanks, again, for all the great comments. I do believe I'm feeling a little better about myself and now have a little bit of desire and courage to get back on track. Merry Christmas, everyone, and I hope y'all have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Kathy =^..^=
  2. Oh my gosh, where do I start? My last fill was in June 2013. During the month of July, I was given a Lindt White chocolate bar and now I am addicted!!! Not only to the candy, which I never used to eat, but now I'm addicted to carbs again. I KNOW my pouch has to be stretched out big time. I've gained back about 10 pounds. My problem is I don't know how to get re-started. I haven't been to see my surgeon since the June fill. I haven't been to see my family doctor since the end of September. I KNOW I have to face them, sooner or later, but I know they're both going to be very disappointed in me. I just don't want to face them. I was HOPING someone here may have gone thru this and can offer some good advice...besides telling me not to eat the candy, I know that. It is SOOOOO delicious and creamy. Any suggestions as to how to get UN-addicted to the white chocolate, other than to say "Stop eating it." Also, how do I get UN-addicted from carbs again. I was HOPING to lose a few pounds BEFORE I do back to see either doctor. Can anyone offer any help or suggestions? Thanks, in advance, for anything you can say. Kathy =^..^=
  3. Kathy =^..^=

    Horrible candy craving!!!

    ... chocolate caramel and nut flavored protein bar...What brand is the chocolate caramel and nut flavored protein bar? That sounds great!!! Thanks! Kathy =^..^=
  4. Kathy =^..^=

    Lap band surgery in 2008

    Meg1234, I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby. I have gone thru that myself, many years ago. I, also, am having a hard time getting that feeling right after banding and loosing weight and feeling great about it. So, you're not alone in that feeling. I'll pray for you, and for myself, and maybe that will help us both.
  5. I had my surgery on Jan 30, 2013. I had lost 36lbs and was doing so great!!! But in the last couple of months I have had this enormous craving for candy. I never used to eat candy on a regular basis. Maybe a piece here and there, but I never bought a whole bag full. Now, I'm addicted to Lindt's White Chocolate bars. If I go to the grocery store, I buy them. I've told my husband, no matter what I say, don't buy me any more. I guess I'm gonna have to stay out of the grocery store for a while. Does anyone know how to stop a candy craving? I mean it feels like I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get that candy down!!! H E L P!!! Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions anyone can give. Kathy =^..^=
  6. Wow Missy! 200 lbs in just over a year, that's AMAZING!!! How did you manage to lose so much? My weight is coming off really slow...and I know, I know, everybody's different and it didn't get on overnight. Still, I was hoping for more than just 3-4 lbs a month. But, I am trying to be patient. Congrats!!! Kathy =^..^=
  7. Kathy =^..^=

    So thankful for my surgeon

    Congrats!!! My doctor was Dr. Scott Robbins. He works at Flowers Hospital in Dothan, AL. He is fantastic!!! He is very honest with you. He told us "the surgery will only do so much. If you're not ready to do YOUR part, then don't schedule your surgery." That meant a lot to me. To hear him say that it would do nobody any good if they had not made up their minds to follow the program the way it should be followed. He always took his time explaining things to us. I never felt rushed. This man has a great sense of humor!!! He' soooo funny!!! Great man, I love him to death!!! :wub:
  8. Kathy =^..^=

    Substitute for Pizza? Mac and Cheese?

    Missy, My doctor hasn't said I could eat anything other than my one meat and some greens, cabbage, green Beans, etc. and only one half cup of those. He has not told me anything about counting calories or Snacks or anything like that. Is this going to come later? One great thing is i have NEVER thrown up any of my food. I chew slowly and make it last. One thing I was told regarding pizza...take a fork and scrape the toppings off the breaded crust. Eat only the pepperoni, cheese. I did this and it was GREAT!!! I had been craving pizza for days! I was told the crust of the pizza would swell up in my stomach and stretch it too much. So, now I just eat the cheese and pepperoni. Actually, thinking about it, those are REALLY the best parts of the pizza anyway.
  9. Kathy =^..^=

    New Lap Band member

    Ashley & vroni, congratulations!!! I weighed 301 at my first weigh in. I was told I had to lose 10 lbs before I could do my surgery. So I had lots of time to do that, When I went in for surgery, I weighed 284 When I went in for my 1st fill, I weighed 278. When I went in for my 2nd fill, I weighed 274. Now I weighed at home, yesterday morning, and I weighed 270. I had only lost 4 lbs during the month of March. I was getting upset about that but then CarolinaGirl asked me how were my clothes fitting and....well,,,,they are alot looser! Actually, that's what all my family members noticed was how much my ass had shrunk! How much my boobs had come down and how my shoulders were wider than my hips now, So, I am now very satisfied with my progress!!! Kathy -^..^=
  10. Kathy =^..^=

    Abdominoplasty scheduled 2-5-13

    Am curios about your surgeries. Did you have to pay for all that yourself? I've heard Insurance won't pay for loose skin,boob jobs, etc. Is that true? If you did have to pay it all yourself, would you mind telling me how much it all cost? That way I know how much I have to save up. I'm really big, so I know there will be lots of loose skin. Thanks for all the great info in your message!
  11. Kathy =^..^=

    Progress Photos

    Photos taken during my weight loss process
  12. Kathy =^..^=

    Kathy =^..^=

  13. Kathy =^..^=

    Pain in Shoulder

    I woke up with a pain in my left shoulder that felt like I had been kicked by a mule! What helped me was moving around. I would move my left arm and when I was able to, just getting up and walking around the house made it go away. My pain only lasted a few days. To me, that was the worst part of the entire surgery. Hope it gets better soon!
  14. Kathy =^..^=

    Hi! I'm New to this Forum

    Arlen, Where did you get the weight ticker? That's cute!
  15. Kathy =^..^=

    Hi! I'm new to this forum.

    Thanks for the encouragement, CarolinaGirl! My clothes have gotten looser. I'll try to be more patient! Kathy =^..^=

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