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  1. smpin1176

    November 2013 Bandsters Check In

    So how are my November bandsters doing? We are almost at our one year surgaversary!!!! How did that happen so quickly?? I would love to hear how everyone is doing??
  2. smpin1176

    Who did you tell?

    I am nearly one year out. The only ones who know are my husband and one of my siblings. I told no one else. My kids don't even know. I have always been private about it. I feel it is my decision. I don't need any one else judgments. Everyone has to make the decision as to what they are comfortable with though
  3. smpin1176

    Ummm. your port is showing ...

    Does it show throw your clothes? Like if you wear a form fitting shirt? I am not a goal and don't have that issue yet, but I am concerned that could be a problem. I have not told anyone other than my hubby and one sibling so I am extra paranoid too LOL!!
  4. msapp77 I have the exact same pain. When I do more physical activity it becomes dull and only rest settles it back down. I have had mine since surgery. My doctor has told me it is normal, associated with my port. Over time it has lessened and is only noticeable when I am very active. Hope that helps!!!
  5. smpin1176

    TX - Corpus area

    shanatx I visit family at least once a year in Corpus....I will be there again in July
  6. Hello, I am having my first meeting on Wed the 24th with Dr. Brenda Cacucci in Carmel, Indiana at the Bariatric Center of Excellence. Has anyone heard of her? Anyone had their band put on by her? Any comments good or bad would be appreciated!! Thanks, momof2sn
  7. smpin1176

    What Keeps YOU going?

    Too many reasons to list. But the superficial side is the clothes. I constantly stop in my favorite store to try on the next size smaller. Even if they don't fit because I know one day they will. Like today!!!
  8. smpin1176

    Day 4 post banding.

    Congrats!!! It is soooo worth it!! My weight loss is just now slowing down and that is ok. I am now getting fills. It was the best decision I have ever made for me!!
  9. smpin1176

    1st Fill

    Check with your surgeons office, they are all different. I had my first fill nearly two weeks ago and no restrictions for me before hand. However, I have a friend who sees a different doctor in the office and she has restrictions.
  10. smpin1176

    First Visit with My PCP

    So thrilled for you!!! Some of the first steps to a healthier you. Keep up the amazing work!!
  11. smpin1176

    November 2013 Bandsters Check In

    Hi KyBrownEyes, I am doing great. My weightloss has slowed a little. Just in time for my first fill. I have lost two lbs since that magical .5 cc was put in this past Tuesday. I am not sure if it really was the fill or me being more conscience of eating more Protein again. Which ever it is I am glad to see the scale moving down. 43lbs now since surgery. I was told I am not typical. Heck, I have been told that all my life So glad I have my band. Life if good!!!
  12. smpin1176

    Pictures at four months

    Oh my goodness Bandista!!!! What a difference!!! So proud of you. What a difference in your mid section and legs!!! You are doing AWESOME!!!! Keep it up!!!
  13. smpin1176

    Did you name your band? :D

    I just like the name so Lola it was......ha. She is making me a happy lady
  14. smpin1176

    Did you name your band? :D

    Mine is Lola
  15. smpin1176


    Welcome!!! You are in a great community here. I joined last year while I was in the process of getting my band and asked a ton of questions and got a lot of great answers. I am almost four months out and love my band. In regards to the ticker.......look at the very top right of your screen after reading this and you will see your user name and next to that will be a little round gear looking thing. Click on that and you can create a ticker. Happy reading!!!
  16. So happy for you. Our dates are very close. I am loving my band as well. I have 2cc's but no true restriction. I have learned to be conscience of everything I put in my body and work through the head hunger.......this has been the greatest issue for me. Loving my band!!!!
  17. smpin1176

    Where's everyone from?

    Rola77 I was just in Corpus after Christmas into New Years visiting family. I live in Indiana now
  18. smpin1176

    Anyone from Indiana

    Wow CarmenLeAn what was your date in November? I was the 4th in Carmel. Have you lost all 76lbs since surgery?
  19. smpin1176

    Finally banded today!

    Congrats on your new journey. I always heard everyone say that it would go by fast and you will be on with your life. Well, that is exactly what happens!!! Enjoy the ride!!!
  20. smpin1176

    Spirituality and LapBand ?

    I love that you brought this topic up. I am a very spiritual person. I am a Christian. I have a deep faith in God. I prayed a lot leading up to getting my band. I pray often for the strength to overcome what makes me hungry......mostly head hunger. I pray for focus. I pray to not feel hungry. I give praise for walking away from foods I normally would have over done on. I praise God for helping me be satisfied on what I have eaten and I praise God for giving me the desire for the healthier and wiser food choices. I am at the beginning stage of having my band. I am thankful to God that I had an amazing surgeon and my recovery was tolerable. I feel at this time of my journey and only having 2cc's in my band I have not found my green zone and I need the extra support I get from my connection with God. Best of luck on your study!!
  21. smpin1176

    November 2013 Bandsters Check In

    So how are my November bandsters getting along??
  22. smpin1176

    Trim Healthy Mama diet

    Mothering9 I have the book. A friend gave it to me for my birthday. I have not been able to follow the diet, for several reasons. 1. It is not practical to my everyday life. I am on the go a lot and I can't seem to find what I should eat when I am out 2. All that fat freaks me out 3. I have two kiddos with special diets and this way of eating kind of stresses me out. Makes me feel like I have one more meal to make at night. I am not saying that it is not a good eating plan just hard for me to follow. I did read the book before my WLS. Can you give me examples of what you eat on THM? I think that is another thing for me that is difficult......figuring out what I can eat.
  23. smpin1176

    Day 5 and sharp pain!

    Not to discourage you but I had pretty intense pain up until week five......when it finally started to let up. Week six it disappeared. I don't tell you this to scare you but I myself was worried about what it could be. I called my surgeons office three times about the issue and the encouraged me it could take the full six weeks to heal in that area since the port is stitched into the muscle. I felt it helpful to wear my binder when I was home or underneath a large sweatshirt if I needed when I went out. You could also use some bike type shorts under your clothing to give some restriction until full healing occurs. I was banded Nov 4th and now I am on to full activities and feel great. Take your time to heal and give your body some time. It will all be gone soon and you will feel amazing!!!
  24. smpin1176

    November 2013 Bandsters Check In

    KYBrownEyes thanks for making this thread. This is a great way for all of us to keep in touch. I honestly wish we had our old site back, it was so much more user friendly. Enough of that......I am doing well. I have not had anymore put in my band. Still the same 2cc from surgery. I did have a post op visit in which I was told I was in starvation mode and was told to eat more because I was possibly hungry between meals because I was not eating enough. What a concept LOL!!! So eating more I am, within my limits. I am loving my band. I hit a mile marker of 50lbs today. 24 from the band!!! Merry Christmas to me I have not had any stuck episodes. I really can eat the same way I did before surgery, just a lot less. I will see my Dr again in late January. She seems to be frugal on fills, so I am not sure if I will be getting on at that time. She seems to look at the whole picture and not really do a fill just to do it and I am glad for that. It will be interesting to see how this story transpires. I have greek yogurt nearly every morning, sometimes I add in some granola. I have also taken a muffin tin, sprayed non stick spray then put in a slice of deli ham and then crack an egg in the ham slice. Bake it 12 min at 350. Add some salt and pepper and shredded cheese for additional flavor. YUM!!! Good to see the progress of all my Banding buddies. I am excited to keep in touch with all of you!!!
  25. smpin1176

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Question

    Mine was pretty quick.......8 business days.

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