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LAP-BAND Patients
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  1. IamFran

    Life After Band Removal

    To those of you, who got the band removed I wish you the best of luck and success. Stay motivated!!
  2. IamFran

    Life After Band Removal

    Hey Guys! So I don't recall these sharp abdominal pains?! Must be the fact that the first time I had surgery done I actually had time to recover. I'm a Nursing student and I had to jump right back in school 2 days after I got discharged. Late night studying makes me super hungry but I'm fighting it I will probably get my 1st fill next week.
  3. IamFran

    Life After Band Removal

    Thank you so much!
  4. IamFran

    Life After Band Removal

    Hey guys I'm 3 days post-op in pain but bearable with my pain meds. My constant battle with my weight and my insurance changed my mind. I never had issues with my weight until after puberty. I've always eaten healthy with a few cheats here and there (like us all) and exercised 3 days out of the week. Even with exercise and eating healthy my body would lose a couple of lbs and gain it right back or more. I couldn't allow this to happen again after Officially being out of the 200s. The Band allowed me to keep my lifestyle the same with more productive results. My insurance also wouldn't cover any WLS at this point because of my low weight. If I were to have issues again with the band I can convert to the Gastric Sleeve. The band repositioning already feels great! My GE Reflux went away immediately and my fluids are going down pretty well. So only the future can tell. Thanks so much for the Support
  5. IamFran

    Life After Band Removal

    Hey Everyone I changed my mind right before surgery and got the band revised. I'm in pain but I'll try to keep you posted!
  6. IamFran

    Life After Band Removal

    It's going to be 3 yrs In August 2013
  7. IamFran

    Life After Band Removal

    I'm getting the band removed rather than revised because I've had problems with slippage before. I've emptied than refilled twice and I was faced with removal or revision. I refuse to put myself through the emotional toll again and there would be a possibility that slippage may occur even after revision. I also fell that my body is negating the band.
  8. IamFran

    slipped band :(

    Thank you so much! Good luck to you as well xoxo
  9. Hello, Everyone I've made the decision to get my band removed rather than repositioned. However I don't regret getting WLS I lost 67 lbs. I know it'll be very hard doing it on my own but I'm willing to give it a try. So if you've had your band removed or are contemplating removal I want to hear from you!
  10. IamFran

    slipped band :(

    I'm having surgery at 8am tomorrow and I'm going in for either removal or revision. I've been so confused but I know the best decision would be removal. I've been extremely sad because the band really worked for me. I currently weight 198 and I lost 67 lbs with the Lap-band. I have the fear of gaining weight but if I work out like a beast and keep eating healthy I should be fine. So glad I found this forum.

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