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  1. blueyz80

    TMI: Menstruation

    Same thing happened to me so I'm assuming it's normal. Either that or both of us are very abnormal! ;-p
  2. blueyz80

    Got my lapband removed

    Other than my weight I was very healthy as well. I didn't have anything, not even asthma. I knew a lot of successful people that had the bypass and I knew no one that did the sleeve that's the only reason I chose bypass. I don't think one surgery is better than another I think they all work for different people for different reasons. Before my surgery which was only about 3 weeks ago I had about 150 to lose and I got to get the bypass but all doctors are different and have different reasons for doing things so like I said before talk about all this with your surgeon. :-)
  3. blueyz80

    Got my lapband removed

    If you have problems with GERD I wouldn't suggest getting the sleeve from what I have seen others post they still have the GERD after getting sleeved. Also you don't have to be 500 or close to it for the bypass lol. I was in the upper 200's and I went with the bypass. But talk to your doctor and ask him what his reasons are for wanting to sleeve you. There are all sorts of pros and cons to everyone of these weight loss surgeries only you can decide what's best for you! Good luck!
  4. blueyz80

    Protein bars

    I'm not to that stage where I can eat these yet but I heard the bars are even better heated up.
  5. blueyz80

    Cramping on my left side

    Mine definitely isn't constipation it's incisional pain. I've been on a clear liquid diet for 10 days so there's nothing in there. Lol
  6. blueyz80

    Cramping on my left side

    Haha no running for me either but I have that same pain on my left side.
  7. blueyz80

    Cramping on my left side

    Haha sorry I totally thought you wrote you ran a mile. Sorry about that duh! Lol
  8. blueyz80

    Cramping on my left side

    Did your doctor release you to workout already? I realize every doctor is different but I had surgery a day after you and haven't been released to do anything above a walk. Don't push yourself so hard. Your insides don't heal as fast as your outside do. My doctor says most of the work was done on my left side so maybe that's what it is.
  9. It took me 10 months. I just had mine done on the 25th so I'm still pretty new.
  10. blueyz80

    February Surgeries

    I had my surgery at 8am today and I'm not feeling as bad as I thought. I'm sore but I thought the pain would be worse. I've already gotten up and walked and I even sat in my chair for a while. So I just wanted to key everyone know that surgery went great!
  11. blueyz80

    February Surgeries

    Good luck to you, I know how you feel my surgery is tomorrow. I'm pretty sure sleep is out for me tonight! Lol. Good luck on your journey! :-)
  12. blueyz80

    5 days till surgery

    My surgery is the day after yours so I know how you feel. I can't wait for my new life to begin!
  13. blueyz80

    February Surgeries

    Thanks Claire I appreciate that :-)
  14. blueyz80

    February Surgeries

    Well I finally start my 5 day liquid diet today. I'm more nervous about this diet than I am the actual procedure, please pray that I get through this. I'm going to try my best to keep my eyes on the prize though, I'm so excited to start my new life!
  15. Thank you both for the great questions, they really helped and I am more than ready! T minus 2 weeks and counting!
  16. I am getting ready to go to my last appointment with the surgeon and I'm trying to think of questions to ask, can anyone give me some ideas please. Thanks in advance :-)
  17. Yeah, I think I'm ready as well but I just know that I'll think of 50 questions for him as soon as I walk out of his office. Lol
  18. Sorry for the double post goofy phone
  19. I know how you feel but please if this is what you really want to give up. I have been at this since April so I know how frustrating this can be. You need to talk to her and let her know how serious you are about this surgery. If you have already done this then you need to go above her head and get this whole situation figured out. I would even go as far too tell them you'll take your business to another doctors office if this doesn't quit happening. Sorry you're going through this. I wish you luck.
  20. blueyz80

    Size 8 !

    You look amazing! Congrats!
  21. blueyz80

    Im so excited!

    Yes! I can't wait! My friends and I had a mini marathon tonight, they have never seen it and are now addicted!
  22. blueyz80

    February Surgeries

    Congrats! I'm sure you'll do great. I'll be praying for you. Mine isn't until the 25th so please let us know how you feel when you feel up to it.
  23. blueyz80


    Congrats! The time will fly!
  24. blueyz80

    Really Anxious

    Wonderful news! Good luck!
  25. blueyz80

    February Surgeries

    Praying for you, good luck! Please let us know how you're doing when your feeling up to it.