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    The irony....!!!
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    Isn't it sad about in laws?? I've attempted to be a part of this family, and they continue to be rude and ignorant. The only way I have sanity is to avoid them. Then recently my mother in law tells me I should bring my kids to her. And I'm like, are you kidding? Though I didn't say that, but I should have. I don't get it, they are rude, make very rude comments and then expect you to come visit. I've been in this family for over 25 yrs and they still are awful to me.
  3. Shazam

    NSV: the one day clothes

    I love this idea of "one days" !!!
  4. Shazam


    Funny that you said that, because that's basically how I view majority of them. But that's a whole other forum! Haha. I've gotten better with dealing with them. And I actually believe some of them are the root of my problems. But not anymore. I am loving me! Thanks!
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    Yes CarolinaGirl is pretty awesome!
  6. Shazam

    Size 18 clothes

    Wow! That is awesome!! Good job, keep up the excellent work.
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    Yup, the definitions given above are right on the money.
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    Hi, I know you all are correct. I guess what really makes me angry is that my hubs talked to both of them afterwards, regarding me. And I'm sure they probably didn't want to mention weight. But what I'm saying they could at least acknowledge how good I look. Or something. His side is odd like that. And I believe this time he is finally seeing it. And I know my brother in law must have realized how ignorant he was because he brought it up to my hubs. And apparently he was going to compliment me, but with the screwed hair comment he figured he shouldn't say anything. So clearly he sees how stupid he was. When I see someone, anyone with something pretty on, or new hairdo, or weight-loss, I always remark as such. People should basically be nicer to each other, plain and simple!! And family members more so. I've been trying not to allow this to get me down. But my hubs told me he spoke with them and told me this! I nearly hit the roof. All week I was like, really no one noticed?! And here they did and nothing. Not a simple "you look great today." It simply verifies why I don't like them very much and why I avoid them. I'm moving on, or trying too. I can say through this long and hard journey, I see who are my friends and who isn't. I'm holding my head high with a positive attitude. !!!
  9. I use Benefiber or the like. I've also used colace, it's a stool softener. But try to use the Benefiber. I only use the other when it's gets backed up. Oh, drink your water it's important.
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    Lucky you!!
  11. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    Nice to know your so giving!
  12. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    Hee hee more cushion for the pushin!!!
  13. Shazam

    Do you drink before your meals?

    Actually, I had heard this long before being banded. It keeps you fuller longer. I believe society has forced us to accept us to flush our food with drinks, soda, beer and wine. When I had originally heard this, I thought it was crAzy. But then I was a lot heavier too. My doctor said the reason was so not too flush out your pouch and so to keep you fuller longer.
  14. Shazam

    NSV - love this one

    That's awesome parisshel ! Good for you!!
  15. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    I actually use the men's room! There's never a line there. It's a toilet. Restrooms could be unisex. Just sayin.
  16. Shazam

    At home workouts???

    I use a treadmill and bands. And it's been working.
  17. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    BayouGirl, you're too funny !! I'm really lovin this thread!! Haha
  18. Shazam

    Worried pls help

    Seeing that you were vomiting for so long, if it were me, I'd contact my physician to be checked. Every time you have a fill, they check to make sure it's properly placed. I hope all is okay!!!!
  19. Shazam

    Anyone using Gwynnie Bee for clothing?

    Ohhhhh good to know. Thanks! I'm not a smoker, I didn't even think of that.

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