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  1. Shazam

    Anyone stopped losing?

    Well. There is something up. By no means am i eating a lot. But i am thinking of stirring things up by doing aall protein shakes for a couple of days. I will admit, i did think with bypass it would be easier. I almost think its harder in some ways welp, we shall See if it works prior lapband patient band removal 11/18/21 sw 257 surgery date was 1/18/22 because of covid it was rescheduled to 2/1/22
  2. Shazam

    February 2022

    Thank you very. I will admit im sore, but im excited to see the tranformation!! prior lapband patient band removal 11/18/21 sw 257 surgery date was 1/18/22 because of covid it was rescheduled to 2/1/22
  3. Not telling anyone, is not lying. It is choosing to not disclose. Besides, people are intelligent. If you loose a ton of weight quickly, more than likely you've had surgery. People know this. I have choose not to disclose. It's personal. Period. I'm not lying either.
  4. Shazam


    My "breakfast" actually consists of a bottle if Water and my "pills" which happen to only be my Vitamins. The Multivitamin is somewhat large, I have no problem. I am at a good restriction too. Hope that helps.
  5. Shazam

    I feel like a failure...

    CarolinaGirl, thanks. So far today, I did awesome. One day at a time. Sometimes, one minute at a time. I'm ok. Thanks!!
  6. Shazam

    How much weight should one lose in a week?

    I was told 1-2 lbs a week. So on a good month, 8 lbs. and on a bad month, 4lbs. Anything more than that count it a blessing. It does slow down. But hang in there. It does keep going. Stay away from carbs, drink Water, and exercise.
  7. Shazam

    Been away for a while

    You both honestly look amazing!! You should be so proud of yourselves!!! That's is awesome!!! Very inspiring. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Shazam


    This woman is correct-amundo! Why waste calories, use them for other things. Sure I could see for special occasions. But even that, me personally, I don't go there. As a matter of fact, my friend was banded, and I am beginning to believe she has a drinking problem. I have heard that's possible after becoming banded. I avoid it. That's my opinion.
  9. Sweet gift to yourself!!! Happy new life!!!
  10. Your picture is AWESOME!!!
  11. Shazam

    I'm in the medical field.

  12. Shazam

    Nude Beach

    You're able to do that in a tanning bed.
  13. Shazam

    I feel like i'm lying to people!

    Do not feel like your lying. The Band is a tool, just as a food scale or a scale, or a measuring cup. If you weren't able to use the tool, you wouldn't able to accomplish the task. Currently, your task is to loose weight. Please remember, even with the band you're able to gain weight. There is no reason to tell the world what tools you need. As long as you're able to reach your goal, and you feel better. And you happened to look fabulous too!
  14. Shazam

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    I've missed all of you, I've been going to school. Anyways, this week I had an NSV! A lady at work was giving some nice jackets away, size Large. Normally I never looked at them. Then it dawned on me to look. I picked one for me, and it fit! I'm still in awe!! Thank you Band!! Yay.
  15. Shazam


    Wow. I didn't know that could happen. Thanks. I will definitely be finding out what caused this. I don't wish this on anyone.
  16. Shazam

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    Awesome! Simply wonderful. You go!
  17. Shazam

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    Awesome! Simply wonderful. You go!
  18. This is an interesting NSV! This one makes me smile.
  19. Benefiber powder. One tablespoon works wonders. No after taste, I get the generic kind at walmart.
  20. I have pizza, but try not to have the crust. I'm still on a more protein based diet. I feel as though I've cheated because it taste so yummy but I didn't.
  21. Shazam

    This New Site

    They are working on fixing it.
  22. Shazam

    Under "current" ?

    I didn't see the thread near this regarding Current. better late than never.
  23. Shazam


    Yup! Totally agree! I want to be around as long as possible for my kids!
  24. Most of the people I know just said they are having a procedure. It doesn't seem like people question that too much. And if they do. Hernia is a good answer.
  25. Shazam

    Flirting ...?

    Oh I'm definitely not interested. It's just weird for me, after 25 yrs, I'm done! Haha. It's very very weird.

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