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Hi. I'm a Band Vet. I lost like 60lbs, and stayed there. I just couldn't not eat carbs anymore. I missed them. But every day, I'd wake up and say, I can do this. And I couldn't. I just missed carbs too much. It's been over 2 yrs and I've basically maintained Where I left off at. I even tried doing "resets". Yes, I was very frustrated. I knew what I wanted, and couldn't get there.
A friend of mine convinced me to join WW. And I tried that on and off since around thanksgiving. And nothing. I did nothing.
I don't know what happened. If it was mindset, attitude, or frustration but last Last Monday I restarted WW with a vengeance. I've been Really trying, tracked my food, and following it. I've been on it for 8 days. So far I've had pizza and ice cream every day. Don't worry, it's a modified pizza. And sugar free ice cream. I've had it everyday since it qualifies in my points. I feel bad, yet it's actually guilt free. I'm actually eating way more food.
It's been only 8 days. I feel better. I've lost 2lbs too. Yes I know, it's Water weight. Still. I've lost. And with WW you can eat anything.
I think I've needed this. The no carbs worked for a while. But for me it's not realistic. Tonight I had a sugar free brownie. during the day I ate cucumbers, oranges, and grilled chicken. At night is when I want to munch. So pizza on multigrain tortilla shell, pizza sauce, mushrooms, and cheese. All of 8 points. So worth it.
I'm not sure how this journey will end, but I know this may actually be a beginning of a life change. I don't feel deprived anymore.
And the band is here as my tool. Just as it was when it was first placed. It's a tool. I could have easily regained all my weight. But. I didn't.
Hopefully with the band and WW I can actually make my finishing goal. Right now, I'm only looking at 10lbs at a time until I get where I need to be.
And yes. I will have my 8 point pizza again tomorrow. (If you use Joseph's pita bread, the points are lower - I like the tortilla shell since it comes out crispy). [emoji487][emoji487][emoji487][emoji487][emoji487]

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