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    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    Not in the bear community. I'm worried about being too thin. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk I agree not in the bear community. Although I don't really fit in to that (or any?) mould. I think I would have been considered a cub before but not sure. I don't really know how all that stuff works though. lol
  2. phil2912

    Eating too much...

    I feel like chiming in here to give my $0.02 lol. It seems that with WLS the perception of food as a whole changes. Foods that we might not have thought anything of suddenly become 'bad' or are seen as dangerous to weight loss. This seems true of the amounts of food as well. Normally 2 slices (or even 3-4) pre-surgery would have been standard. All of a sudden anything over 1/2-1 slice becomes too much. While this shows us that we really were over eating pre-WLS, it also highlights, to me anyway, how easy it is to get caught up (or rather not be able to escape) the black and white/ good and bad/ all or nothing mentality that a lot of us struggle or struggled with in the past. Surgery doesn't seem to magically eliminate those thoughts because maybe we aren't taught to trust ourselves or our bodies to tell us we have had enough? Again just my 2 cents/ thoughts. I really struggle with this topic so felt like contributing
  3. I had the MGB with less intestine bypassed and only about half my stomach sectioned (rather than the 70-80%). Anyway long story short. It's apparently better than the full RNY and results are just as comparable to other forms of WLS. So you should have nothing to worry about Good Luck
  4. phil2912

    Starting 5:2 and no scale this week

    I actually think it's good that you have come to this realisation. I mean you are listening to your body and doing what works for you. However... The mental games can be torture and while physically you can tell what your body needs you sometimes do have to try and quite the clutter occurring upstairs... I don't mean to be forward or offensive in anyway, but considering a therapist might be an option?
  5. phil2912

    Starting 5:2 and no scale this week

    This actually made me incredibly happy to read! I'm so glad for your success! You should be so proud and your inspiring! Well done
  6. phil2912


    I'm not a psychologist and don't have kids so I'm the least qualified person to answer you. However that being said I do remember my mum telling me I went through a very similar thing at that age. I assume by 2 a child is aware enough to feel abandoned. Though please take heart that he is just miffed rather than truly angry. Talk to him and gauge his feelings. Kids at that age will generally talk very freely about their feelings if you get down to their level and show them you genuinely care why they are upset at u. (yes I watch TV (albeit trash) and read a lot of self help books... Sue me Lol *puts glasses on*)
  7. phil2912

    Three days post op with questions

    This is VERY normal and will pass eventually. I was told that the best thing to do for gas is walk walk walk! Congratulations btw and wishing you nothing but a speedy recovery, fantastic results, happiness and a healthy, fulfilling future!
  8. 5 months out and still feeling like this... I haven't mentioned it to the dr yet as it goes through phases. Give it time I'm sure it will pass but still talk to your surgeons
  9. phil2912

    Low Energy

    Peggy you aren't being lazy at all. The pre-op diet is some what of a shock to the system. Take it easy the few weeks leading up to surgery and don't exert yourself. It's a time for mental as well as physical preparation Good Luck
  10. phil2912

    5 day pouch test

    Go for it... I have heard people argue against it but my personal opinion is that if it breaks your stall or helps you get back to the basics of why you had this surgery in the first place then it's a good idea. Good luck and let us know how you go
  11. I'm 4 months out and incredibly flat. I'm getting tests to see what's going on. I did have a bit of problems earlier on and had an Iron transfusion a few weeks back but it still hasn't done much... You're frustration is completely understandable.
  12. Stalls early on are actually really common! Even at 2 or 3 weeks out. Additionally dependent on your treatment you may have been pumped with quite a bit of IV fluids. At times is might be very difficult to pinpoint the source of a stall but I've read that changing up the routine can help. For example - if you don't exercise, start doing a little. - if you are at the puree stage and have say mash potatoes try cutting the carbs and increasing the Protein - try to up your Water intake - take your Multivitamins - don't weigh yourself everyday - relax and trust the process because unless you are purposefully sabotaging yourself then the weight is bound to come off... - watch your sodium intake (no more than 4g or 1600mg a day) this can make you retain Fluid I don't know how useful what I posted is, but hopefully you get the idea Good Luck! Phil
  13. I like this thread... It's a good reminder that we are human and will slip up
  14. phil2912

    Chewing gum

    I'd have to politely disagree with chelly Lol sorry! As I posted somewhere else I've been chewing gum since while I was still in hospital! The doctors and nurses never said anything about it! Come to think of it I think one of the older nurses suggested it due to the terrible dry mouth I had. Anyway I would ask your doctor or nutritionist just in case.
  15. phil2912

    What to eat from Chinese reataurant?

    I have to agree with lellow (although I'm not Asian myself) making your own is a lot safer then eating take-out. I used to cook noodles, Soups, Stir-Frys, rice and all that before surgery. Admittedly I haven't made any Post-op... But it can be very nurtrious! Anyway that being said if you are eating out it never hurts to ask them to modify it to suit your needs (ie. Less oil, less sauce, less noodles but more meat, etc). Do what works for you and enjoy it P.S. A trick I was told by a good Chinese friend is to sprinkle a little bicarbonate soda on the meat your planning on cooking (wash it off before preparing) This will tenderize it like the restaurants.