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  1. Countryheart2000

    lap band removed today

    Had my band removed. If was no working for me. I have had problems from the beginning. I have lost no weight. I had band put in last year, still felt nothing,and I had around 4 or 5 cc in band. My surgeon put .5 cc in each fill. For the last month I have had port pain,and my Surgeon went in this morning to look for flipped port, the port had pushed through some of my tissue. the surgeon removed it. I am sad, thought if would work for me. I will be so happy to get back to normal.
  2. Countryheart2000

    had lap band out four days ago

    I just had my band removed yesterday......How are you doing?
  3. Countryheart2000

    Port Site Concern

    it may be from the numbing medication. I wish my Dr. Use a numbing medication! If if continues call your Dr. For a check. My site gets sore , red, and painful from the pushing. This causes bruising and hematoma.
  4. Countryheart2000

    Port site problem

    My Dr had a very hard time trying to locate correct spot for my injection port. He really hurt me. I was so sore. After a week I went to emergency room and had to get my Dr t check my stomach. It was so tender and painful with a couple of big knots in my stomach. I was scared my port or band went wrong. He X-Ray my abdomen and my port was fine but he said he pressed around so much I had hemotoma's. He gave me pain meds, and I go for anther fill August 2. I had my surgery August 5, 2013. I have not lost. I only get .5 cc in my band each month. I hope this one will be the GREEN fill!
  5. Countryheart2000

    Fill has left me swollen and sore.......

    well, I called my Dr this morning as I ave been so sore and hurting near my port. I was scared that my port gad flipped or something. They sent me to X-ray and my band is good, but I gave a huge hematoma due to the Dr pressing on my stomach and trying to get my fill last week. He apologized and gave me a script for pain meds.
  6. My 6th fill of .05 and I am so sore and swelled. The doctor tried like 7 times before hitting the center of my port. I just hope this will get me into the green zone. I did not lose anything, stayed the same. I am trying, but I am just on a diet until I get some kind of restriction. I can tell no difference. All my surgeon puts in is .05 each time. I had my lap band on 8-5-13
  7. Countryheart2000

    Fill has left me swollen and sore.......

    I have a 10cc band. I guess I meant to say .5 cc. I don't know what the total in my band is. This was my 6th fill. He will not put anymore at one time. My tummy is swollen from the needle probing. I feel like I am recovering from surgery again. It hurts to bend over. I am wandering if there are any other patients from Dr. Ross in Elli-jay Georgia? He has been very good, with the exception of not aggressive with my fills.
  8. Countryheart2000

    First fill not going well

    the Dr. Has a hard time finding my port, and it hurts so much. I hate it. it will be one month next Wednesday when I return for another fill, and my stomach is still bruised from last time. I only get .5 of a fill. I still fill nothing..I only have about 2.5 cc in my band. I hope this next fill will be the one. Good luck!
  9. Countryheart2000

    What does restriction feel like to you?

    ok, I got a .05 cc fill today. The dr. Stuck me twice and it really hurt before finding my port. I am on liquids until tomorrow. I hope I get in the green zone this time. I did lose 4 pounds.
  10. Countryheart2000

    What does restriction feel like to you?

    thank you".....I needed to hear that. Sometimes my motivation is down, due to not losing.
  11. Countryheart2000

    What does restriction feel like to you?

    i asked the nurse, she said he will not put in more than that amount for no one.
  12. Countryheart2000

    What does restriction feel like to you?

    hello, yes you are correct on my history. I go in for another fill tomorrow,and I hope I feel something! My dr said that I need to keep track of what I eat for the nurse. I am just so disappointed in myself. I began a strict diet last week and I am hoping to gave lost a couple pounds. I can eat anything, and I feel no difference. My husband is telling me to take the band out, but I will not! It just has to kick in sometime. Thank you for your comments. I hope to have some good news soon. Maybe the .5 cc fill tomorrow will do the trick!
  13. Countryheart2000

    What does restriction feel like to you?

    I also had the surgery last August,and have not lost nothing with my band, all on the pre-op diet.
  14. Countryheart2000

    2nd fill not feeling any different.

    i think I have about 2.5 cc in my band
  15. Countryheart2000

    2nd fill not feeling any different.

    I was banded in August of last year. I have not lost any weight since surgery. I really did not start getting fills till end of January because I had to have hernia repair surgery at incision site, so I have had 5 fills of one half of a cc each time. I feel nothing. I am so disappointed. I have not gained, because I am trying to diet. I am feeling like surgery was a mistake.....
  16. Countryheart2000

    First fill!

    i had one half of a cc for my first fill, and also one half of a cc for my second fill. I have a total of 1 cc in my band. I go next week for another fill. I can eat anything, no problem, and I am hungry all the time.
  17. Countryheart2000

    Describe the green zone

    i am almost 7 months out from surgery. I have had 2 fills of half cc each. I have the total of 1cc in my band. I can eat anything, and I am not losing. I go next Wednesday for another fill........hope it helps...
  18. Countryheart2000

    How often do you get a fill?

    I was banded August 5 2013. I have had one fill of half of a cc...
  19. I went for my first fill yesterday, had my surgery August 5, but he put the needle in twice ( painful) and he decided I was still too sore? Made my appointment to come back November for first fill. I have nothing in band, and I am staying hungry! I don't want to gain the 24 pounds I have lost back...........
  20. Countryheart2000

    Went for 1st fill, but dr. tried twice to find port...no fill

    We'll I just had emergency insisional hernia repair yesterday. This is probably why my essential fill was so painful. I have had 3 laparoscopic surgeries and all went through same area at navel, including lap band. It was too weak, and I picked my granddaughter up and it pulled it. I called my lapband surgeon, as he is the one who had did my gallbladder and lapband surgeries. His nurses said he was booked up and I could not get in, I called every day for a week. I finally went to my reg doctor and she said it needed fixed immediately. Sent me to another surgeon, and here we are the next day! I am sore, got mesh put in over weak spot. So it will be at least 6 weeks before I can get a fill. I have half a cc in band, and I have no restriction.
  21. Countryheart2000

    First Fill...

    I got one half cc for my first fill. I was banded August 5th. I have no restriction and can eat anything. My next fill is dec 18th. My surgeon only does one half cc at each fill.
  22. Countryheart2000

    First Fill.. Feeling Discouraged

    I was banded in August, I. Have had one fill. Just one half cc. It did nothing, I am scheduled for a fill on Dec 16, but probably will not get it, as I am fixing to have surgery tomorrow to repair a navel hernia. I have tried calling my lap band surgeon for a week, but nurse could not get me in until December 3. I am in pain and a protrusion on my belly button size of tennis ball. So today I go to my regular physician and she sends me straight to another surgeon. She said it couldn't wait. Yes, I have a hernia, as I can push it in, and it is painful. I am really upset that my surgeon could not see me, he knows where my band is. I have had 3 laparoscopy surgeries that went through my navel, so it must b weak. This might also explain why I was so sore and tender for 3 months after my lap band placement. I think my surgeon should have caught this. Anyways, here is another set back, but hopefully things will get better.
  23. Countryheart2000

    Lap Band prior to first fill

    I went through the same thing. I only got my fill Wednesday, because my surgeon could not access my port because of a hemotoma. I was starving, and I had to watch what I ate, because I was scared of gaining back the 24 pounds I had lost. Just choose your food choices wisely, and you will be fine. I went almost 3 months before I got anything in my band. Good luck, and just keep track of your calories and drink water!
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