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  1. Jessica9190

    Syntrax Nectar

    I loved my sample pack. Caribbean Cooker is my favorite so far.
  2. Jessica9190

    Protein help again

    Thanks everyone for your ideas. I am starting to think I have become lactose intolerant. Even before surgery I always got a tummy ache after I had milk or ice cream or something like that but I love milk and ice cream so I just dealt with it. I guess it wasn't that bad. However now it is much worse. For example yesterday I had one protein shake and I had stomach cramps for about two hours and I just felt ill. It finally went away and I felt much better.
  3. Jessica9190

    Need soft food ideas

    I like tuna but hate mayo or must. Before surgery i would eat it plain but I'm afraid it would be too dry now. Any suggestions ?
  4. Jessica9190

    Teddy grams

    I'm very proud for you. I agree we have to learn to live like normal healthy weight people. Everyone is different. I am like you. I don't want to live so strict that one day I totally blow and eat everything. So I will allow myself a treat now and then. If you're "treat" is something with less that 8g of sugar, you are most likely still making a better choice than before!!! Some people need to live by rules and NEVER indulge and that's ok. I respect their way of doing it as well. Every person is different and every doctor is different. I have learned not to be judgmental after spending so much time being judged for being fat. You are doing awesome!!! I hope to be as successful as you.
  5. Jessica9190

    Protein help again

    Cool thanks. I will call now.
  6. Jessica9190

    Protein help again

    I'm also much weaker than I used to be. I know it's due to lack of protein.
  7. I am a January person and I would love to chat with people going through this with me but I don't know what you are talking about.
  8. Jessica9190

    Protein help again

    I bought some unflavored from gnc and tried it in pudding and some soup. Ugh....
  9. Jessica9190

    3 weeks out & STARVING

    Mine had a dent as well. I hurt for 3 weeks and 4 days. It was like instantly. I got up that morning and it didn't hurt so I thought it would start up later but it never did. I was so miserable and scared I would hurt like that forever. Now I'm fine. No pain.
  10. Jessica9190

    Off meds and WIDE AWAKE

    I guess every doctor is different. I was told crush all meds until 6 weeks.
  11. Jessica9190


    Maybe it's not how much but what. Potatoes are full of carbs and although on our list at first long term shouldn't be eaten often. You're Protein should be your biggest portion not your potatoes. Just a thought. Focus on high protein foods.
  12. Jessica9190

    Prayrs - Upper GI

    Praying for you Amy.
  13. I don't think it has anything to do with the gas. I would definitely do it if you feel constipated. You will not want to be straining after surgery. Be ready though it works.
  14. Jessica9190


    I'm in hospital because I had a stricture. My doctor wanted to keep me one more day because I live so far. I am so thankful to have a wonderful and cautious doctor and great insurance. And I'm so thankful they are fixing my problem. But I'm bored to death and really ready to go home.
  15. Jessica9190

    What made you chose RNY rather than sleeve?

    I spent three months preparing for the sleeve. After surgery was scheduled I changed my mind for several reasons 1. I have bad acid reflux and sleeve can make worse 2. Only short term data on sleeve 3. Bypass is gold standard for WLS 4. I felt I needed more than just the restriction 5. I never could get comfortable with part of my stomach being trashed. 6. I prayed about it and feel God lead me to get RNY vs sleeve Those are just some of my reasons but ultimately it's up to you. Talk with your doctor and do what's best for you personally.
  16. Jessica9190

    STRICTURE? Please help me

    Well sadly I'm not ok. I'm in hospital drinking nasty medicine for CT scan and tomorrow EGD and possible dilation. I can't keep any food down or if it stays down it hurts so badly. God is still great!!!
  17. Jessica9190

    January 2013 Post Op

    Ok how would you do that exactly?
  18. Jessica9190

    January 2013 Post Op

    I'm going to try that. I hope my GNC has it.
  19. I wasn't completely helpless but I needed help getting on and off the bed couch was ok. I'm nearly 4 weeks post op and I still sleep on couch. I needed help tying my left shoe or reaching things on the floor. My hubby helped me wash for 2 days after i got home. I feel like a wimp. I always thought I was strong but I've had some pain with this that makes it difficult to do somethings. Just remember everyone is different and surgery affects everyone differently. Good luck and God bless.
  20. Jessica9190

    January 2013 Post Op

    Yes but they know I have a strict diet due to surgery. So they just assume I'm losing because I'm eating so little. Also I'm always doing one type of diet or another I've dropped and gained weight so many times in the 14 years I've been there no one thinks anything about me on the "lose" again. They probably think I'm like Kirstie Alley up down up down up down. Lol
  21. Jessica9190

    January 2013 Post Op

    That's all my work knows too. They know I had surgery to fix my acid reflux and a hernia. I walk around the building several times a day and I walk outside everyday at lunch. Nobody has even asked me why I'm walking.
  22. Jessica9190

    3 weeks out & STARVING

    I hope you are right. I am miserable. What are you eating?

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