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    parisshel reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, How are you decorating your house   
    I look at my band like the frame work of a house and it is up to me to do the interior decorating. I make the final decision how much to eat, what to eat and if it is good or not good for me. You want your real home to look good and spend time and money to fix it up, paint and buy new things when needed so why would you not take the same amount of time, money and energy to make your band work for you. I am a sugar addict and can not control myself when I eat even a minute amount it causes me to binge like crazy, leaves me with guilt and unforgiveness of my self. Since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia those old feelings of eating sweets have come back ten fold for self pity. Ice cream has always been my worst nightmare and seriously I could eat a half gallon in two days. I am serious. I found that Breyers makes many light flavors now and no added sugar that are really good and I had to have something. I guess its better then eating 10 pounds of chocolate which I used to do also. Choose your band decorations well. Once you start eating good healthy food you will feel 100 percent better. Some say its expensive to eat healthy but it really isn't. Take advantage of road side produce stands or produce markets for fresh vegetables and fruit. People do not believe when I tell them that you will lose more weight eating beef but it is true because beef out of all meat takes the longest to digest. Some of you have issues with certain meats but I can pretty much eat anything it depends on how I eat it if its going to get stuck or not. You always must put the fork down in between bites and make sure it goes down before attempting more food. Get your band house together and decorate it with love and good food.
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    parisshel reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, These words say it all   
    If I compared myself to anyone else I would not be happy. Be happy with your results even if they are slow. Keep it going.
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    parisshel reacted to colorado_chick for a blog entry, All By Myself   
    I lost 6 pounds in August. All by myself! I did have a fill, but i don't notice any difference ... so that means the 6 pounds I lost this month were all on my own! I am so happy. This really motivates me because if I can lose six pounds all by myself, imagine how much I will lose with my next fill ... maybe 8 pounds!
    I can't believe I'm losing weight. And I can't believe how happy I am.
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    parisshel reacted to Johnny99 for a blog entry, NSV's   
    Monday, July 15, 2013

    Welcome back! Are you ready for your weekly beefy brief from your pudgy pundit? Ready or not, here comes another rant for the rotund.

    Let's start with a recap of the just past 4th of July holiday weekend. I will say it was a definite challenge! The old Johnny would have gained at least 5 pounds by feasting on ribs, burgers, fatty salads and sugary desserts during this fat-a-topia. I would have also had my Jimmy Buffet margarita maker working overtime rendering the frozen concoction that helps me hang on. Sunny summer holidays are the perfect excuse for gluttony of both food and drink. The good news is the New and Improved Johnny made it safely through this fat fest and actually lost 1-1/2 pounds. Whew!

    Let's get on with the NSV's. While a weekly weight loss is the ultimate goal, there are also other rotund rewards along the journey that are a by product of the weight loss. We call 'em Non Scale Victories. Hence the NSV. This comes from the fat ass secret code book. (Don't tell anyone I let you in on it.)

    I have had a few NSV's since I started my juggily journey. Mostly of the clothes variety. If we flashback to the day I got off the plane from Florida in early April, we will recall I was about 1 biscuit away from invoking my Level 3 emergency clothes protocol. That would have meant wearing only sweat pants and a moo moo. In other words, I was out of any wardrobe that I could wear out in public. Mercifully, I started my own pre-op - pre-op diet. My doctor wanted me to wait, but I didn't have an option. It worked. I was safely in my Level 2 fat wardrobe in a couple of weeks. I could work with this limited collection, so emergency averted. NSV number 1.

    In a couple more weeks, I found that my normal wardrobe (Level 1) was beginning to fit again. I was no longer gasping for air while wearing a tie and the threat of a sudden injury caused by a flying button from my pants had receded. I also found my golf shorts and casual shirts were no longer making me look like a stuffed sausage. I could feel the difference. NSV number 2.

    Then around the end of May, people started noticing that my fleshy face was starting to look smaller. I had a couple flabby friends ask me what me secret was. This made me take a good look at myself in the mirror. Wow! I could see the difference. I guess I was in a kind of fat fog and didn't pay attention. My body was changing. The good way this time. Another NSV.

    But I now I'm dealing with a couple unexpected consequences. Firstly, my golf swing has gone to hell. After 30 years of playing this stupid game, it's like I never swung a club before. My new, smaller body has really messed up my timing. Secondly, after 3 months of dieting and a loss of 38.5 pounds, my spiffy Level 1 wardrobe is starting to look huge on me. Seriously, I'm dressing up in my best stuff and it looks like I shop at Hobo Junction. People that don't know me are probably thinking my clothes are donated and I'm homeless. But I'm not complaining! These are GOOD problems.

    I knew the time for an intermediate wardrobe was coming. It kinda snuck up on me. I think I have another couple weeks at most with Level 1. Then it's on to the Marshall's and Steinmarts. I just need some cheap clothes to get me through to my final landing weight. Then I'll start the real restocking.

    So if you see a svelter looking guy in over sized clothing walking around, don't feel bad for him. It's either me or dieting hobo.
    Talk soon!
    reprinted from my blog: TheDeconstructionOfJohnny.blogspot.com
    Come and visit!

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    parisshel reacted to Johnny99 for a blog entry, 6 weeks post-op. Who said this was easy?   
    It's been 6 weeks since the insertion of the miracle flab fighter in my mid-section. My loyal readers know that the procedure and recuperation were a piece of cake ... oops, make that a sugar free pudding. The journey so far has been eventful and very successful. But it hasn't been easy.
    I find myself a bit taken aback when I hear some high metabolism individual comment on how people that elect do to the Lap-Band are taking the "easy way out". I really started noticing it when the news of the rotund Governor Christie hit the media. Several TV talking heads decided he had the "easy way out" procedure to prepare a run for the White House. I have no idea whether Christie is running or not. Since he is a public figure, the media certainly has a right to comment on his political future. But I draw the line when they call this surgery the "easy way out." I've actually heard others make similar comments as well and it irks the H-E double hockey sticks out of me. A major weight loss undertaking is anything BUT easy, regardless of which path you choose to achieve your goal. So phooey on anyone who doesn't grasp the commitment of the motivated chubster looking to change his or her life.
    I had my first monthly check up with the venerable Dr. X this past Monday. He gave me a routine vitals check and then proceeded to give me my first "fill". I laid down and he expertly poked a syringe of 1.5cc's of saline through my skin and directly into the Lap Band port. It took about 2 seconds and the pain was minimal. No biggie. Before he left the room he told me that after the fill, some patients can't eat in the morning or can't get certain foods through the band. I had no issues at all. Fact is, he put 1.5cc's in my 10cc band. I have noticed no additional restriction at all. As you all know, I pretty much haven't felt any restriction since the surgery. I got this far on my own. And no, it wasn't easy.
    The Lap Band is just a tool to help you lose weight. Like using a crutch for a broken leg. You don't always need the crutch, but your leg won't heal properly if you don't use it correctly. I just read a story of a Bandster that found a way to cheat his band and gained a large amount of weight. I heard of a lady that had the more invasive stomach surgery, lost a ton of weight, then had the painful skin tightening surgery and then gained almost all her weight back. There are numerous stories like these. Ya can't just get weight loss surgery and sit there and wait for something to happen. If you do, you will fail.
    It took me years to get my head in the right place to attempt this. That meant first getting it out of my over loaded backside long enough to see the light. I have to change the basic way I live my life. After 50+ years of self imposed bodily harm, that ain't easy. There are challenges and decisions to make almost every waking hour. Could I still start the day with a three egg ham 'n cheese omelet, hash browns well down, and a double order of bacon? Yup. Then go to lunch for a Portillo's chopped salad? No problem. Have a half bag of popcorn when I get home? Easy. Then have a full dinner and a touch of Ben & Jerry's? Yes and Yes! Could I still shove down most of a full size Tombstone pizza at the drop of hat? Probably. The Lap Band isn't stopping me. I'm stopping me.
    I have made good progress since my adventure began. I will admit that just knowing the band is in me makes me think twice about anything that goes in the oral orifice located just beneath my nose. That's huge for me. The old me could eat or drink just about anything. I was the billy goat of fat asses. I made a decision to try and lose the weight of a small child. I knew it would be difficult. I knew it would be a challenge. I knew it it would take time. I also knew it wouldn't be easy.
    More to come
    P.S. I got a cool new Fitbit scale that syncs with my Fitbit wristlet which syncs with the Fitbit app on my phone. Every time I step on that scale my weight is recorded on my app. It also tracks every step I take. It also has options for exercise and a food diary. I'll get to those ... eventually.
    Stop by my blog.
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    parisshel reacted to Terry Poperszky for a blog entry, I want my drugs...   
    It has been a bad day, a really bad day as I deal with a family member that has severe emotional/psychological problems. As I drove away from their home my mind kept ticking through the things that would dull some of the pain I was feeling, and everyone of them revolved around food. Hell, I have a bottle of good Irish Whiskey downstairs in my office, and while I will probably pour myself a stiff drink after the kids are down for the evening, it isn't nearly as attractive in my mind as taking the family out for BBQ and eating until I am so full that it hurts. Is it any wonder diets don't work for us, when food has become a drug that we use to dull the pain that comes with living?
    Well, the good news is, as my mind ticked through my options I knew that those that dealt with food really weren't an option. After getting stuck last night, I am not willing to piss off Mistress Band two days in a row, and to tell the truth since being banded, I know that using food as a drug will only make me feel worse and I will still have the family matter to deal with with the guilt of having indulged in emotional eating added to it.
    So, here I sit with my glass of crystal light lemonade, writing a blog entry for those who have helped me on this forum. Thanks for listening.
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    parisshel reacted to Terry Poperszky for a blog entry, No more fills for me....   
    For now anyhow, had my second appointment were we decided that I didn't need a fill. Steady weight loss (Of course not as fast as I would like), 3-4 hours of satiety (Depending on if I stay away from simple carbs and focus on protein). Can pretty much eat anything, but have to be careful and have had a few stuck episodes in the last month when I wasn't.
    It is kind of a bittersweet place to be, the green zone is this magical fairy land that is held out to us from the time we are banded, and yet here I am. I still wrestle with eating too fast, I still am plagued by head hunger, I still have to exercise, I still have weight to lose, I still get plateaued.
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    parisshel reacted to Shelleymb for a blog entry, Check Point   
    Just a check point post...
    The last few days have been pretty frustrating. I felt out of control with my eating, craving foods that I know I shouldn't have been eating, and things that I have been doing fine without... but I could not get enough chocolate. And the internal and external arguments that I had with myself were getting old. But sadly I ate things I know I shouldn't be eating unless on a special occasion. But I would make myself work out harder and more often, which I think is an eating disorder on it's own, but whatevs. I figured out what was wrong last night, it was the week before my TOM and I got it last night before working out. For some reason I guess I convinced myself that that issue would go away after getting lapband. I'm an idiot.
    But as the day has been going on today, I don't crave chocolate nearly as much, which is a good thing.
    Been doing well on working out, swimming 3 times a week. 2 aqua boot camps a week. 3 crossfit work outs a week and a zumba class or 2 and then it's Sunday and I lay around and watch tv. Love it.
    Measured myself at my month post op and I have lost a total of 9 3/8 inches overall. I still haven't weighed myself yet. I'll find that out on the 25th when I go in for my first fill, which I need desperately. It's taking more and more food to make myself feel satisfied, and it's only holding me over for a max of 3 hours before I start having to barging with myself. "If you wait 30 more minutes, you can have a granola bar.' "you're not going to die" but then it sounds like there is a pod of whales in my stomach and I normally give in at that point.
    But that's about it for now, other than that, not much going on... just living the dream I guess.
    Happy losing everyone.
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    parisshel reacted to Terry Poperszky for a blog entry, I was normal this morning...   
    At least for a little while. Went out to breakfast with a friend, ordered off of the menu with no substitutions (scrambled eggs with veggies and feta), enjoyed a nice conversation, took small bites, ate slowly, sipped my coffee a couple of times and when I was no longer hungry piled my plates up and pushed them away. I ate about 2/3 of my eggs, 1/4 of my potatoes and half a slice of dry toast. AND I WAS FINE WITH THAT!
    Now, that wasn't say that the head hunger voices weren't screaming in the background about wasting food, about how good it tasted, about taking just one more bite. They weren't as loud as they usually are, I just checked and made sure that I wasn't hungry (Satiated), and dismissed them.
    There is hope...
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    parisshel reacted to Terry Poperszky for a blog entry, There are Two Types of People Who Offer Help on this Forum....   
    Now, this is an obvious generalization, so please bear with me.
    There are two types of people on this forum, Moms and Dads...And it has nothing to do with gender.
    Moms are the empaths, sympathizing with the hurts and bruises of the people here, taking into account their feelings when they give their advice. Patting them on the back as they are bent over the toilet puking their guts out because they tried to test their band.
    Dads are the authoritarians, telling people who ate a cheeseburger and fries on the way home from post-op "WTF did you do that for, are you stupid?" and "I was able to work my band, what the hell is wrong with you"?
    The friction I see on the site comes many times from the Moms and Dads fighting over the best way to help the kids, when in reality, both types of advice and help are necessary for the people who come here. We need to stop beating each other up, and start realizing that we NEED both types of people. So, in the words of that great wise man Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along"?
    BTW, as I said at the start this is a generalization and the reality is not quite so clear, I personally relate more to the "Dads" on the board, but my heart also weeps for those who are struggling getting the band to work for them, especially when it has been so easy for me.
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    parisshel reacted to 2BMeAgain007 for a blog entry, Steps 1,2,3 and recovery   
    Hey everyone. My name is Kelly and I wans to share my journey with you. Please free to question, comment, and give advise.Step One: to have surgery or not to have surgery. I did a lot of research about the lap band before I had it done. I listed my pros and cons of why I would want it and why I wouldn't. The saddest part is that my biggest cons were no buffets or pigging out on junk food! I decided right then and there I loved my life before any buffets. Step Two the consultation. I went to have my consultation done and to my surprise I found out that I had a hiatal hernia which actually was in my favor for insurance wise. I had been complaining to my husband about how much heartburn/acid reflux I had been having and popping tums like no tomorrow. My decision was made I am having the surgery. Step three the surgery. I set up the surgery for 3/21/13 at 5:45 am. Right after the surgery I was uncomfortable obviously but I was able to get some pain medicine. I was able to go home. Day one I got to walk around a little bit and slept for most of the time took my meds as needed. Today Day two. I woke up this morning feeling great I could already tell the pressure in my abdomen was going down later on in the day my incision areas were getting a bit soar. I was able to go grocery shopping today. What would usually take me 30 min to do took me about 2 hours but I got my walking in. I am ready to start my journey to become ME again so I think the best way to get there is by blogging! Anyone else recently had surgery?
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    parisshel reacted to Baba Wawa for a blog entry, What to Expect with Lapband Surgery   
    So, you're going to have weight loss surgery. If you've never had surgery, the experience might be a bit more traumatic than it was for those of us who've had multiple surgeries of varying types.
    Here's what to expect:Usually, the first thing is the IV. The IV tech will start a line with saline, to insure you're hydrated and there's a vehicle, so to speak to carry the drugs you'll be given before, during and after your surgery. It doesn't really hurt...I've had them in the back of the hand and inside the elbow. Each bag of saline is about a liter (over two pounds) and this weight will show on your scale for some time. Don't freak out about this...
    Usually the anesthesiologist will come in and introduce themselves, ask some questions and tell you what they're going to do in the OR. This person is fully responsible for keeping you alive during surgery. They ventilate you, regulate your BP; this is the most important person to you in the OR.The surgeon usually comes by too, to reassure you, ask a few questions, before going into the OR.
    Once you go to OR, they'll usually have you scoot onto the table off the gurney, make sure your comfortable and then proceed with anesthesia. First, you'll be given 100% oxygen and told to take some deep breaths. Take as deep of breaths as you can, since this O2 is what sustains you while being intubated. Once you've taken the breaths, you get another drug to make you "sleep" followed by a drug that basically paralyzes your abdominal and breathing muscles (pretty much all muscles, but the heart). You'll quickly be intubated and put on a ventilator for life support. The entire process is completed in less than a minute.
    When you wake up, you'll be very groggy, want to go back to sleep and you may be uncomfortable. Tell the recovery nurse if you're hurting. You might be nauseous from anesthesia. Tell the nurse. Anti nausea drugs can be given thru the IV. After your vitals are stable and you're alert, you'll go to another room to recover. Sometimes, if you're doing great or if your hospital has this protocol, you'll be discharged straight from the day surgery recovery without being moved to a room.
    For the trip home, you should have loose fitting pajama bottoms, a warm top, robe or sweatshirt, socks and slippers. You'll also want a pillow to put under the seatbelt in the car. You'll want a barf bag too, just in case for a day or two.
    Once home, you'll be most comfortable in a recliner, though I slept in my bed the first night, on my side facing the edge of the bed. Practice getting in and out of bed without using your abs before surgery. It will hurt, it won't kill you. I've had open abdominal surgery and lap surgery, while still painful, cannot hold a candle to open abdominal surgery. You will live.
    To get up do the following:
    Roll onto your side
    Use your elbow to push upHave someone rotate your legs and feet to floor
    Push off with your hand to get fully upright...wait a minute to make sure you're not dizzy
    Stand with assistance. Wait a minute to ensure you're not going to faint.
    Reverse to get into bed.
    Always, for the first couple of days, have someone with you whenever you get up or down and while walking.
    I cannot emphasize enough that your discharge orders and doctor's diet, hydration and exercise orders should be followed EXACTLY. If you have a question, call your doctor. Don't post here. If you get a fever or can't drink water at all, call your doctor immediately. Nausea should subside within 8-24 hours. If it doesn't and you need a medication for it, call your doctor. Do not post here until after you've called the doctor and please state that you have called so we don't all tell you to call your doctor.
    Another thing...definitions:
    Clear liquid means you can see through it
    Full liquid is things like runny cream of wheat, puréed cream soups, protein shakes. NO LUMPS.
    Mushies or Purees is the consistency of baby food. No chunks., no lumps. Smooth is your friend.
    As you progress to solids, remember that babies don't go from puréed baby food to a NY steak in one day. Hopefully you practiced your new eating habits for a couple of months pre op to establish them as your new lifestyle. Transitioning from purees to solids is a gradual thing. Add a little finely ground turkey to a puréed food at first. Add ONE new food per day. After you tolerate ground meat, poached eggs, tuna salad, egg salad, etc, you can try cutting your food into 1/4" pieces and chewing 15-25 times per bite.
    Initially you won't get many calories in...500-700 calories, focusing on protein. You'll gradually get up to 900-1000 or more depending on your needs, per your nutritionist or doctor. Drink your water as directed too.The first weeks post op aren't for losing weight. You might not lose anything, but most people will lose the IV weight and a pound or two a week. Once you're on solids, your weight will go up a pound or two...filling the intestinal pipeline . This is normal.
    Fills are not the goal with the band...they are another tool to use when your weight loss levels out and/or you're hungry less than 4 hours after eating a meal of 1/2 cup to 1 cup of dense protein and low glycemic veggies/fruits. Go easy on the fills. Being over tight is the #1 identifiable cause of band erosion and slips.Many with the band are so focused on getting fills, they don't realize until they have a little unfill, that their band can work better with less fill.
    You can go out to eat with your band. Sharing works great. I ask for a small plate and put my food onto it immediately. I cut up everything before taking a bite. I eat very slowly and if my companion is having a glass of wine, I'll have one too, to sip as I eat. I don't do this at home, most of the time. Alcohol was not permitted for 3 months post op by my doctor. You'll get a little more tipsy on less due to abstaining for months. Your band has no affect on alcohol absorption. You probably shouldn't drink on an empty stomach, ever, band or not.
    I hope this is informative and helpful!
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    parisshel reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, Thank You, Thank You Very Much   
    Journey began- June 22, 2012 (band day)
    Weight- 244 (Highest 247)
    3/3/14 weight- 192.8
    Sizes- pants 14/16 shirts L
    So much as taken place since June 2012. Some days it really hits me how much I have changed both inside and outside. I have a lot of people to thank for this including myself.
    My hubs- For encouraging me to move it to lose it and for being my support. His encouragement has gotten me through the rough days.
    My parents- for supporting me in this journey and for telling me they are proud of me. Just this weekend my dad told my hubs to buy me a new coat because they one I had was wayyy to big- this really made me feel good because my dad does not compliment people.
    Lapband site folks:
    Carolina Girl- for her no nonsense, this is the way it way of responding and blogging. Often she reminds me what this is really about.
    Missy- for being the ever encouraging inspiration lapband rockstar. The way she responds to post and "likes" most encourages me to hang it and that I am not a crazy bandster.
    Jean McMillian- for her responses, her articles, ect. This last article she wrote slapped me upside the head and I needed that Gibbs slap.
    The great thing about this site is while you will on occasion encounter negative nellies and the general butt hole, you also encounter folk who know what they are doing, who have and are rocking the journey and can give great encouragement and support if you just listen with an open mind.
    Of course there are days when I feel like crap and that I am a total failure, I think we all experience this at some point during the journey. However, times like this weekend when I try on pants and find that size 16 shorts are to big and 14's are perfect and a large shirt fit just right let me know I am doing this no matter how I see myself in the mirror. There are time when I still feel like shammoo in drag, but I am doing this- I am getting smaller and healthier.
    So thanks to all who have encouraged, supported, listened, responded, posted their stories, blog - you have made an impact on this bandster!!
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    parisshel reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, Shake the Sheets   
    This morning I did my norm morning routine. Got up pottied and got on the scale before dressing (TMI I know, but it is always best to weigh in you birthday suit). The hubs walks in and hugs me and says "geez I can reach my elbows when I wrap my arms around you". Then he said "I'm proud of you babe, but don't get so skinny I have to shake the sheets to find ya".
    For those who don't know my husband is visually impaired. His vision is 20/800 - legally blind since birth. Granted he is well educated graduated with honors with a degree in computer science and is a well respected software engineer. He just can't see very well. So it's always been the running joke that he feel for me because I was large print (he always replied to that with you said that not me). Now he is joking saying I am getting so small he won't be able to see me anymore.
    The joking is all in fun- he is very supportive of my weight loss journey and is helping me leaps and bounds.
    But I must say it would be nice for him to have to shake the sheets to find me
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    parisshel reacted to RavenClaw779 for a blog entry, Alas...It Was Just A Temporary Fix...   
    The symptoms got better for a short while, but flared up again, so I had an upper GI series. Could barely choke the barium down and ended up vomiting it up several hours later. Met with my surgeon's PA who reviewed the films. The band looks like it's in the right place, but there was an area of concern which might indicate the band has partially eroded. I was asked if I was "wedded" to my band - not if it's eroding my body parts! Now the surgeon wants to do an EGD. Guess this is usually done at the same time as they go in to effect any repairs or removal, but mine will be done as a "look see" as the surgeon doesn't think the problem is serious...
    *Reflux is back
    *Still can't eat with a bra on
    *Still takes an hour to get a meal down
    *Still have to more or less stand to eat
    ...but hey, none of that is serious...can't wait to do my next business lunch, where I whip off my bra and stand through the entire meal!
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    parisshel reacted to FloridaSunshine for a blog entry, Day 2 Lots of bandaides   
    I may have overdone it a bit today. My husband and I have been taking a class on Saturdays - the class lasts about 6 hours and we only have 3 more weeks. If we didn't go today we would have to start over. SOOO I decided to go. Because I haven't told anyone about the surgery I just wore baggy cloths and sat in the back .
    i have to admit, I feel pretty decent. Didn't take any pain medication today. My stomach has rumbled and gurgled all day long and YES the incision point is very sore; YES it feels like I just did 1000 situps (I wish I were capable of that)... and yes, my back aches but consider some of the horror stories I've read, I am feeling very very lucky.
    I don't seem to have any trouble drinking liquids
    today I had 3 big glasses of chicken broth,
    2 glasses of crystal light
    and one protein shake.
    however, I did try a little orange juice and quickly decided that was a bad idea. It did not sit well on my stomach.
    I was asked by someone what my incisions look like... so I decided to add a photo of them so you can see the band aides... once the incisions heal I'll add photos of those as well.
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    parisshel reacted to FloridaSunshine for a blog entry, Four Days in   
    I feel fantastic today..... My stomach has completely stopped hurting, I dont feel tired any more (the first few days I was so sleepy). My back no longer aches, and it feels like the stitches are healing nicely. I do have some decent bruising around the entry points, but nothing that wont go away... it isn't like I'm wearing a bikini or anything so that is not that big of a deal.
    the truth is, if I woke up from surgery like this I would find it very hard to believe they actually did anything while they were in there. I'm staying focused on healing right now. AND I'm also trying to read as many blogs and advice from veteran SUCCESSFUL bandsters. It is pretty clear that this thing feels and works differently in every one, but from what I can tell, those that grasp that this is simply a tool that will HELP us lose weight, instead of a "fat cure" are the ones that have the most long term success.
    this is a life style change... and I'm going to embrace it for all it is worth!
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    parisshel reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, Over eating with the band   
    I have read so many times that people "Can eat more then they should" with their band. But let me tell you what is going to happen if you continue to eat more then you should. 1) Your pouch is going to dilate and cause problems 2) over eating and food backing up in to the esophagus is going to cause your esophagus to expand and make it slow down when pushing the food through the pouch. 3) Cause band erosion. Every single time you over eat, you are forcing your band into the stomach wall and causing pressure. This pressure will continue until it cause the band to wear in to your stomach. Once erosion happens you can say good bye to your band.
    Just because you can eat more then a cup of food does not mean you should. Eat what your supposed to and then if you are hungry a few hour later then eat again but do not over eat.
    All of these things can be avoided if you just do what you are supposed too. Stop over eating. There is no need to anymore. If you want your band then follow the rules if you don't then continue on your binging over eating ways and you will surely lose it.

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