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I was normal this morning...

Terry Poperszky


At least for a little while. Went out to breakfast with a friend, ordered off of the menu with no substitutions (scrambled eggs with veggies and feta), enjoyed a nice conversation, took small bites, ate slowly, sipped my coffee a couple of times and when I was no longer hungry piled my plates up and pushed them away. I ate about 2/3 of my eggs, 1/4 of my potatoes and half a slice of dry toast. AND I WAS FINE WITH THAT!


Now, that wasn't say that the head hunger voices weren't screaming in the background about wasting food, about how good it tasted, about taking just one more bite. They weren't as loud as they usually are, I just checked and made sure that I wasn't hungry (Satiated), and dismissed them.


There is hope...


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Isn't that a fabulous feeling?!?!?!?!?!? My problem is not stopping...it's wanting to order WAY more than I can eat and getting aggravated at my husband for telling me "You don't need to order all that!" I'm a year out and I still let my cravings get the best of me. Haha!

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yes Terry there is hope... but in our Country portion sizes are huge... I end up bringing more food home than I eat at a restraunt... however, if I eat it later fine if I don't I am getting used to throwing it out.. My Mom would be horrified.. wasting food was a sin in our house growing up.. last time I had breakfast out I ordered a omelette, potatoes and toast.. only ate a bite of toast, had about 1/4 of the omette and ate about 2 spoons of the potatoes.. it is absolutley amazing to me.. before the band I would have polished that off and probably been hungry an hour later...

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