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  1. Ballermom

    Two years out, completely off track....

    For starters my Vitamin D was low. I was having cramping in my legs thought for sure it was low potassium and it was not. My legs also felt heavy. But now that issue has been resolved. So I agree to start with lab work.
  2. I say keep taking it. I didn't think I needed it and didn't take mine for long, now I have acid reflux and a hernia 21 months out.
  3. Ballermom

    Hernia Open Operation - 21 months out

    Gina how was your surgery. Was it after the sleeve.
  4. I was recent dx hernia. It does explain my symptoms. From what I read most people got EGD pre op and got their hernia fixed with their sleeve if it was found. I didn't. So, fast forward to today I'm not sure what the course for me will be. Started back on a PPI. Looking into options.
  5. Ballermom

    Hernia Open Operation - 21 months out

    Sorry it wasn't so great but Was the hernia resolved? Just concerned about reoccurrence.
  6. Ballermom

    Hernia Open Operation - 21 months out

    Wondering how did your surgery go.I just found out I have gerd and a hernia.
  7. Well it depend on the situation. If the doctor write medical necessary. So ask the people who've had it.
  8. Well it depend on the situation. If the doctor write medical necessary. So ask the people who've had it.
  9. Ballermom

    Gained 20 pounds

    My Np told me weight gain bump was normal. I too gained but found out I got gerd etc. it explains my situation. Plus not getting the protein and water for me. I was Thinking that I was always hungry as well. I got a ppi Like nexium. Etc.
  10. Congrats! I also got reactive hypoglycemia that Bothers me too with the sleeve.
  11. Hi I'm in the same situation. Weight gain Gerd. So I understand the why to some of my own questions, after I had Test done. Now I am looking into revision to. Not sure. Good luck Lisa
  12. Ballermom

    Sleeve restriction

    I m not feeling my restriction either. I got to 163 then now up to 180 in short time. Thinking about revision. Tried cutting cal etc. had lot of stress Sick parent etc.
  13. Ballermom

    Almost 2 years out! updated pic!

    Look really good.
  14. Artsong, have you started the process yet, to revision.
  15. Hi have not been on here in a while. I did have the sleeve done and lost 100lbs at least but now have re gained to the point that i m looking into having a gastric bypass done. i should have an appointment soon.
  16. Ballermom

    7 weeks after plastics!

    You look Wow!! I'm looking into Surgeons now do you have his info. Thanks
  17. Ballermom

    Stress eating at one year

    Paying for your friend. Congrats on your year.
  18. First, congratulations on your surgery. This one is for you baby. Like many of us we have faced some opposition as we went to about getting ourselves healthier. At our heaviest we consistently put off our needs our own expense. Now it's your Time. Diva time. How ridiculous that comments was telling you to stop loosing weight. The Diva time just started. Don't be sad your opinion is what really matter. My face too looked thin and I got a ways to go so what. Good luck
  19. Ballermom

    What About Your Friends?

    Good thread. I had an experience too. I talked to one of my BFF right before surgery. And the very next time I saw or heard from them was 9 months later at a party I had. Lol Why do I laugh because 12 months into this game/WLS it's just small stuff. Because when I saw her we had a surprisingly great time. No love lost for real none. What happened is that I got Skinny! 2nd yes our relationship did changed for the better. Well I no longer had to lean to hard on her when I had strength within. So cheer up, and be encouraged! Relationship May changed because we are changing for the better. You already are successful and have strength from within. I was angry and hurt. But I will never trade that one day where she and I had so much fun for bitterness. I mean it's not your problem be happy, she is struggling. Congratulations on your surgery, this too shall pass. Focus on you.
  20. Ballermom

    Lack of energy

    It's very normal. My was in spurts as well. Talked to my Nut. And she added vitamin b 12. Congratulations on your surgery. Good luck
  21. Ballermom

    struggling a little

    Fantastic congrats on your weights loss. Your words are motivation.
  22. I agree you ve got a lot of good advice here. First you have done great so far . I say make another fitness goal since getting your lifeguard certificate help you to stay on track. Continue indoor swimming and or working out. I recently started back on my shakes and I'm working my way back to basics too. So, join me. Keep us posted. I agree reach out to therapy and find other support classes. You can do it. What are your goals, revisit them. At my psych appointment that I had to qualify for the sleeve. She said to me " you are already successful" and I say this too you. " you are already successful" so focus on the positive and go forward. I'm saying this to me first. What I like the most is getting out to games and events in a size 8/10 instead of my previous 22/24. What have you accomplished and what are your goals. Summer is coming too. We got this.
  23. Ballermom

    4 months 90 pounds!

    Woohoo! Congratulations. You are doing great

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