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  1. Japandii

    Lost 0lbs Post Op

    Thank you everyone! I've started tracking calories and drinking more water, I haven't lost anything yet but I am going for another fill which will be my 5th fill probably about 8cc, lets hope it's green zone time!!!
  2. Japandii

    Denver Fills?

    Thanks got my first fill with your recommendation!
  3. Japandii

    Lost 0lbs Post Op

    Yes, I've spoke with them. More fills, more fills.... What happens when I'm at 8cc in a 10cc band and still not losing weight? Do you have a specific meal and diet plan your on?
  4. Japandii

    Lost 0lbs Post Op

    I don't count calories.
  5. Japandii

    Lost 0lbs Post Op

    I get at least 70g of protein. I take b12 & biotin for my hair loss.
  6. Japandii

    Lost 0lbs Post Op

    I eat less than a cup of food.
  7. Japandii

    Lost 0lbs Post Op

    Yeah, I've talked to them. I am following rules. It's driving me insane. I thought I would be under 200 by now.
  8. Japandii

    Not losing weight :/

    I am now at 7cc on 10cc band I'm still not losing weight, gained 3lbs. I'm giving up.
  9. What are you doing to lose that much? Any advice? I'm apart 5 months post op and I have lost nothing.
  10. I'm starting to think that this band was a waste of money. I was Banded December 17 2012, it's now almost June and I have only lost 3lbs. What the hell am i doing wrong?
  11. Japandii

    Denver Fills?

    What hospital?
  12. Japandii

    Denver Fills?

    I'm moving to Denver and will be needing my 3rd fill in four weeks and was curious if there is anyone who can recommend a place that does fills in the Denver area?
  13. Japandii

    December Bandwagon Supporters

    I had my first fill last week, I'm at 4.5cc. I'm not losing any weight, have no restriction, and I'm always hungry. I work out 5x/wk.Anyone else having this problem? What am I doing wrong? Help!!!!!!

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