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  1. I was banded on July 5, 2013. I have lost a total of 81 LBS and I have more to go. The thing is that my hanging tummy won't go away no matter how much more weight I lose. So I'm getting a tummy tuck, Lipo in my back and fat transfer to butt. I feel like I'm getting the works. This will definitely help me get to my goal weight. I will post before, during and after pics. I'm putting a blog up specifically for my weight loss journey.
  2. fashionstylist

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    my surgeon didn't mess with my port at All. I'm sure it was adjusted. But I know I still have some In There because I still have restriction. I know it's not as Much as it was . so when I go I'll have them take an xray. If the surgeon is familiar with wls patients which most are u shouldn't worry my dear. If this is what u want then u should. I'm glad u r researching and asking questions. It was the best decisions. I was losing weight but the TT just sealed it for me. I look 10 years younger . Ask me whatever u like . yayyy
  3. fashionstylist

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    I don't know about how weight gain works. But I do know and have heard that u will never get a tummy again. I love my results. I'm 3 weeks post Op and I have lost 35 lbs. I am still swollen and will continue to lose . they said it takes a full 6 months for swelling to go down. I'm actually making me an appt for a fill next month. I just want to make sire everything is still in tack and I think I need a fill anyway. I'm very happy about getting a tummy tuck.
  4. fashionstylist

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    I had To pay for mine out of my pocket. Best investment ever. Before surgery I was a 16/18. Now I'm in size 12 and I'm still really swollen Which means I could be smaller . Yayy. I can't wait.
  5. fashionstylist

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    I would definitely do it again in a heart beat. I love my results. I did everything at once. I feel amazing. Still sore and swollen but that goes away with time. No complaints Immediated went from a size 16 to size 12 . I had a large hanging tummy . I still can't believe it's gone.
  6. Good for u. New year! I was only married for 2 years but we were together for 4 and I ate all that pain away. I actually had the lap band and then it never stopped. I gained about 20 lbs after the lap band just because of my unhappiness. I left. Just had a TT And butt lift And fat transfer. I feel amazing. And to think of all of the names he used to call me and put me down. I'm finally taking care of myself .
  7. fashionstylist

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    you can ask me anything
  8. fashionstylist

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    I had Lipo, tummy tuck, back Lipo and butt fat transfer and it ran around $10K. It was worth every dime. The typical down time is like 10-14 days. But I took off till after the first of the year. More like any extra week. I'm recovering quite well. I was able to drive myself to the post Op appt on the 8th day. I was feeling pretting good. The first 4 days are the hardest.
  9. I totally agree with u. Once I stopped dealing with it with food, I had to face the music. Im seeing a therapist now for myself not My marriage. My marriage is over . my new life begins. My tummy tuck is tomorrow with Lipo of the back and fat transfer to butt...I'm so excited. The toxic things are gone. New life.
  10. fashionstylist

    Tummy Tuck In 2 Days -Dec 17th

    Thanks so much @deeadumble
  11. fashionstylist

    My band after my full tummy tuck.

    I'm so happy for you! I'm getting my tummy tuck in 2 days. I'm so excited.
  12. fashionstylist

    Hating that I told my friends from college

    I had my lapband last year and I didn't tell anyone but only my closest family members. Not even my own brother or sister know I had it. People judge and hate. So I started like 3 months prior just eating and exercising. And I made sure everyone knew so that when I started losing it would just be natural. Just keep it to yourself. Now am having my tummy tuck but I dont mind people knowing about that.
  13. My situation just brought out the insecurity in my husband. When u start to feel good about yourself and confident there are things people can no longer do to you. You realize you matter and that you are beautiful. Sometimes 8 found that my husband didn't like me knowing I was worth more.
  14. fashionstylist

    Tummy tuck last week

    This is so wonderful! I know u feel amazing. I will be having a TT after my 80 lbs loss. My tummy hangover of skin will not go away. My plastic surgeon told me that it would have to be surgically removed. I'm also having back Lipo and fatt transfer to butt. I might as well start the year off feeling brand New. Im nervous but I know it will he well worth it.
  15. Well I am going through a divorce now. I don't know if it is a direct result of my lap band surgery but my husband would make reference to me being a diva . I think he likes it when I was insecure and super overweight. It gave him control but as soon as I got some power and started to feel good about myself. He tried to take me down. He complained about my weight but then still had a problem with me losing it. I am not having plastic surgery next week. I am having a tummy tuck and fat transfer to butt and Lipo. U couldn't be happier about it. He has other insecurity issues . he was never satisfied anyway. It's sad that I am in this situation but I am learning to take Care of myself. He would love to see me gain the weight back but not gonna happen.
  16. Hey there! It's been a really long time since I have been on here . I have been taking care of my mothers who was sick with cancer . It's been a long road . Well she fought a long hard fight and passed away 4 days ago. I hadn't had a chance to really exercise and eat like I should have bit I've still been going for my fills. Here are my stats: Surgery : July 2013 Highest Weight: 331 (May 2013) Pre Op: 319 Day of Surgery: 306 Current Fill: 10.5 ( large band 14cc) Current : 263.0 lbs Pre Op Size: 24/26 , almost 28 Current Size : 14/16 Goal By July 2014: 219 lbs Ultimate Goal Weight: 176 lbs
  17. I'm in Houston Texas and would love to be a part of a chapter . It would definitely serve a greater good!
  18. fashionstylist

    Updated Pics

    Well today marks one year that I have been registered on here! I can't believe I have started this journey a year ago. How funny how time flies. Today I am down 57 lbs from my first pre op visit but a total of 66 lbs from my highest weight this year. I am now working out faithfully 4-6 times a week at 5 am in the morning. I walk faster, I have more energy, I'm loving the way my clothes look on me. Just a huge transformation! Highest Weight May 2013: 331 lbs Pre-Op Weight: 319 Day of Surgery: 306 Current Weight : 266 PreOp Size: 26W Current Size:14/16 W
  19. fashionstylist

    Updated Pics

    Thanks you so much! I'm still tying to figure it out. On thing I don't want is sagging skin. But nothing I'm stressing about !
  20. fashionstylist


    Way to go'! Congratulations .. U are doing great
  21. fashionstylist

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    That is amazing!! I know that felt good... I find myself walking so much faster now. 6 months ago I couldn't keep up walking with my coworker who is from NY and used to walking fast. But now I can even walk fast and talk without being out of breath !

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