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  1. suzannetx

    Went over the top on last fill

    I'm at 7.6 in a 10 cc band
  2. suzannetx

    I just have to ask.

    Just like maddysgran. Can't eat til 1-2 pm.
  3. suzannetx

    HELP so confused

    My neighbor went to Mexico had great experience had no problem finding dr for fills we r n tx. Saved her tons of money and she's lost over 100 pounds. She has no regrets!! Good luck in your decision!!
  4. I have heard no one in Owensboro does lap band is THST true?? You have to go to Evansville or Nashville or Louisville ?? Need info pleasr
  5. suzannetx

    Support Group For Dfw Banders!!

    Hi everyone. I was banded 12-12-12. Was just wondering if this group is still together. I live a little south of DALLAS. Had surg done at true results in Richardson. Go for first fill on the 10 th of jan. I'm so ready for a fill I have no restriction at all. Is anyone else going thru this???
  6. You will do great. I was scared at first too. I'm 16 days post op and I'm doing good. I'm 56 yrs old and felling back to normal. I follow my dr orders and work it!!! I just started on mushies and dang food taste good!!! Glad u did well and don't be anxious. It's all gonna b ok!!!!
  7. Welcome. I too am a new bander as of 12-12-12. U can't believe every word u read. I found out the hard way. U have to do as your dr tells you and especially what your body tells you. There r a lot of good tips on here but u do what u feel is best for you. There's a lot of seasoned banders on here but it's their bodies not yours. I'm not by any means being mean. And I read all the post but I do what's best for me. WELCOME AND CONGRATS!!! U will do great!!!
  8. I know this may b a really dumb question. But if you stretch out your new pouch then can u not eat for a day or two and it go back to small again???
  9. suzannetx

    Gas pains

    It will get better. It's been 10 days since my surg and I still have some shoulder pain a little. But the first few days were BAD. I did all the above and it all helped. Hang in there!!!
  10. Oh I sure don't wanna start on liquids again. These past 10 days have bout killed me. I'm not screwing this up !!!
  11. No I hope I have not. I'm still on liquids. It just came to my mind and just asked. Oh heaven NO I'm doing exactly what the dr told me too. It was just a silly thing that came to my head!!!
  12. I was banded 12-12-12. I'm starting to feel almost normal again. The gas pains are almost all gone. As far as the bathroom thing... I had to finally take some milk of magnesium and it worked like a charm. I feel 100% better after I got that part moving again. It even released all the gas in my shoulder. Know it may sound crazy but it feels great. Of course I called dr to ask if I could take it and I'm glad I did. From my PRE op diet till today I'm down 20 lbs !!!
  13. suzannetx

    post op 3days

    i am 3 days post op too,, can only have broths and pudding,,, no soups until after week 2,,,, but i figured out if i put a little garlic in my chicken broth,,i can eat it im already tired of sweet stuff,,, protein shakes are sweet ,,, pudding sweet.. popsicle sweet of course all are sf but i want a little sallt.... but am ready for some of nicole soup,,, sounds good
  14. suzannetx

    No Drinking While Eating

    I was banded on 12-12-12. My dr said tiny sips with food is fine. But this 3x a day shake is about to kill me. I can barely get n 2. But I'm sipping broths and baby foods. So far so good. Just want the GAS PAINS to stop uhhh
  15. Had my surg yesterday 12/12/12. It went well. Had hernia repair also. But this gas is a @:; it's in my left shoulder. I walk a lot. Use GASX and drink lots of water. And use heating pad. So glad when this part is over.
  16. i must have the most STUBBORN mind of anybody,,,i cant control mine at all,,,, im on my 12th day preop with surg on 12/12/12 and i caved the other night and ate a big spoon of mac and cheese,,,, BUT thats the only time i have cheated,,, i sure hope i do well with the band,,, good luck to you
  17. suzannetx

    Incision leakage

    my paperwork said if any blood under steri strips to just put a bandaid over it,,,, geeze now im worried,, i dont get banded til wed
  18. suzannetx

    How much is lap band

    in dallas TRUE RESULTS charge $7999
  19. suzannetx

    A Simple Day's Menu

    im not a bandster yet but will be 12/12/12 and no way im gonna even attempt any of that food,,,, not even 2 yrs preop,,, i want to loose weight not gain,,, but what ever,,,
  20. suzannetx


    is it like a girdle??? guess i will google that,,,
  21. suzannetx

    The Adventure Begins

    im with you on that one,,,, my surgery is 12/12/12 also.... there is gonna be a NEW GIRL IN TOWN real soon!!! a NEW me !!! im so ready,,, good luck to you and to me,,,,WE CAN DO THIS

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