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  1. 11 pounds is great!!!! I'm sure you will be fine! Good Luck!
  2. I would call the number on your release instructions, you don't want to get dehydrated. I would start drinking water. Hope you are feeling well otherwise.
  3. LjoL3566

    The November 'band'wagon!

    I would love to be added to the private FB page, I was banded november 5th.... FB name Tish Selle Lehigh... Thanks
  4. LjoL3566

    Day 7

    I'm day 5 postop, still on liquids and my instructions say liquids for another week, then puree... it is interesting how the instructions vary post and preop. I'm just ready for mushy, soft food...
  5. I am on day 4 postop and have had a few cravings, but, I do not want to get sick. I still have the traveling gas that moves about inside my chest cavity and causes me to stop what I'm doing until it subsides, so painful. I have been drinking lots of water, no sugar tea, sf popcicles, sf jello.... I would love to have something like really mush soft refried beans, or mushy something.... but according to my instructions I still have a week to go on liquids. Honestly, not sure if I can make it another week without something mushy..... suggestions?? Please and thank you!
  6. I am on my 3rd day postop and wish I could say I didn't have much pain. Pain is better today but wow much more pain than I anticipated. the gas pressure in my chest has been terrible.....I've been taking my liquid pain meds and sleeping alot..... glad to know it gets better as each day passes.
  7. LjoL3566

    Tomorrow Is My Day!

    My day is tomorrow too, good luck!!! It will be worth it!!!
  8. LjoL3566

    Tomorrow Is My Day To Get Lap Band!

    thank you for the positive feedback! I will try to post an update as soon as i feel up to it!!! I've lost 15 pounds so far on the preop diet, looking forward to taking more off!!!
  9. Tomorrow is my day to be banded!!! Any words of wisdom or advice from those of you who are already banded? Thanks!!!!
  10. LjoL3566

    Tomorrow Is So Close

    Good Luck and keep us updated!! I am banded tomorrow morning and looking forward to the new journey.
  11. LjoL3566

    Just Had Surgery Oct 25

    I am getting banded tomorrow, from what I have read you won't feel very restricted until after your first fill. But sticking to the liquid diet and following the postop diet instructions is probably best. Good Luck in your journey!
  12. LjoL3566


    Great Job!!!! Keep it up and you will be at goal before you know it!
  13. LjoL3566

    Who Knew......????

    Oh how very exciting!!!! Good for you! Keep up the good work!
  14. LjoL3566

    I Just Want To Cry...

    You have been through alot, have a baby now to love and love you unconditionally! One day at a time!! Start small and move forward!!!! You can do it!
  15. Monday is my day to be banded!!! For some reason I am not nervous or feeling anxious, yet anyway!! I'm ready to have the procedure done, be healed up, and get on with the new adventure!!!! This forum has been such a blessing!!! Thank You!
  16. LjoL3566

    November 1, 2012 Being Thankful

  17. LjoL3566

    The November 'band'wagon!

    I am scheduled for November 5th!!! So ready to have that behind me and be on the road to recovery.
  18. I am expecting to feel like I did after having my gallbadder removed. The doctor told me that was a good comparison.
  19. LjoL3566

    60 Days Post Op Lab Band

    Great Job!!!!! I would love to be down to a 16 in 60 days after my band is placed, November 5th is the day!
  20. LjoL3566

    Pre Op Diet

    Today is day 7 of the preop diet, we had a family reunion yesterday and I did eat 2 meatballs and a tablespoon of hashbrown casserole. Up until then I had been sticking to the strict diet. I felt a bit guilty even though the portions were so small, but boy did it taste good. The scales show that I have lost 5 pounds so far so that is great motivation. Back on track for me, it hasn't been easy but the band is a tool and will keep me accountable.
  21. LjoL3566

    5Th Day Post Op

    Must be healing up nicely if its itchy.... how is the pain on day #5?
  22. LjoL3566

    Pre-Op Diet?

    It is amazing the different pre-op diet variations, I think it just depends on each facility and doctor.
  23. i would love to have some bacon....lol... I am on day 4 preop and feeling very proud of myself so far!!!
  24. Good to hear all is going to well so far!! I hope I don't have much of the gas pains... I had my gallbladder out in 2002 and didn't experience much gas discomfort. Please keep us updated!! This is a great forum, each time I start feeling hungry on my pre-op diet, I login and become inspired!!!!

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