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  1. my account has someone else pic it is not me i would like to delete my account start over i hve been a member since 2012 help
  2. Well I had my hip surgery on 12/9/13 i am almost 7 weeks out from surgery and I feel good hard getting back into my exercise and eating but everyday is a new start. I have lower back pain dont know whats up with that but all is well. I know I gain a couple of pounds not more than 5 which is my max allowance. Sry it took me so long to respond I would love to know how you folks are doing?
  3. chris54

    Question for Ladies over 50!

    Usually between 3-5 mos out very few people escape it biotin or not most people take biotin prior to and hair still comes out mb u wb lucky good luck
  4. chris54

    African American Sleevers

    Phillys contact me at foodnoproblem@ gmail.com.
  5. Thxs much Becky for those of u who r avoiding hip knee surgery I jst want to say I had my right hip replaced b4 the sleeve and immediately after surgery the pain was gone, now my left hip needs replacement and as soon as I lose more weight I will hve the surgery don't b afraid we hve gone through to much not to maximize our our sleeve also we r not getting younger if u r to old they wont do the surgery good luck and keep the line of communication open we need each other. Tucson and god bless u all
  6. chris54

    Question for Ladies over 50!

    I am 11 mos out and the 3-5 mo hair lost does happen eveneith taking biotin. But it grows back slowly, I lost hair everywher
  7. I am 11 mos post op and I hve Arthur in my hip I need a hip replacement doc wants me to lose 50 lbs I already hve lost 87 lbs. For me I do water exercise. 5 days a week and do weights and treadmill but I stop taking celebrex Bc of insaid so I take pain pills as needed until surgery maybe in Jan keep moving as much as possible good luck.
  8. chris54

    Aug 20th is the date

    Ok folks this is the real deal I am 9+ mos out 87 lbs down get a grip u can do this commit to yourself u hve to much to lose if u don't this is a life style change. When I was doing my preop diet I would hve drank pee if they told me to lol. I believe in u go for it. I told my self the old me would stay in the or and the new me went to recovery. I never looked back is it HARD yes everyday u will hve food choices to make commit,commit,commit I will be watching u. Good luck
  9. chris54

    Got my op date - October

    I ask god to block the surgery but I still did my part and scheduled and had faith that he would block it good luck
  10. chris54

    Got my op date - October

    I ask god to block the surgery but I still did my part and scheduled and had faith that he would block it good luck
  11. chris54

    Date set!

    Everyone reacts differently I say allow the least amount of time two weeks. It is major surgery and your will need to heal good luck
  12. I agree with thankfully he deserves the praise and thankfulness yahooo victory to us all
  13. chris54

    African American Sleevers

    I wish u both success you will do great. I had surgery 10/29/12 down 87 pounds it is truly worth it but u must b committed to the process and mainly to yourself. There will come a time when your stomach will heal and thats when u will begin your battle. So form great behaviors NOW water, commitment to self, exercise and renew your mind u sb ok. Good luck don't forget to pray and ask God for help he is always there.
  14. chris54

    Got my op date - October

    to all of you keep following up call your insurance provider and ask for a status. Often times the approvals have gone through but have not reached the physicians office yet. I had my surgery 10/29/12 down 87 pounds still have a ways to go but would do it again in a heart beat. Hang in there and be persistent with your insurance and docs office.

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