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  1. Considering surgery. I live in Pittsburgh' date=' PA anyone been banded by Dr. McCloskey?[/quote']

    I was banded by Dr. Eid...but know great things about McCloskey. I work at Magee and know a lot of people banded by her. Good luck!!!

  2. I am from Pittsburgh. I have my Surgery with Dr. Eid in January. It was suppose to be in November but he was booked.

    I love Dr. Eid...his staff is great also. Good luck in January. Keep us posted on how u are. Is Pittsburgh people need to stick together. Lol

  3. I've done excellent. I'm at 163lbs & my goal weight is 150lbs. When I went to my first seminar I was 262lbs. Then chickened out & didn't have WLS. I lost a few pounds on my own & 3yrs later I decided to make changes in my life & have WLS. I'm happy that I did it. U just hang in there because it only gets better.

    I'm so happy for u. And thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Can you imagine what it would feel like without being numbed? Ouch!

    I got my second fill today with numbing' date=' thank you very much![/quote']

    I don't think I would have went through with it. How much do you have total? 2.5cc for me, they said that counts tubing and band.

  5. I had my surgery this morning. Had to be there bright and early at 6am to where they immediatly got me to the nurse for vitals then into my gown- with the socks and mismatching hat- so sexy. Next the nurse to go over everything with me and then the IV lady' date=' and the bariatric nurse.... all at once- slight overload. Then they pushed me to pre-op and yet another nurse- along with the OR nurse...holly molly lots of nurses. Then the anasesiologist followed by my suergon... It all seemed so chaootic but not too long after all that they wheeled me back and dopped me p next thing I know I'm in post op- the procedure was quick like a bunny I guess and all went well soon after I was home. I have a little pain and discomfort around where the port is, but I hear thats to be expected. Most of the afternoon I napped, and sipped now to get to the walking part- ugh I hate this part but it will be worth it.[/quote']

    Congrats..and welcome to the other side. Hope all goes well with your recovery. Remember drink, rest, walk, and drink.

  6. Hi!

    I'm new to the site and my surgery date is Dec 6th. I'm super excited and looking for new friends to help me along my journey

    Welcome!!! You came to the right place. For the most part everyone here is great. You can ask anything without feeling dumb. And there is always someone here with an answer. Keep us posted and congrats!!!

  7. how long from first consultation to surg? im hoping mine goes fast! any helpful info would be appreciated! im 27/ 40 bmi...

    After my first appt I had to start a six month class. Every month I got something to read and weighted in. My insurance required it...but each one is different. It really help for me to go to those nutrition classes. It made the transition easier.

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