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  1. PhatKat1127

    Feeling defeated

    Besides praying every night for a solution I will have to wait for the outcome from the Grievance filed on behalf of my Surgeons office to BCBS. I have incurred $thousands$ In medical debt due To having a cancer mass removed from my back an continuing treatment. I thought of financing it but I just can't believe I had 8 initial incisions and now I have 12 scars on my abdomen and no weight loss or health benefits I feel mutilated!
  2. PhatKat1127

    Feeling defeated

    So now it's March 2, 2014 I no longer have the band. Due to band intolerance I was ONLY able to get in 4ccs in my 14 cc band and still had to fill and UNfill.. Repeatedly!! No weight loss!! Bottom line my primary surgeon stated that my band Needed to come out ASAP! I couldn't keep food down, vomited 3 - 4 times per week then I began to have seizures. All very strange and scared me. But I did find a second surgeon after realizing my primary surgeon had no interest in helping me. Just urged me to remove the band an wash his hands of Me! My 2nd opinion Surgeon agreed my band was Sitting TOO high and even with no fluid my esphogaus was the size of my pinky. I asked if he could move it down? He stated there is already an indention and it would just slip back up. He immediately confirmed my seizures were due to Dehydration.. Something I asked my primary surgeon about over an over and he paid no attention to my concerns.. My 2nd surgeon Made a report stating my band could not be Salvaged! It was removed 2/19/14. I gained weight rapidly after the UNfill due to the fact I was eating soups and sliders. Still couldn't tolerate protein. Starting weight 12/7/12 --224 Weight throughout the 1st year yoyo'd 196--205 Date Band fluid was removed 1/10/14 Weight 206 Date of band removal --weight 213 I am devastated! I now have 12 incisions and no weight loss results!!
  3. PhatKat1127

    Failed bandster planning for sleeve

    Thank you all or your kind words! I am so depressed I don't want to leave the house. I work from home thank God! But I did see a coworker who asked me did you ever get the lapband?.... ???? It is extremely evident That I still appear the same ????
  4. PhatKat1127

    Failed bandster planning for sleeve

    SO Here I am 1 yr out and only 20 lbs down TOTAL! with the Band.. I CANT keep anything down.. I just had all my Fluid removed.. can't eat solids ALWAYS felt restriction and vomited/slimed/coughed/belched almost daily and still NO significant weight loss. Mind you the 1st 20 LBS came off right after surgery. I can't eat meat! forget bread noodles Pasta of any kind! I don't try to cheat I am not a snacker. I just plateaued 2 months after tighten and loosened. My Surgeon sent me to have an endoscopy at a True Results center and I got slammed with a $17k facility fee and a $10k endoscopy fee. Which was more than the Lapband all together. I can't believe this. I wanted this "TOOL" to work and assist me. Today we discussed Revision to sleeve but My insurance will only cover 1 surgery for life of the plan. He wants to remove it ASAP stating I am just not compatible with the band. He is deeming it medically necessary to remove band.. But then what!?? No revision? Someone please tell me how this will work with my Insurance. Antem Bcbs said the Doc needs to send in a preDetermination Deemed Medically necessary for me to have revision. Anyone experience this?? Please Help!!
  5. PhatKat1127

    Wondering if I need an slight unfill

    I just UNFILLED! Also banded Dec 2012. Noticed after 4th fill I would regurgitate Water as well as vomit most Protein. I am horrified to start gaining!! But I am only down a total of 44 lbs. and the 1st 20 came off in the 2 months following surgery. I hope this will show a really difference since I haven't seen any weight loss in 3 months just the same 3-5 yoyo pounds. I realize this is a tool and cant believe some of the " I was banded 3 months ago and Im down 60+ lbs!" Stories on here. The stories that surely influenced me to chose this surgery. Now with this unfill I am being scheduled for an endoscopy and we are talking possible slip.
  6. PhatKat1127

    Problem-Need Advice ASAP

    Not losing! Tomorrow I am having Fluid removed from band since I cant seem to keep a scrambled egg down and I eat very little throughout the day and still no weight loss!!! Im down 44 lbs total but I lost the first 20 in the 1st 2-3 months! Now 10 months out I feel like I failed the band!
  7. PhatKat1127

    For Anyone Debating To Convert To Sleeve

    Sorry correction (Granted seems I lose the same 5 lbs)
  8. PhatKat1127

    For Anyone Debating To Convert To Sleeve

    @ Jean, Thanks for your kindness! I am upset that I lost the 1st 20lbs the 1st ( 2 months) after surgery. But I had my gallbladder removed 4 days before lap band and I couldn't keep anything down and had a bad reaction to anesthesia. So I don't even think it was related to the band but to my reaction.... I dont even leave the house since I am soo ashamed that I look the same! People are like You had lap band? How big were you before...,, crickets?
  9. PhatKat1127

    Feeling defeated

    So I told my doc that I was doing WW meals for portion control and on the go with my hectic work schedule since I refuse to do fast food. He got mad at me and said woman who do WW fail! I am not liking my surgeon anymore! He gave me my 4th fill an said lets hope its the last! What? Im only down 40 in 9 months. I am tight know this! So if I go back and tell him to remove some fluid will I gain it all back? I feel like a failure!!!!!!
  10. PhatKat1127

    Feeling defeated

    I am a fellow Soul Cyster (PCOS that is.)I am 9 months out and just hit 40 lb mark. I feel the same as you girl. As though I am losing the same 5 lbs. I feel restriction. I can go hours without hunger and I am NOT a snacker! As a matter of fact today I had a one egg omelet with low fat cheese and got stuck for 30 mins eventually threw up. I measure my meals.. Stay away from sugar, sodas, carbs etc. 40lbs sounds great mind you my 1st 20lbs came off in the first 2 months after surgery. I have had 4 fills and I am going for my next fill next week. I know myself and I know how severely I have improved my eating habits. I just feel like maybe I could have done this without the band. I was hoping to lose 80 lbs and wish I would have had the sleeve. I just read soo many good reviews about PCOS being reversed with this surgery. So far I am still on 1000 mg of metformin daily.
  11. PhatKat1127


    Thank you for your kind words!! Yes I believe it is up to us. Everyone is different and last night I spent hrs on videos and articles about averages I know I wont fail the band! Im gonna continue to look at it as, 30 lbs down 50 to go! Instead of (Ugh Just 30?) God Bless you all!
  12. PhatKat1127

    What I found out in the shower

    Hoping to see collar bones soon too!
  13. Make sure you tell anesthesiologist if u are sensitive to anesthesia... I am and when I had my gallbladder removed i failed to mention. so after surgery and the days that followed I vomited violently! When I got to my lap band Day, i was sure to express my fear of vomiting and the anesthesiologist, gave me the good stuff and I didn't get sick at all! Good Luck and God bless!
  14. PhatKat1127

    PCOS diagnosis

    I have had PCOS and been on Metformin to stabilize my erratic insulin. The difference My surgeon says between me and a regular Bandster is my body turns everything to sugar. My cycle indeed is more regular but I will tell you I yoyo more Now than I have ever in the past. It's been on the more difficult side for me but everyone is different. Banded 12/7/12 Highest weight 226 Lowest weight 194 Current 197 3 fills in a 14 cc band 6 months out.
  15. PhatKat1127

    What is the cost of lap band fills out of pocket?

    Thank you! Im just hoping this will work for me for the long run. Since my insurance has to approve my fills. Just got approved for 3 more.

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