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    progress collage

    My starting weight was 243. Banded 10/25/12.. I am 177 goal weight of 168
  2. Loving the new mee!!!
  3. Sx 10/25/12 I started at 243 and officially down to 178..my doctors goal weight based on my body composition and height (5'6) is 168....my overall goal for myself is 140 ..I. trying so hard to reach my doctors goal by oct. I have 7.5 cc in a 11 cc band.
  4. Surgery oct 25 2012 Starting weight 243 Now 188 Goal 168
  5. Hi guys I had sx Oct 25 2012...and quickly dropped down to 185-188...However, i been stuck at this weighy since feb!! I work out..eat within my range..sometimes 140 g of protein a day!! When I went to my follow up appointment I told them about my frustrations because according to the BMI chart I should weigh around 140...I am 5'6. Well they did a Body Scan Analysis on some fancy machine that breaks up ur body composition....welll come to find out my body weight mostly consist of dense muscle mass...and that I am retaining water because hardly drink water or fluids...over 5 lbs!!! And it determined I omly have 18 lbs to go!! That seems so much more doable than 48!!! Well I started insanity and Shakeology so hopefully gettij g this weig ht off in a few weeks....the moral of the story.... COMMUNICATE with your Surgeon!! They know what's best for u and ur situation
  6. kmartinez973

    my before and after

    Sure..I love it its the polar fit watch/heart rate monitor....it comes with a strap and a hr monitor that u strap on before u work on..when ur about to start ur work out u press the start button it keeps track of ur heart rate and calories burned while woeking out....its very precise..more accurate than the machines at the gym...
  7. kmartinez973

    Jersey in the house?

  8. Sure I got the Polar brand F4 I think it was like 90 dollars they have different ones at different prices... I got mine from sports authority
  9. I am 5'6 and thank u all.... Its been hard but I am going in the right direction... Def tracking my food and cardio have worked best for me.. I purchased the polar heart rate monitor which gave me a better picture of how many calories I burn working out.... Average 700-1000 iin an hour and a half.. Def get ur protein in... I try to get at least 100 gm in which sometimes is super hard..... Have faith I know we can all achieve our goals
  10. Banded Oct 25,2012 Start weight:243 lbs Current Weight: 190 lbs Starting size: 16 Shirts: Xxl-XXXL Current Size: 8 (It's Getting Very loose) Shirts M-L
  11. kmartinez973

    50 lbs....in 3 months+...

    Thanks..I follow the bander rules....no rice no bread no pasta...no soda no juice...high protein lean meats fresh fruit.and veggies..low carb...I use my.fitness pal...and I just got a fitbit one..my weakness is the gym...I can hardly in time.to go as much as I.want to...def keeping track of what u eat..every bite helps...holds u accountable
  12. Today I hit 50.4 pounds lost...was banded 10/25/12...got my 3rd fill yesterday and I am feeling great...to everyone struggling u can do this!!!
  13. kmartinez973


    Hey guys i just wanna announce.....I am in Onederland!!! Officially 199.0!!! Surgery datw of 10/25/12 starting weight of 243!!! Also I am officially a size 10 in Express...this is a very big deal becausw I nevee have been able to buy ANYTHING from there...I use to b a size 16!!
  14. kmartinez973

    October 2012 Bandsters

    Had SX 10/25. Had my second fill this wed. I am up 2 9.25 ml and feeling great. I am down 40.2 lbs and I went from a 16 in pants to a size 10 and Xxl /xl to a L!!!! Hope everyone is doing well

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