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    From the album: My Journey

  2. zoepoodle

    My Journey

  3. zoepoodle

    100+lbs lost

    I'm a year and a half out. Had a tummy tuck last month.
  4. zoepoodle

    Days spent in hospital

    I had some complications and stayed 5 nights
  5. zoepoodle

    Oct 6

    I am now officially in the Oct 2014 group. I am looking forward to seeing more Oct buddies join here. Good luck all.
  6. zoepoodle


    Phone and charger was all I used
  7. zoepoodle

    6 days post op... no fun

    when I was 6 days post op I was still in the hospital, so I understand. I felt the same. Wish I hadn't done it. But at 16 days, I'm not hating it. It really does get better. Hang in there.
  8. zoepoodle

    Banana cake smoothie

    8 oz. milk (I used almond milk) 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1 tbsp. sugar-free, fat-free banana cream pudding mix 1/ 8 tsp. pumpkin pie spice 1 packet of no-calorie sweetener 1 drop of butter extract Blend with ice. Tastes like cake batter.
  9. zoepoodle

    Two kinda stupid questions

    I was never instructed to wear an abdominal binder
  10. zoepoodle

    Gas after surgery

    Gas x strips and walking
  11. zoepoodle

    Halloween challenge

    I woul like to join please
  12. zoepoodle

    Favorite foods post op?

    You can eat the innards of your sammich. Just skip the bread
  13. zoepoodle

    Shopping List Needed

    Propel fitness water
  14. zoepoodle

    length of time in hospital

    My Doctor said 2 night minimum.
  15. zoepoodle

    Days post op?

    Day 12 and waiting
  16. zoepoodle


    Mine ended up being gas pains. I took gas es strips and it helped
  17. zoepoodle

    Drain question

    Mine was removed 10 days out (yesterday). I was draining 1 - 1 1/2 ounces out until 2 days before and it dropped to 1/2 oz. I won't lie, it hurt like a biotch. Take a pain pill before you go. Once it's out, you will feel soooo much better.
  18. zoepoodle

    NSV shout outs

    My BP is normal and I don't have diabetes any longer!
  19. I have several pages of protein drink recipes if anyone is interested. Message me.