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  1. For most of my lifetime, I recall feeling renewed and hopefully about entering a new year. I always looked forward to making new year resolutions. The primary, reoccuring resolution I would make and not succeed with was losing weight and being healthy. Annually, I would still set myself up for wishful thinking and dreaming and subsequent depression by spring. My happiness was always tied to my weight. My obesity status held me back from being me for many years. I often felt self conscious, but continued to hide behind a smile. However, FINALLY, I became proactive regarding my weight problem midway 2012. I had my SLEEVE procedure August 22nd, 2012 and have successfully lost 53 pounds to date. For once, in my lifetime, I am entering a new year on a good foot. This is the most exciting phase of my life in a long time. I finally feel alive and looking forward not just to 2013, but to the next ten years! No longer is my life filled with bleak nights and long, exhausting days..just barely making it through life! Yes there are things I still need to work on, such as eating at a slower pace, water consumption and exercising consistently, but overall, I feel healthier than I have in many years! If you are pondering over weight loss surgery and living in fear...fear of staying obese and the situation getting worse and worse and fear to have the surgery, just know that surgery could change your life! I am living proof of this and I thank GOD for the courage to move forward with it. I had never ever considered weight loss surgery until spring of 2012. I was one of those diehard, "Oh I don't need surgery, you have to do it on your own with or without surgery anyway!" Meanwhile, while being resistant to the idea, my body was breaking down and the scale was going up. I turned to GOD and prayed on it after my new gastrologist asked me to consider it. Her vision of where I could be 5 years from now if I didnt lose substantial weight was frightening. I thank her to this day because most doctors don't break you down like that anymore. I realize GOD sent me to that woman because I didnt even have a recommendation when I switched to her, I just called 1-800-doctor and went from there! Now all of my doctors are pleased with my progress..but they can not be more pleased and excited for me than I am! I just thank all of my family, friends and co-workers who are supporting me during this process. My boss is one of my biggest cheerleaders! She's always telling me my clothes are too big..LOL I am just eternally grateful and I thank GOD! I told my surgeon, Dr. Dobruskin during my last visit that she changed my life. She replied, "No, YOU changed your life." I think we both did that together. The healthy quest will never end for me, it's a total lifestyle adjustment and I am good with that. To 2013: Onward and Upward! I am taking life by the horns and moving forward! I just wanna scream and shout I am so elated!! Good luck to all the new procedure patients and you will soon be sharing the same joy I am! GOD BLESS!!
  2. Jrzydva

    Need Buddies & Mentors feeling alone

    Yes, I have a great support group locally as well as this forum. Please add me as a friend. Anytime you need advice or anything, please let me know. Best wishes to you!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  3. You know what I notice about weak men with low self-esteem? They constantly sabatoge your progress in anyway that they can. I remember the closer I got to obtaining my bachelors degree, (a major accomplishment because I was working full time), the harder my ex would cheat on me and compete with me. He wanted me to be so consumed with him and grief that I would just give up altogether. Girl puhleese, he did not and could not get that! I agree with the other ladies, he is probably jealous that you are handling your handle and do not need him for this new journey. Stay focused and pray for yourself and for him. Maybe GOD will bring him around but if he keeps rolling like this, you may have to remove him from your life so you can grow. Best wishes!!
  4. I have been doing very well praise GOD! End of August had my SLEEVE...need to work on water consumption; exercising and eating slower...

  5. I experienced that "restriction" with water intake last Saturday night. I was dancing alot and thirsty of course...had a very difficult time consuming water after the activity. I am hoping tha subsides as I am only three weeks post opt....good luck!!
  6. Hey Norozco! YES I had my gallbladder removed over 10 years ago laproscopically. I was also diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. You're absolutely correct they can see a hernia and the true size of it by looking at it head-on during surgery. If you had an endoscopy done, they can see when you have one but not how badly it is. I was told mine was insignificant however, a previous gastrologist blew it up and made it more than it was. My surgeon inform me prior to surgery the following: "If your hernia is very large, I can stich it but the sleeve may not be an option. I can give you gastric bypass as an option, but if you don't want that, I'll just close you up with nothing because a hernia and lap band is not a good combination." Apparently, it was not as bad as I thought and I have a successful, (thusfar), sleeve. I forgot to inquire if she had to stitch it closed during surgery. Your surgeon is correct, he can fix both during your surgery. However, be prepared for your navel to be more sore than it would have been post traditional sleeve because the gallbladder is pulled out through the navel. Best wishes and you'll be fine!!
  7. YES the Unjury chicken Soup saved my taste buds life when it came in the mail while on my liquid diet! It had alot of flavor and made you feel like you were cheating, not to mention the benefit of the 21 grams of Protein per serving! They deliver pretty fast as well so get it now!!
  8. Boy you guys liquid diets are long durations! I was complaining about 2 weeks!! LOL Best wishes to you all. I would suggest if you deviate from diet, try to make sure it is not too far off...like something lean and high protein...you def wanna make sure your liver and stomach mass reduces prior to surgery...like a detox for the liver.
  9. I would like to thank everyone for their support and for this wonderful site! My surgery is in the morning at 10:30 am. I am excited to start the new book, (not chapter), in my life. I am praying GOD will bring me through the surgery with flying colors as well as the healing process post surgery. I believe GOD who provided these weight loss surgical options to treat obesity. I am doing this for me and no one else. I have to take control of my life, (well GOD has control but you know I will be in sub-control, is that a word? LOL). Anyway, LORD willing I will be checking in with you guys possibly tomorrow night or Wednesday. LUV, LOVE and GOD BLESS all of you!!
  10. Jrzydva

    Want Sushi

    I am sooo glad this topic was raised because I am definitely a sushi girl. I was told in a support group meeting prior to my surgery that sushami is the best choice. What about tatare? The earlier recommendation re: the seared tuna appetizer at Bonefish is a great one! I LOVE that place and have had that dish plenty of times! I can't see the seeds causing an issue though...
  11. GORGEOUS!!!!!! Keep up the good work! I am certain that when you are NOT even thinking about it, you will lose those 2 pounds. Focus on your major accomplishment of the 98 ilbs and not on the minor 2 pounds!! Go be that gorgeous teacher all the little boys have a crush on!! LOL
  12. Body image is a wicked game. We always feel like we look worse than anyone out here..and we don't! LOL You have made a tremendous accomplishment losing 60 ilbs!!! Girl, that's so amazing! A stylist is an idea but whose to say even after the stylist gets you all fashioned up that you still won't suffer from the same image distortion? It may require professional therapy and support group assistance. I'll pray that you see the beauty in yourself that GOD sees and I am certain, everyone else around you!
  13. I really think that's a good time because 14 days was too long for me, however, I did the best I could most of that post opt diet period. You can do it. First two, three days were rough for me but after that, the hunger and cravings diminished. Having the surgery to look forward to and post success and the results of losing weight before the surgery will both charge you!
  14. Hi Ohmandy! I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. Your story sounds soooo similar to mine, except I got physically ill. Like you, I had gotten over the hump and was not hungry, no cravings, could ignore the candy basket at work, my strength was there. Then all of a sudden, I started thinking about food. My pre opt diet was two weeks and most of the time had elasped and I started slipping. I didnt want to go overboard, so I ate for dinner one night some healthy, low sodium, tomato Soup. I went to bed and woke up with tremendous chills and the need to vomit. I had chills from 2:30am until 5:00 amish and vomitted that entire time. I didnt even have anything to bring up. The next morning I spoke with my Mom and she suggested I eat a healthy, small portion meal. She felt my body needed some nourishment and she was afraid I was going to get sicker. At the time, my hunger had diminished so much, I wasnt even getting all my Protein shakes in...that is really when the cravings and hunger came back. I did eat a healthy, lowfat lunch that day high in protein and drunk zero Vitamin Water the rest of the day and felt like new. The following day, I had a shrimp cocktail, (with barely any sauce) and Protein drinks and then returned to all liquid for the remaining two days and then it was surgery time. My question is, are you consuming all of your protein shakes and within suitable timeframes? Once I got tired of them and couldnt do another shake, that's when I began to have issues. Good luck to you and make sure you consume your calories and protein...it will pass!!
  15. Good Luck to you as well! Your surgery will be here before you know it! It comes sooner than you think!! Are you on a Liquid Protein diet right now?
  16. Hey Girl! I was told that is normal (nausea when smelling food), seriously, I barely watched TV in the hospital because of all those food commercials. I couldnt take it. I have not had any nausea since I've been home from the hospital last week. The cocktails and the patch behind the ear really did help! I have been eating fine!! I hope you are over that hump at this point!
  17. Doing very well...thank GOD...one week today post VS surgery! I just have to remember to have patience with my eating. It takes an hour to eat 6 ozs of soup! LOL

  18. Hello everyone! Again I would just like to thank everyone for their support, love and prayers. I am glad to have finally gotten the surgery aspect over with, although the journey is just beginning. For anyone with upcoming surgeries, I pray for equal or better results than I had for you. I did have to stay in the hospital an additional day due to my inability to keep anything down. I was in a serious state of nausea which depressed the heck out of me. I got so scared like, "I know I am not going to have to go through this for the rest of my life! Did I make a horrible mistake? LORD JESUS!" However, my wonderful surgeon Dr. Lisa Dobruskin and the excellent nurses at RWJ Hospital in Hamilton, NJ came up with an awesome cocktail of meds which reduced the swelling in my stomach, placed a patch behind my left ear, and knock out that nausea. I have heard of ladies having morning sickness throughout their full term of pregnancy and now I so feel for them. Not being able to eat and vomitting up basically nothing is no joke. Even food commercials on TV I had to turn from because they totally turned me off, so I basically kept the TV off...nothing but food commercials LOL No wonder folks are struggling with their weight! LOL I had other blessings however, like no pain, (until I vomitted), barum swallow test came out excellent, no leaks; and minimum gas pains. If it hadnt been for the nausea and incisions, I would have sworn I did not have surgery! LOL I am glad to be at my parents recouperating and relaxing. I am trying to get Jello down, liquids but that part is difficult...but I stay on it. I took a brief walk out today with my sister. I am feeling alot better and on a full road to recovery. Thank you all again and luv, LOVE! GOD BLESS!!
  19. Make sure you ladies stick with the protein...I started slacking on them towards the end because I got tired of them, and I started getting hungry again. Atkins Advantage Shakes are creamy and delicious but I had a bowel movement after each shake LOL (TMI but it's the truth!)
  20. Through some sugar free popsickles in there for full flavor...love them also did you try Unjury's chicken soup yet? That soup is sooo good!
  21. I'm on your team ladies! I will be thinking of you both...we're all in this one together! Pray, pray and more prayer..always the remedy!!
  22. Hey 72Wade: It's ok to be nervous, not only is it ok but totally natural. Everyone's surgery experience is different. Take it in stride and don't be hard on yourself like I was in the hospital. I had an emotional breakdown because I prided myself on being s "surgery pro" however, I didnt bounce back from this surgery as quickly as I anticipated, (that is what I get for thinking I was all of that LOL), and it depressed me to not be in control. I cried to one of the nurses, cried to my surgeon when she came to visit. They all gave comfort and good advice to follow which was, "This is temporary...keep walking, keep trying and you'll be alright. Take it one day at a time". Then when my Pastor called me and one of our Associate Ministers came to visit and prayed with me...that was the boost I needed girl! Stay prayed up...you'll be fine...keep in touch!!
  23. Jrzydva

    Day 3

    oh and like you, I have no pain either but I had serious nausea and had to stay an additional day in the hospital due to it. Got released last night...wearing a patch now...
  24. Jrzydva

    Day 3

    WOW girl I am 4 days post op and I have to catch up to YOU eating wise! Today I had two sugar free popsickles; barely 6 ozs of water and barely 6ozs or protein sunkist mixed with water...currently working on some sugar free jello but I am constantly trying though! LOL Best wishes to you and keep in touch!

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