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  1. No matter when i take them or how much i eat. What can i do? Tired if throwing up every day.
  2. jennrus

    New Clothes

    Went from a 20 to a 14. Tried to buy things that will last a few sizes. Dresses in large instead of xl and leggings instead of sizes. But i did buy.one 14 pants.
  3. jennrus

    New Clothes

    Finally started shopping for smaller sizes. A few outfits. Felt amazing.
  4. jennrus

    Sleeve Vs Lap Band

    Not being hungry was the reason i went for sleeve. So glad i did. I would say do it. Never heard anyone say they love the band and many on here have gone from band to sleeve.
  5. My 15 year old is suffering from obesity and I think she is angry that I am loosing and shes not. In fact she may gaining faster than i am loosing. Im wearing clothes she has grown out of. I dont know what to do to help her. I am so upset because I know exactly how she feels. What do i do? I make extra healthy meals and have zero junk food in house.
  6. jennrus

    My Teenage Daughter Is Jealous

    Thank you all for your compassion. At 15 she is not ready for surgery and the struggles mentally that go with it. I do think healthy things together are good and it will give us good quality time together. So difficult and heartbreaking. I can't imagine how she must resent me right now. I feel I have failed her.
  7. Haven't done that since 1980 something.
  8. Haven't done that since 1980 something.
  9. jennrus


    Just saw the gel kit from Sally Hansen in Rite Aid that doesn't require uv light. It was like $8!
  10. I must have a big frame or something because I still wear about the same size clothes after 40lb loss. I now weigh 177 and still about 18. Some 16's now but hearing people in 12 & 14 at this weight makes me frustrated. Wth?
  11. jennrus

    Size Versus Scale

    I'm 5' 1". Started at 218. I guess I wasnt really wearing my clothes. Just streatchy things so it just seems like I'm.not moving but I am.
  12. Wearing my Lane Bryant brand of spanks under a skirt today and they are baggy! Woo hoo! Here's to milestones not visible on the scale!
  13. I have used a straw a few times since surgery. It helps me get all liquid in. Anyone know reason for why we aren't supposed to use straws? I know it sometimes gives me bigger gulp than I can swallow comfortably but its manageable.
  14. Had three yogurts and 1/2 cup of stew in a two hour period. I am in pain. Almost threw up. So mad at myself. Wasn't hungry but kept eating. Lesson learned the hard way. Overeating with sleeve is very painful.
  15. jennrus

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    I am now 6.5 weeks out and find I am SO judgemental of what everyone else eats now. I get sick if I see glutinous people and feel ashamed for having looked like that. Funny thin is, I ate alone most of the time so no one would judge me that way and here I am.
  16. jennrus

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    GeauxForIt I am disgusted by others because I see how I was. I have not forgotten. When you all sit down to eat with others which I assume you have to do at some point, you can't tell me you don't notice what others eat and how much and how fast. t doesn't make me hate them but I am hyper sensitive to choices they make.
  17. 7 weeks and 39 lbs down I can now: -cross my legs -get out of the lawn chair on my own -tie my shoes -go to the hairdresser (couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror before) -wear my daughters jeans
  18. Finding I don't sleep as well now. Up really early. Wondering if it is the way I take vitamins. Most in morning except calcium at dinner.
  19. Before surgery at 218 lbs. And 7 weeks out down 39 lbs.
  20. jennrus

    August Sleeves?!

    Aug 6th. Down 39 lbs.
  21. jennrus

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    Oh I should have mentioned I am equal opportunity disgusted person. The super skinny girl at work makes me just as sick watching her eat an entire pizza by herself.
  22. jennrus

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    And given my mood swings I will likely have a different opinion tomorrow. Did get sick watching my dad eat spaghetti for lunch today though. Still love him but it did in fact disgust me. I certainly didn't let it show. I'm not a total b***h.

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