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  1. A New New Dawn

    5 days post op and Starving!

    The first few weeks are the hardest. It will get much easier. My surgeon told me to make sure I got 3-4 cups of fluids a day to stay hydrated and work up to 64 ounces in time. For the first few weeks, you may only be able to take very small sips. Keep your liquids nearby and take small sips all day to get in what you can. If you're getting that, you should be good there. You won't be able to get the full amount in until 3-4 weeks probably. I'm 3 months post op and feeling great! As for eating, every doctor is different so I would suggest confirming with your doctor. Don't try too push it as you don't want to cause any harm.
  2. A New New Dawn

    Started the liver shrink today!

    I second the caramel premier protein. I make iced coffee with it.
  3. A New New Dawn

    band to sleeve pain and anxiety

    How are you feeling now?
  4. A New New Dawn

    Yucky Days

    It could be a simple matter of dehydration. Have you tried Gatorade zero or smart water to help?
  5. A New New Dawn


    Chapstick!!!! toothbrush/paste, deodorant, phone charger, and comfy clothes. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. I would suggest you consider seeking professional help for dealing with some of your emotions behind all of this. Also, clearly eating crap isn't advisable as you need nutrition to properly fuel and nourish your body and that is leading you down a destructive path again. I've sought therapy to help with my emotions and it's the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  7. A New New Dawn

    How long did you take off from work?

    It will vary depending on the type of work you do. I'm taking 2 weeks and I work a desk job. For a physical job, I'd go closer to the 6 weeks. Also, your doctor can send a note to shorten or lengthen your stay depending on how you feel as well. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. A New New Dawn

    Can't afford my fills, help!

    Since you had lost your job, do you have a new one now (hence, a new insurance plan)? Perhaps, if you do, your new insurance would cover this. I do like the idea of checking with a teaching hospital as well. Also, if you could find a Bariatric Clinic they seem to be less expensive than traditional surgeons through hospitals.
  9. A New New Dawn

    New Forum Is (Not) So Sad!

    Not sure about the relogging in using the iPhone. I was frustrated at first as I couldn't log in using FB. After Alex reset my username and password, I logged in once on my phone and it keeps me logged in and I use my iPhone.
  10. A New New Dawn

    Banded 11/4- Major Complications :(

    Glad you're feeling better. I understand being upset and rightfully so; however, being upset with the surgeon isn't going to resolve anything at this point. Try to focus on the positive. Also, to my knowledge, the largest band holds 11 or 14 cc, I don't think there is any way there was 15+ cc in the band. I think they may have been mistaken or may have mistated or you may have misunderstood. IMO, the best plan now is to take care of yourself and focus on the positives. You have a great tool and are on your way to a healthier lifestyle. I am not trying to dismiss your concerns, just hoping you can move forward in a positive manner. Best wishes!!
  11. So there will be separate forums for LapBand blogs? I am hopeful there will be as there is a huge difference between after care, the surgeries, etc and, my experience is that people who had other types of surgery like to profess theirs is better, and/or tell me what I should be doing based on their surgery.
  12. A New New Dawn

    Leftover Candy....???

    At my last LB support meeting this topic was discussed and there are actually some great things you can do w/ the candy, in lieu of throwing it out: Send extra candy to a charity: ii. Operation Shoebox – Donate to the Troops http://operationshoebox.com/ iii. Operation Gratitude http://www.operationgratitude.com/ iv. Some schools and food pantries also accept these items
  13. A New New Dawn

    Angry - no weight loss!!!

    I agree that you may be taking in too few calories and also, with that minimal calorie intake are you taking in the appropriate amount of protein? Best to consult with your medical team for advise.
  14. A New New Dawn

    A New Day

    Mini, hang in there GF!!! We believe in you and happy 1 year bandiversary!!!
  15. A New New Dawn

    My Story

    Thanks for sharing your story. Your time on this Earth wasn't up and you are here for a reason so make it the best it can be. You deserve to be happy and to feel better. How long have you been banded? Best wishes to you!
  16. A New New Dawn

    Day before Surgery

    Thankfully, you have someone to help you with the aftercare. You will do great. Just heed your surgeon's orders and it should all go well. I was amazed how well I felt after surgery. The only real discomfort I had was getting up and down from a chair from the incision. But the rest was easy peasy for me! Please let us know how it went. Very excited for you!
  17. Well aren't you a hottie (meant lightheartedly). That's awesome! I started almost the same weight and hope to achieve what you have and maintain. Thanks for the inspiration. It's always great to see long-term banders success stories!
  18. A New New Dawn

    A New Day

    Btw, I am a FOND lover of Di's oatmeal recipe as well w/ the egg whites! I add sliced bananas or fresh blueberries. Sometimes when I am cooking the oatmeal, I add diced apples and cook it w/ the oatmeal. Brad eats this a lot now and my daughter makes it at college. YAY protein-rich eggwhite oatmeal! It is yummy, band-friendly,and very filling.
  19. A New New Dawn


    I "love" reading your story and what an inspiration. I appreciate that you share the trials and triumphs and know that it may take longer for others but it can be done. You look amazing and your energy is incredible. Thank you for sharing and keeping it real.
  20. A New New Dawn

    A New Day

    Hi, Ladies, A bit of a quick fly by Ericka made it to Miami and will be here a bit after 10 pm tonight. She has never flown internationally and didn't know she couldn't bring fresh fruit/food back w/ her. Thankfully, she "claimed" them so they knew she wasn't trying to sneak anything as they told her it would have been a $300 fine if she didn't. They took everything but her bananas. lol. My gram lives close to the airport so we are stopping to visit her on the way home and gram is staying up late. Terri, I can't wait to hear about her trip in Peru and glad you are in better shape to go on trip. She said they had to climb so many stairs and some people couldn't do it, aside from the endurance needed to do so many stairs, it was hard breathing w/ the altitude. Dropped of Audrey yesterday, she was so excited setting up room. Had a few bumps as she gets b*tchy when under stress and I wasn't going to have it. She had a couple bouts of that today on the phone and I wasn't having it either. I really think this is a great opportunity for her to grow up and looking forward to that.
  21. A New New Dawn

    A New Day

    quick fly by as well, happy Saturday everyone of you fabulous ladies! Janet, so happy for your recovery and progress coming along so well. Glad you are home!!! Terri, how's the scrapbooking (sorry, if my memory fails me) coming along? I got a bug to do that a few years ago and for every holiday or anniversary, etc. I would give Brad a couple more pages... I stopped and need to get back at that. So much for me giving you my quilt colors, heehee. Carole, I will be so happy when your kitchen is done. It is so stressful whilst under construction and without having a fully functioning kitchen. However, I imagine it will be beautiful once it's done. How's your band treating you. Michelle, how exciting that school is winding down (even if it darn near kills you in the process). Your family must be so proud of their very driven mom!!! Dee, I hope Charlie's recovery is coming along. Try not to fret over where you are at with Math. I have been out of high school for 24 years and cannot remember hardly anything of what I used to know. Kind of like not beating ourselves up over our (former) weight. We can only work on improving and move forward. Think how long you have been out of school and give yourself more credit. Regardless of what level you are at, you are doing it and that's what's important. And btw, NOOOOO WAY, not adopting "Symba" my foster doggy. He is very sweet but has ISSUES. He is very protective of his crate so, thankfully, the weather is ideal (70's) so I have his crate in the garage as he seems less stressed in it away from my dogs, he also is dog aggressive so I have to rotate the dogs around my little house to keep them separate. Definitely will have to go to an only dog home. Other than that he is very sweet and affectionate and the former owners were not forth coming about his aggressive issues! Have a great day, doggy is whining.
  22. A New New Dawn

    A New Day

    this could be a fun idea Mom...
  23. A New New Dawn


    So true! I cannot believe my "babies" are 18 and 20 already. I missed out on far too much but NO MORE!!
  24. A New New Dawn

    A New Day

    Maybe you could get an airplane or a cool design for the new ones!

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