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  1. Scotty, wow what a huge achievement - you look awesome ????????
  2. Look at you two hotties ❤❤❤
  3. Wow Aussiegirl, just catching up on what I've missed over the last month...I'm so happy that you are feeling better, pretty scary for sure...
  4. 20kg is still a good loss and you do have 6 months until December so it would be great if you can get close to your goal. I think what Kelli suggested about seeing a dietician is a good start if you don't already. my recommended calorie intake by a bariatric dietician is 1200 calories per day but this is due to my 6 days of an intense exercise program and my metabolic rate is 1700+ calories. Maybe increase your exercise if you are lacking in this area and change things around otherwise your body gets immune to the routine...
  5. Hi Brisbane Sleevers, a few of us from the GSA facebook page are getting together at The Coffee Club Village Square, 18 Commercial Drive, Browns Plains from 1pm today. Let me know if you can join us, so I can include you in the reservations - send me a text to 0488136443. Hope you can make it xx
  6. Sorry, don't know where the text disappeared too???? anyway, had to do some pics for my business this week and can't believe how I actually enjoy having photos done as would previously have run and hide
  7. Lissa, Fiona Brown who is a bariatric dietician and is in the FB group that we are both members of - so is absolutely awesome and does phone consults. Maybe send her a message and set something up.
  8. Hi Guys, to all that responded for some coffee samples, the overwhelming response left me short of supplies and my new shipment just arrived so have sent the coffee out to you all this morning ☕ ENJOY
  9. Misty, I work out 6 days per week - 2 days with a personal trainer, 1 day boxing and 3 days running for 5klms...my goal for next 8 weeks appt is to be close to the 4.5kg muscle mass so different from a year ago when couldn't walk down the road without being out of breath
  10. I had an awesome morning with my appointment with my Gold Coast dietician Fiona Brown who did a full body composition assessment - I only have 5% of body fat left to lose and 4.5kgs of muscle mass to build and then I'm in the perfect range..very healthy visceral abdominal fat and once I reach the above, I will be under my metabolic age Good days xx
  11. Hi Kell, lunch sounds great Friday, let me know where and when I am having a full body composition assessment done on Thursday where my muscle mass, fat, biometric age etc is all assessed and measured. Whole new experience and really looking forward to it.. Anyway, my little bit of uncomfortableness is now with all the compliments. Was shopping today and it honestly got a bit difficult as seemed like each aisle I ran into someone I knew and some hasn't been for quite some time so they could not get over the new me and just kept up with the compliments and it got quite difficult with the attention, can't believe getting that attention makes it uncomfortable, who would have thought So I have uploaded a collage of some pics of my journey so far...so sad of where I was and still can't believe I let myself get that bad The pics in the black singlet are my most recent - the rest are along the way since July last year - 50kgs down
  12. Hi all my Sleevers friends Sorry I haven't dropped by for a while, have been launching our new business into Australia and NZ which has been full on, so with myself also working full-time, raising 4 children plus 1 new grandchild and fitting in my workouts 6 days per week, spare time is something I do not have. Whilst hubby is in Sydney today for our business, a great opportunity for me to catch up on our thread to see how everyone is going Our new business is offering healthy black coffee, latte, green tea, mocha and hot chocolate - all infused with Ganoderma Lucidum I would love to send you all some free samples and get your opinion. Send me your address via email or text to my mobile 0488136443 and I will put some in the mail to you all.... Our website is http://www.ogpreneurs.organogold.com/r/AU/index.html if you want to check it out I don't like talking business on this site but as we are all on this journey to change our lives for the better and live a healthy and productive lifestyle, I would welcome you all to give my coffee a try, that's all.... So I really hope everyone is doing well. I am nearly at my 12 months out (July 20, 2012) and I am down 50kgs, with about 7kgs to go to my goal. Life is awesome and every single day is a blessing to me Love to you all Shelley
  13. Hi Guys, for any Brisbane Sleevers, there is a catch up at The Coffee Club, Springwood tomorrow from 11am with the Facebook GSA Brissy group. I am going along and really looking forward to it, let me know if you want to join us
  14. Best of luck today, your in great hands see you on the sleeved side..
  15. Kelli and Misty - I am unfortunately going to have to miss lunch today. I have come down with the flu and staying home from work today. Have to do another one soon. Misty, best of luck for tomorrow
  16. Totally agree with Kelli about the gurgling. Mine was in the beginning, I would hear all types of noises, now just the odd noise escapes but never been a problem in public and have never experienced reflux...in fact, I have had no issues at all and wouldn't hesitate in a heartbeat to do it all over again! My only regret is I didn't do it years ago. I am in a really good place in my life and I honestly could not find this place before my op which has allowed me a total change in mine and my families lifestyle.
  17. Kelli, so awesome seeing our BMI decreasing...I too am at 29 from 44 and tell my husband 'I LOVE BEING OVERWEIGHT' so we have this little joke between us, gotta laugh.. Anyway just came back from Trade Secret after being able to just grab things at these type of stores now is great. I brought some more exercise gear which before my op would never have considered now it is the first area I look Looking forward to seeing you Monday for lunch xx
  18. Bec, great to have another Brisbane sleever if you are free on Monday, join us for lunch and a chat at Jackpot Noodles, Albert Street at 12.30p. It would be great to meet you
  19. Kelli, so very sorry about your friend..he is so young and it is definitely scary and we just don't know when our time is up..I hope your well and if you want to catch up for coffee when your free, just yell out
  20. Love getting out and about - went for a run around Forest Lake and watched the Anzac Day ceremony this morning with husband then went into South Bank and had lunch at The Plough Inn ( with my takeaway container in my bag) - life is so good
  21. Misty - yes I think Andrew was his name but I only went once and never went back as I found I did not get anything out of it and actually pick up more useful info in my support groups...
  22. Misty - how did you find Dr Adib if that is who you decided to go with?? I do have a fitbit which I wore religiously but have misplaced it somewhere which I'm not happy about.
  23. Hi Guys, put together a photo collage today of some pics from pre surgery July 2012 to now. Size 24 in clothes now at 16 YAY, even some 14. Love my sleeve <3 Pic of me in Red top was morning of surgery at 137kgs Pic of me in Jeans was most recent at 94kgs