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    Hey July Sleevers!

    Sleeved July 18th and have lost 20kg to date. I looked in the mirror the other day and finally love myself again and who I am. Im happy again! Have hit the gym now 5 days a week, run out of breath quick but I think I will get my fitness and muscle back soon. Can't wait!
  2. angie pang


    Had no side effects, just a bit dehydrated the next day that's all.
  3. angie pang


    I'm 4 weeks out and had 1/2 a bottle of wine last night, i was very tipsy hehehe, my partner is now designated driver for life! LOVE IT! Lol
  4. angie pang

    3 Months Before/after Pic

  5. I was sleeved July 18th, I have lost 12kg(24pounds) it stalled for 2 weeks but has started dropping again. I haven't started weight training yet, doc said to wait 2 months. I Start swimming and jogging next week.
  6. angie pang

    July 18Th Sleevers!

    Yes all week ive been on a stall, have been a bit sad about it but still feel like my body shape has changed this week.
  7. It's always been my weight. I trained twice a day 7 days a week with crossfit and running. I was eating paleo. I became very depressed after doing this for 18 months and no results. I have lost 10kg and it's been 8 days since my op. I'm finally loving who I am! I'm looking forward to the future!
  8. angie pang

    Hey July Sleevers!

    ANOTHER Update! July sleevers surgery dates July 1 2 Smoggy, Patrick Curl, Faganberry, sleevertobe, ChristineS NY, ladyarwenrose, emptynesterpam, Milca, Pattyhdz, Bigdogkc, BeatrizS1974, khernandez72, Nettle, justme360, deetaylor, kia, 4myfamily, 3 Nabird77 (Gena) , StarshineMama, letsdothis!!!, Christylove, z3djinn, gingersnap70, dar1983, 4 5 tonileebre, 6 Mishy, Beth-n-e, 7 mizzliz83,Sweetsusie, joyfuljoy,LzL1958, 8 9 Shangefan, Gisele3264, ~Donna~, mel2643, Argnewcan, Twhite, jason, vsgchichi, NuStyle, 10 lacie1221, tjloser, KSDallas, bmooney364, lizzybeth, LauraTarry, aranda510, k8tie1, mary101678, 11 Mimismom, thinmomsoon, biggiesmallz, DelongH, lowe1961, SkinnySmurf, soontobe1/2ofmyself, JenniJune, stephyfly, JenniJune, canidothis?, Love1296, Tameka, Island Girl, 12 wyattgsmommy, GI283, Paulson1304, Danielle Beadle, phillygirl8133,vhoke1, 13 LizEac, juliewantstbthin, 14 lorijo67, 15 Mrslittle (Sharnae), 16 Amyl219, laragarza, Marty McSkinnystein, geno5150, lovelyladynhouston, want2bfit, 17 misschris, purplekt, lynnz, RainyGirl, evelynvsg, 18 aleach0003, momoffive, prisytomboy, ButterflyAngel, cindyintenn, juicyr3d, Rafter Jones, Sparky79, Livinglifeout, Angie Pang 19 Minnie Me, Sleeva, Mommy2three, 20 fbelle29, MsE, ko22, 21 22 23 PhoenixFire, Texarkolina, Mamaof8, StrangelyNormal, dixienms, 24 kimbernada, Red597, skowronski777,Red597, mickey1, Trcyprkr70, thin soon, milkD, KS Fort Worth 25 Tinker, kilzanich, Butterfly7, Jlewis229, justchristy123, CBT, echowits 26 Jrabbit81, Purpleswirlie (& my BFF who isn't on here I don't think) 27 Ymabme, Vegassleeve, loveoften, blessedbeyondmeasure2012 28 29 30 newmrsL, Born 2BFree, JaciBear, slim lady, smartypants,KikivonMoonshine, luckylady131 31 Lovemeifyoucan, Carey, PLEASE ADD/ CHANGE YOURSELF AT WILL
  9. angie pang

    4.5 Months Out

    Congratulations! Well done, I love hearing all this!
  10. angie pang

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Hi Kayargh, You will be on shakes before your op- get 'Optifast' the choc and coffee flavour is the best, its cheaper at chemist warehouse!
  11. angie pang

    My 1St Bm

    Yeah it's weird, my day 1 in hospital I was given to have - ice cream, custard, jelly, chicken creamy Soup, apple purée and orange juice. I think I dipped my finger in the soup but couldnt down anything. I also have a cappacino which i only had about 5 sips and wasn't sure how my stomach was going to react with it. I'm from Australia, and I know a lot of doctors only allow liquids for the first week or two. My dr said I was good to go the next day.and got discharge from hospital 24hrs after surgery. I'm day 5 today am on purées for 4 weeks and then can start my soft diet. You poor things. I feel lucky now!
  12. angie pang

    My 1St Bm

    Ok this is gross but I'm putting it out there... Day 3 and 4 diarrhea! Night of day 4 was horrible- constipation- looked like 2 jelly beans. It's day 6 and have normal bm's- but I have been on purées and liquids since my op!
  13. angie pang

    I Skipped The 18's! :)

    Yahhhh congratulations! That's wicked. You must feel unreal! Yah
  14. angie pang

    I Did It The Baked Ricotta!

    Hell yeah, thanks for sharing the recipe- am onto it in the morning too. Sounds yummy!
  15. angie pang

    How Do You Sleep?

    I was sleeved the 18th am hanging to sleep on my stomach. I sleep with an incline of 4 pillows and a small blanket that's wedged next to my head. This has helped me from midnight heartburn pains. My stomach is too tender still to turn on the side.
  16. angie pang

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Was really lucky, surgeon did not charge the gap so I didn't have to pay for him. Thank god!
  17. angie pang

    Any Crossfitters In Here?

    I'm a Gold Coast crossfiter and am 3 days out from surgery, my doc said wait between 2-3 month, but start on 2kg, I couldn't stop laughing and replied 'my dead lift and back squat is 100kg'. Oh dear I hope I can hit big scores again and can't wait to get a bloody Kipping pull up, How are you all going and how long has it taken you to get back?
  18. angie pang


    Yes heavy weights I was told after 2-3 months. Starting with light weights and gradually go up.
  19. angie pang

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Sleeved July 18th Height 5'7" Starting weight 93kg Surgery weight 90kg Weight today 87kg Goal weight by sept 21st (my 30th aghh) 74kg Goal weight- anything under 70kg and I will be over the moon!
  20. angie pang

    My Story!

    I am 29 years old and have struggled my whole life with weight fluctuations. I've always exercised but struggled to lose weight. In the last one and a half years I have exercised twice a day Monday to Friday, morning training was an hour of intense crossfit and in the afternoon I would go for a run. Saturday was 2 hrs of crossfit and Sunday a 10km run. My weight has stayed at 93kg. I'm a qualified chef so I know what's good for me and what's not. As you can imagine I was getting very depressed. I refused to go out to restaurants or even go on any social events as I was so unhappy with myself. My partner's dad had just had a sleeve due to his diabetes. So it was from watching him lose all of his weight that I knew that this would be my answer. I spoke to Dr Liew and explained my story. I was so happy when he said yes, he will do this operation for me. The night before my operation: I hadn't slept for a few nights thinking about 'Cathy the catheta'. It scared me thinking about what the pain is like having it put in and having it pulled out. I was really terrified, I didn't even end up having one. The day of the operation: after waiting an hour in the waiting room at the hospital I was called up and ready to go. Inside I was freaking out and just wanted to cry. The nursing staff were lovely and made me feel a lot better. The operation went well, and I felt as anyone would after an operation. I had intense pain from what felt like reflux below my chest that lasted until I fell asleep that night. The morphine helped eventually. The next morning: I woke up fine, wasn't in pain, my pain was a 1 out of 10 pretty much the whole day. I was given a buffet of icecream, puree apple, custard, jelly, chicken Soup, OJ and coffee. I had 1/2 a tsp of jelly and custard and that was it really. Oh and the coffee about 5 sips, it was sooo good, but was scared to have more not knowing what my stomach will do or if it will like it. The nurse took me on walks up and down the corridor and I sat most of the day until I was sent home that afternoon. My first night home: I slept flat and woke up at 1am with chronic indigestion. It was horrible, I had to sit up and try to walk off the pain. It took about an hour to go away and ice cubes helped. Today (Day 3 after the operation): I slept on an incline and the indigestion has subsided. Things are feeling a lot better.. I can't wait until I start seeing results!

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