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  1. Threetimesacharm

    Singles website match.com

    I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this website. I have not had a date in a very long time and feel that I am ready to start. You have to pay for a membership which for me would be about $30.00 a month but they guarantee that if you don't meet someone in 6 months that they will give you six months free. Any insite would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Since I have reached my goal weight I am profoundly appreciative of the words people use to describe me; Slim(heard this a few times) Thin - Wow! Fit - now this one I am shocked at, I have never before been fit. Teenie Tiny - this one is funny! What words have people used to describe you? Are you amazed, shocked, happy, grateful or do you even not believe it.
  3. Threetimesacharm

    Sleeved 2 years ago, thinking of D/S. Any here go to Mexico?

    Yes I agree you should have had a gastric bypass at your weight. If Dr Ungson is no longer in practise I am sure that whomever he trained is well qualified. I had bariatric surgeries in Mexico by two different doctors and both surgeries were great. Best of luck!! Oh and I hear that yes DS is under 10,000 I had a quote and I beleive it was 9 and change.
  4. Threetimesacharm

    I've lost 25lb in 8 days on PRE-OP diet

    Congratulations! I assume you have a lot of weight to lose or have been retaining a lot of water. If the former is the case it definitely makes sense. Some also retain a lot of water. What is your situation?
  5. Don't worry so much about the incisions. They fade away to where you can't even see them. Check here at Bariatric Pal to see if they have a surgeon who performs this.
  6. Threetimesacharm

    Mashed potatoes

    Well if they are making you sick right now don't eat them, try something else pureed eggs, cottage cheese, protein pudding.
  7. For me there is no comparison. No problems like with the band. Gastric bypass offers great restriction and no hunger. I have surpassed my goal something I could not accomplish with the band. I have not puked once and can eat salads and chicken. Remember the bypass is just a tool you technically can gain weight back with any weight loss surgery however I believe gastric bypass offers great restriction and dulls any hunger you used to have.
  8. Threetimesacharm

    19 days until "Revision" ...HELP?

    I had a revision from sleeve to gastric bypass; the best decision I could have made. Weight maintenance seems to be much smoother with the GB and I am able to keep it off and have great restriction. If you have a great surgeon, don't worry, you will do great!
  9. Something strange that I have heard from two different senior citizens, "Are you on the no food diet"? Must be something they did back in the day.........................................
  10. Threetimesacharm

    100% Pure Peanut Powder

    1/4 of a teaspoon of sugar for a two tablespoon serving is a very small amount. PB2 is a delicious alternative to the real thing.
  11. Threetimesacharm

    Changes in Shoe Sizes?

    Oh yes absolutely! For me I didn't have a wide foot wore a normal B width. Now my foot is much narrower and all of my old shoes me feet are sliding right through(sandals). My shoes also are too wide. I haven't lost in length I still wear a size 11.
  12. Threetimesacharm

    When do we stop focusing on food?

    Well you shouldn't be obsessing over food but always aware and planning what you are eating. in order to keep your weight off you have too. It is when you stop being aware and focusing on food that you WILL gain. Planning will become your favorite thing to do!
  13. Threetimesacharm

    I feel devastated..

    Well he would know as he is a coordinator for BP Mexico. And yes the number of surgeries they have performed is often time much greater than surgeons elsewhere. So yes HIS statement is true and factual!
  14. Threetimesacharm

    MGB.. Reversible or not?!

    help me to understand why you would want it reversed? From what I know they still make your stomach pouch so this cut away from your larger stomach. Would not think you could reverse this.
  15. Threetimesacharm

    Dating And The Perfect Body

  16. Threetimesacharm

    Sleeve the Bypass

    You can't be for real............................you weigh 99 pounds?
  17. Threetimesacharm

    Favorite Greek Yogurt

    Could you please share what your favorite, no sugar, high protein greek yogurt is? There are so many kinds that I am not sure what one(s) to chose.
  18. Exactly, eating too much is NOT dumping. Eating excessive sugars or fats can lead to dumping; stomach pain, intestinal pain, sweating, diahreha, vomiting. I can eat fat and sugars from yogurt and milk. Any highly sugared food is a No/no for me.
  19. Threetimesacharm

    Portion Size

    Agree start by measuring all your food say two tablespoons then see how you feel. It may take time but you will learn what your full signal is.
  20. Threetimesacharm

    American Food!

    there is a company in Canada that you can order from online, low carb grocery and I am sure they have the chees o's, be careful they are very high in sodium. The website has all kinds of great low carb goods. In Canada wamart has a P3 snack which are good. In the U.S. I have bought the tuna packets at walmart and mijers and they are really good.
  21. Threetimesacharm

    Trouble getting in more calories

    I totally agree with the previous poster, don't worry in time you WILL be able to consume more and may wish you couldn't. By the sounds of it you are getting plenty protein, carbs and fat. Go with your gut and keep doing what you are doing. Your NUT is giving information only; please stay away from nuts, protein bars and peanut butter at 2 months out. This is waaay to soon to be eating such foods. Nuts can be very filling and again at 2 months you don't want anything to get stuck in your tummy; it may not be fully healed yet. And yes at two months I maybe was getting 600-700 calories, this is where you want to be.
  22. Threetimesacharm

    Sick after eating

    Well that is pain in your stomach. Maybe you need to eat much slower, very small bites. And just because your surgeon says you CAN eat anything doesn't mean you CAN or maybe should; yet. Well chewed steak will probably never be applesauce consistency so for an example I wouldn't be eating it at 5 weeks. Chicken also is hard for some also non-moist meats. Stick with softer foods, well cooked veggies and go slow; it's not a race it is definiely a marathon.
  23. Well thank you so much for posting this, I am exactly the same, salty crunchy food addict. I am going to put your suggestions into play and see if it will work for me. Send me your bill in the mail........................................
  24. All kinds of beans; high in fibre and protein.
  25. Threetimesacharm

    Gastric Bypass - Mexico

    I had sleeve to gastric bypass in Mexico. Check here on bariatric pal for a surgeon. They have a fantastic system set up for surgeons, package deals including hospital stay, recovery house, personal valet, 2 years nutritional follow up.

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