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  1. melissamiranda

    One week post-op and hungry!

    I am 1 week post op too and I am right there with you. It's more than head hunger for me. I get that hunger feeling in my stomach every hour or so, but I find that drinking water helps satiate it. Like the previous poster said, we just have to keep ourselves occupied
  2. melissamiranda

    Protein drinks

    Hi Mamalala! After 1 week post op you should be able to transition to a full liquid diet, which includes creamy strained soups, sugar free/light yogurt, and protein shakes. Premier Protein is by far the best tasting protein on the market and has the highest protein content with the least amount of calories. I would definitely check with your doctor's office to make sure this is ok, since everyone's post op needs/instructions vary from person to person.
  3. melissamiranda

    Food Dreams

    YES! I am 1 week post op today, just started on full liquids and I never thought I'd love a protein shake as much as I do now. Eeryday I'm craving something different. Yesterday was craving ahi tuna, today I'm craving cheese and guacamole.
  4. Happy 23rd Birthday melissamiranda!

  5. melissamiranda

    Feeling Positive!!!

    Hey everyone! It's been a few weeks since I've been on here, I've officially had the worlds craziest work month (the life of a nurse.) Anyway, I was banded on 7/25/12 and I'm feeling really great. Just had my 2nd fill yesterday, so I now have a total of 7cc in my band. I'm feeling so close to my "sweet spot", Dr. Thinks my next fill should really work wonders. Yeah! I haven't weighed myself since 2 days before my last fill, in which I actually did 2 days of clear liquids& Protein shakes prior to the fill and I'm going to do an extra2 days of it as well...sooo a total of 7 days of stage 1. I feel that its jumpstarting my diet again. My last weigh in at the doctors I was 209/210 (myscale said 209, his said 210) which was on the 20th. I've given myself a challenge. I told myself I want.to be out of the 200s by Oct. 1st, and its driving me nuts that I am not weighing myself everyday BUT guys, its so much better this way! I feel like I'm losing, I've been exercising everyday and burning a good amount of calories and my diet is awesome. Please please please pray that this can happen!! Even if the scale reads 201/200 on Oct 1st, I'll still feel great. I will update you guys on that day. I hope you're all doing well, I'm so grateful on my weight loss journey so far! Thanks!!!!XOXO -Melissa M.
  6. melissamiranda

    Need To Know If This Is Normal.

    Thanks, I appreciate that, but last Tuesday I weighed myself and its the same weight as today. Hopefully by Tuesday it will be another pound or so. My hunger has its ups and downs. Like today, I couldn't care to eat...had to force myself to get some food in. But then yesterday I was craving tons and tons of stuff and all I wanted was a grilled chicken breast. Lol. I've noticed that I can eat a bit more food because everything isn't swollen inside anymore, which stinks. Hopefully my first fill will kick things up a bit. I'm not sure though, I'm just hoping -Melissa M.
  7. melissamiranda


  8. I was banded July 25th and since then have lost 13 pounds. I'm glad that I've lost weight but I haven't list any weight in 4 days, I seem to be stuck at this weight. I only take in about 500 cals a day and I exercise 3-4 times a week. Since I'm newly post op with an empty band I'm hoping this is normal. I'm on stage 2 of.my diet and start stage 3 on Tuesday. I'm taking in a minimum of 50g of Protein a day but usually average around 60 g, and I'm drinking a minimum of 50 oz of Water a day. Just want to know if this is normal? I'm hoping I continue to lose weight!!! I'm not necessarily discouraged, but I want to know that its normal!! Thanks, -Melissa M.
  9. melissamiranda

    Don't Weigh Myself?!?!?!?!?!

    Thanks guys!! All the feedback is tremendous! I hid my scale and I'm going to weigh myself every Tuesday. I don't think that it necessary to weigh myself everyday if I know I'm following my diet correctly. We will see what Tuesday has to say! -Melissa M.
  10. You really should try to make it to the ER. I'm a nurse, too and hate the idea of taking myself to the hospital but it sounds like you may have the symptoms of band slippage, which is sometimes a result from hard vomiting. Best of luck, keep us posted!! -Melissa M.
  11. melissamiranda

    Drinking after surgery

    Yeah I can appreciate that it's an important part of your life, but for this first year i'm not going to be drinking at all. Yeah that's great that you include your wine into your diet, but me personally I feel that it wouldn't be worth it. I love wine. Like, really love wine, but I am going to sacrifice it for now to get the best weight loss possible this year. Alcohol will be on my "No" list until July 25th, 2013. I can have just as much fun without alcohol, went out with my girlfriends last night and had a blast as I was there DD. I guess it just depends on what's more important to you.