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  1. I am not fasting, my surgery was in November. I want to be at or below goal before fasting, I feel I am still healing. to each his own.
  2. That means alot...its not easy but a great blessing and tool
  3. cw 147! i wanted to be 140, i will get there!
  4. selbradey


  5. thanks! i have successfully done well at spin class moving on to running is more difficult
  6. selbradey


    Well, today my kids came back from their visitation with their dad. Heres some background info, i was 21 and stupid (sounds like a taylor swift song) and fell in love with my self centered narcissistic ex husband. He verbally and physically abused me about my weight (i was 145 lbs during my marriage, my weight at surgery was 212, gained from depression after divorce, plus binge eating disorder) Anyway, today he gets outta his car, looks me up and down and says, wow you look amazing. i said, hey arent you married. He said yeah so what, i can have you if i want you. Lesson number 1: tigers never change their stripes. Lesson number 2: I am still 13 lbs above the weight i was when i was married, so he never appreciated me for who i was. My response: "Well you cant have me, I am not a homewrecker like your wife is" Best.NSV.Ever
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    This guy literally left me and his kids three states from home without a car, went to our house, got every financial paper out, told me i had half an hour to get my **** and go to my moms, and left the country with the woman he was cheating on me with. i filed for divorce a week later and beat him in court. who gets four years of alimony for only 3.5 years of marriage? this girl. and now because im so much hotter and more confident he wants me but cant have me! lol. and im happy and better off single
  8. thanks i will try that i think i need spin shoes too my foot went numb today
  9. insta collage progress. dos 11/19/2012
  10. Dear fellow sleevsters, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that i have stalled...i bounce between 159 and 161.... I increased Water, Protein and excersise. My body feels stuck. I have stalled since super bowl sunday...and im freaking out. I know i have lost 50% of what i wanted to lose, but as i am approaching 4 month mark on 3/19, is this it? Am i doomed to work my a$$ off with no more to show for it?? :(
  11. selbradey

    3 months: epic stall

    Im 4'10 and my goal is 110
  12. selbradey

    I h8 stalls

    Ahem, curvy egyptian girls are sexy too
  13. selbradey

    I h8 stalls

    Im 4 feet 10 inches, im a shorty, started out at 212. I need to lose another 50...for some 160 is a goal, but bc im short its 110
  14. selbradey

    Alcohol consumption.. Beware!

    The moscato was definetly weak compared to the red sangria....my best friend drove me home saturday :-)
  15. selbradey

    Alcohol consumption.. Beware!

    I had half a glass of sangria on saturday and half a glass of moscato on sunday. I usually gage how i feel a few sips in so i know when to stop....feel better my dear
  16. selbradey

    Hello my name is....

    You are a sleeve master martin, I am sarah, an aspiring evangelist, see above my profile pic
  17. selbradey

    Hello my name is....

    Did anyone see that I am now a aspiring evangelist?? LMFAO
  18. Laura, eating ice cream for me would be like a crack addict relapsing....after a brain surgery and rehab
  19. I bought coconut milk, silk brand, 90 calories a serving. Its low in sugar. I do not like soy. Not much protein. Was it wrong, should i have gotten my regular skim milk? Im trying to eliminate hormones etc that are found in cows milk
  20. I am out of my week long stall :-)
  21. selbradey

    Depressed a bit

    Fyi, i love each and every one of you. Just sayin.

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