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  1. What do you consider cheating? I ate three shrimp for lunch and was wondering if I was cheating but I didnt hurt and my sleeved liked it...
  2. I have tried malt-o-meal. It is really good and feels me up really fast! I didn't have gas or bubbles but I would think the bubbles come from taking in too much air. I also eat with a baby spoon.
  3. DivaK

    Possible Popsicle Overdose!

    Wow that must have been some type of protein shake...I wonder how much did he take in...I am able to drink 8 oz at a sitting but my stomach doesn't hurt...I think you will know if you have over done anything because you will probably feel pain!
  4. DivaK

    How Much Was Your Surgery?

    I have United Healthcare as well but bariatric surgery is an exclusion...I guess it is because my employer chose that...but nevertheless, I got it done...
  5. I love your post and this is exactly how I feel! My husband had me laughing so hard yesterday at all the attention he was giving me before I left...it is funny and he knows I am not going anywhere. He was even showing off my picture that I took on my cell phone at an all guys gathering...LOL! Too funny...and its only been 13 days!
  6. DivaK

    60 Pounds Lost Today!

    Well congratulations! I am glad you are doing so well...keep up the good work! I just joined My fitness Pal but I am just transferring to the mushies stage and don't really consume enough food to make an entry yet. As soon as I make it past these six weeks it will be my new best friend! LOL!
  7. DivaK

    Two Days Post-Op

    Argnewcan...I had the same experience. Your luck will continue...we have just begun the most significant journey in our lives...
  8. DivaK

    Up Up And Away!

    Those sound like some pretty good rewards...I need to set some for myself....now you really got me thinking! Well have fun and keep up the good work!
  9. DivaK

    Follow Up Measurements

    Wow Congratulations! Im sure once you start an excercise routine you will tone up in no time!
  10. DivaK

    This Is My Story. :)

    Well Congratulations and I will see you on the side of hotness...lol!
  11. Well Congratulations! I totally feel you on wanting to be able to dance again...I can't wait...I can't dance longer than 2-3 minutes without getting tired...I was wondering how could this be???LOL!
  12. Congratulations! I have UHC but they wouldn't cover any of my expenses...therefore ended up being self pay! I was sleeved July 2nd and I love it...I'm sure you will too...good luck!
  13. DivaK


    Wow...that is what I call Progress for sure! I can't wait to be able to post a pic like that....
  14. DivaK

    Two Days Post-Op

    I am glad you are home and doing fine...It does get easier really fast. I know you have probably read that a thousand times but it is true!
  15. DivaK

    Post-Surgery Visit

    I just noticed your surgery was July 3rd and mine was done on July 2nd. Did you go to First Street Hospital? I tried malt-o-meal today last night and again today and it was fine. It has taken me 3 sittings to finish one serving...LOL! BTW I had only lost 3 pounds and someone made a post to tell me that was fine because most folk gain weight. The swelling causes you to gain after surgery and your body has to adjust first. I know my clothes and face shows I lost weight but not the scale. I am trying to patiently wait on that! LOL!
  16. DivaK

    Isopure Sucks

    I do love Dr. Mirza...he is sooo kind and very easy to talk to. I am glad I chose him!
  17. DivaK

    Isopure Sucks

    z3djinn...we used the same doctor...what a coincidence! I love the Bariatric Advantage shakes as well. I use 1% milk and I have the chocolate kind...it taste just like a chocolate shake. I think I will try to always have one shake a day until I meet goal!
  18. DivaK

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Hey I am checking in today is day twelve and I am doing great! I am drinking my fluids and I tried eating malt-o-meal which is like furina and my stomach likes it...I can only eat two or three bites from a baby spoon and I am a full as a tick. I went to the gym earlier and walked 3 miles on the treadmill. I have energy too...I am so glad to have this part behind me and now I will keep trucking along and wait on the results...best of luck to everyone out there!
  19. Awww...tear...THAT is the best feeling! Congratulations!
  20. DivaK

    Why Am I Starving?

    I am ten days post op too and today I tried some Malt-o-meal and two spoons of mashed potatoes. I feel full now. My doctor said I could try these things along with scrambled eggs which I havent tried yet. He said I would know if my stomach rejected it and so far so good...no wavy feeling in my tummy...
  21. DivaK

    I'm On To The Next Stage

    I wish you a speedy recovery!
  22. DivaK


    I had my surgery on July 2nd and my doctor gave me the impression that I was past the point of getting a leak. He just kind of phrased "you are out of the woods"...I am officially ten days out today.
  23. DivaK

    :/ What Do I Need To Buy To Start (Phase Ii)?

    buy some chicken broth or soups and drain them for the liquid. I bought a can colander. I also bought a blender in a bottle which I use daily to mix my protein shake with milk. Those are the two most important investments to date and I am nine days out.
  24. DivaK

    Stupid Slider Foods

    At what stage can you have watermelon?
  25. DivaK

    40 Inch Bougie!

    Well thanks for the update...I am glad to know what happened. I almost got worried. Thanks again!

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