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  1. It's completely normal to be nervous. I had a couple rough days in the hospital with gas pains and nausea but because of all my reading and research prior to surgery I knew it was a possibilty so I knew it would pass fairly quickly. I can say at seven weeks out I am so glad I went through with it. I'm feeling healthier, more energetic and looking forward to getting off all my medications. YOU are the only person who can decide if it's the right choice for you. For me....I would do it all over again! Prayers to you and everyone else being sleeved tomorrow.

  2. so, today, I had my post op cardiologist check up. He told me that this surgery saved my life! Also, he said I could cut both of my bp meds in half for the next 2 weeks, then QUIT TAKING THEM ALTOGETHER!!! woohoo! And he said to do a blood test Saturday, and if I checks out, I can drop the cholesterol meds too! I'm officially doin the happy dance. ( | ) ( / ) ( | ) ( \ ) ( | ) shake it with me! Only 4 months out, and off all my meds! Only thing left is the stupid cpap, and I've got a feeling that it'll be gone by the end of the year! Oh yeah, go sleeve, oh yeah! Sorry, but, this has been a great day!


  3. Hi All. My surgery was 8/28 and I've lost 20 lbs since surgery. I had lost 20 before so down 40. I feel pretty good and getting 70-80 grams of Protein per day. Can eat about 2 oz of fish or chicken at a meal but having hard time getting enough calories. Doc wants me to get to 1200 and I really have to push it to get 900 calories. How are others doing with getting calories in and what works to get more? Don't want my body in starvation mode and stalling weight loss... Never thought I would have hard time getting enough calories!

    WOW....that's the first time I've heard 1200 calories! My eating plan says 700-900 calories per day with a minimum of 60 grams of protein per day. I have gotten in 1,000 calories about three times and 1,200 one time but I would NEVER be able to get to that calorie count without my Protein Shake each morning. Best to you on your journey!

  4. So relieved to her that dr nguyen was a great dr. Ths is the first thing i have heard about him. Thank you so much for sharing. I am really scared and nervous but this really truly helped. :-D

    6 more days til im sleeved!!!! :)

    Best to you as you approach surgery day. It is totally worth it!!! ...six weeks out for me. :-)

  5. Does any one know how long it takes to get the actual surgery from Kaiser SSF. I have had one meeting and am scheduled for orientation on 10/16. I just want to know how many meetings are involved before having surgery. I just want to get it done and start my journey to freedom...;.

    I had my introductory class the end of April 2012 and had my surgery the end of August 2012. I had to lose 20 lbs and was diagnosed with sleep apnea in the process so had to use my cpap for minimum of two months before my surgery. It all seemed to go very quickly...and I used the time for self discovery and habit changes. The more you do and stick to new habits before the surgery the more successful you will be after the surgery.

  6. Sleeved on Aug 28! I have lost 24 pounds since surgery. Post op I lost 23 so that's 47 lbs total :) I have had some nausea this week for some reason, but I am now off puréed foods so maybe my body is just adjusting. Hoping that's the reason! Other than that I am feeling really good. Already dropped a jean size. I will be going shopping in another month to buy some new clothes! Can't wait til then :)

    Congrats! Keep up the terrific work.

  7. There was one sleever on here that recommended waiting a minimum of one year after hitting goal, before deciding on surgery. She said her skin continued to change up to one year after hitting goal. She said she would have had alot more cosmetic surgery done right after hitting goal compared to what she was contemplating after one year. I decided I'll wait....it will save me money if I only have to get one procedure instead of two or three.

  8. I'm four weeks out and still don't have much desire to eat. In fact, I think I've only had one craving .....and it passed quickly. I still have to remind myself to eat most of the time. Even if you do decide to eat you'll just have a few bites and you'll be done. Love my sleeve! :-)

  9. Hi, I began the WLS process with Kaiser in the beginning of August. I'm still a long ways off from surgery, but was wondering if Kaiser requires a pre-op diet? I need to lose 7 lbs. I was able to lose 2 pounds last month, but stress eating has got me putting the weight back on and then some. Is it a requirement to lose the weight prior to the surgery?

    I had my surgery at Kaiser South San Francisco and my surgeon required me to lose 20 pounds before he would schedule a date. I didn't have to do a liquid diet but they did give me a pre-op diet plan. It may seem like the process takes a long time but it's over before you know it! Best to you.

  10. I grill turkey burgers, bake steak fries, salad and a fresh fruit. I have the turkey burger without bun, a very small baked potato with greek yogurt and 1/4 to 1/2 a fresh fruit. I also do the tacos, using lean ground turkey, fat free organic refried Beans, whole grain taco shells for my boys...i forego the taco shells and just have the meat, a tiny bit of refried beans, with greek yogurt and mango salsa.

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