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    What Are Your Best WLS Tools?

    For me at 4 months out_ A food plan with matching stocked pantry Log my food in My Fitness Pal Support group Bariatric Pal ( I love the challenges ) Packing my own lunch Keeping healthy "plan B" foods in my purse, car or desk drawer Willingness to try new foods that fit my plan
  2. mykdzmom

    Can't bring Phone?!

    Just wanted to say good luck on your surgery. I am sure your phone will be find.
  3. Congratulations! I can tell you are a proud guard mom ☺ I still pick out the 3x shirts every time I shop. I end up putting them back to get a 1x now, but somehow I don't see myself as any different yet. I can't wait until the day I can too. Thanks for sharing. ????
  4. 207.8 It's really happening! ???? thanks Sarah!
  5. Congratulations! I started with pre mixed premier protein shakes that you can get from Walmart, Sam's or Costco. I like chocolate but did not like the strawberry or vanilla. I also keep Syntax unflavored protein that you can add to anything for a protein boost. I especially enjoyed it during the liquid phase in broth or soup as an option to get away from sweet stuff. Post op I have more of a taste for shakes made from powder rather than pre mixed. I love VCORE Cookies and Cream from Complete Nutrition.
  6. mykdzmom

    Do You Log Your Food?

    I am a tracker - MFP. My calories creep up and protein goes down whenI dont. It also allows me to enjoy variety without the worry of meeting my goals. I enjoy the history of a food diary and the weigh in for my time line. Love the nutrition breakdown that shows protein, carbs and fat for the day.
  7. mykdzmom

    I DID IT! I Reached My Goal!

    Did you notice??? We have the same doctor! Dr. Turton in AWESOME!!! Brent the nutritionist isn't bad either!!! I love Dr. Turton and his entire team. They have been key to my success. Take care!
  8. mykdzmom

    I DID IT! I Reached My Goal!

    Way to go! You look amazing! It was so nice to meet you and your wife during support group right after my surgery. It is so encouraging for us newbies to see those who have such a great attitude and set such a great example. I am right behind you ????
  9. mykdzmom


    @ stacyrg1 I was wondering about those. Glad to hear they go down easy. I may give them a try.
  10. mykdzmom


    I am 3.5 months out and have been using Bariatric Advantage chews as my Calcium choice. They are pricey but I love them. They are like my treat every day and have a very low calorie count compared to other over the counter chews i have seen. I am paying around $18.00 for a months worth which includes shipping. Please share where you have found them at the best price or share what you are currently using. I have no problems swallowing my reflux pill, but don't want anything too large. Thanks!
  11. mykdzmom

    Food at work?

    I usually eat it in Water unless it is the Mediterranean version that has olive oil or the premade tuna salad.. It doesn't bother me in terms of reflux or stomach issues either. I also like the beef and cheddar sticks if I am out and about without any choices. You can even grab then at the gas station if you need to. Same with jerky.
  12. mykdzmom

    If this wasn't so pathetic it would be hilarious

    Loving this thread!
  13. mykdzmom


    Thanks for the suggestions. My surgeon calls for calcium citrate, but I have seen it in pill form as well. I don't mind the 45 calories, I just include them in my plan.
  14. mykdzmom


    Thanks! Heading to check that out!
  15. mykdzmom

    Debbie Downers...

    People grrrrrrrrr.... I chose not to share my decision because as VSGANN2014 says people feel obliged to give their opinion if you tell them, and I just didn't want to hear it. I still respect your decision because I am sure that you get support as well. Maybe answer a question with one ..... "Why wouldn't I want to improve my health?" Or "What about those who don't gain the weight back?" I saw a thread on if/when they start in on the easy way out attacks- It's a tool - do you wash dishes by hand or use a dishwasher? You can search on easy way out and find the thread where folks contributed tons in this area. Good luck on your journey. You are doing this for you and that is most important.
  16. mykdzmom

    Wouldn't it be nice

    Some folks thoroughly enjoy discontent. They find it in everything and it can be exhausting. I just wanted to say I have enjoyed what you have contributed. Alhough I also missed your post, I am disappointed that you didn't receive the same open minded but honest consideration that you give. Do what you do and enjoy it.
  17. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    Des hope things go well with the BP meds. I don't have a FB. I know I live in the stone age..lol .8 away!?! Wow! I am closing in on onderland and just can't wait to get there!
  18. mykdzmom

    Sleeve Newbie

    Welcome and Congratulations on your decision☺ Food funerals are common. I actually gained some weight during my 6 month pre-op diet period and had to stop and get back on track. If I had been more focused on losing during that time, I would be even further along. If you gain, it is just more to lose after surgery. When it was time for my pre surgery liquid diet I made my mind up that I was in 100% and I followed it to the letter. That is something I am still proud of. Good luck on your journey ~
  19. mykdzmom

    Before/After Photos at Goal

    Amazing Bella!
  20. mykdzmom

    Food at work?

    I am not sure where you are in your journey, but i am 3.5 months out. I take my lunch every day and try to keep it as simple as possible. I hope these may give you some ideas. Here are a few of my favorites that don't require any heat up or prep- Starkist tuna pouches. They come plain, flavored and Tuna salad. Mediterranean is my favorite. Salmon pouches Tyson 3oz cans of premium white chicken* *Sometimes I get the large pouch answer divide into 3 equal portions that are around 3oz each. If a microwave is handy- Gordon selects Tilapia or Salmon (they microwave in 2 min and are great Protein in a small serving. Tyson frozen fully cooked chicken strips. My snacks- Apple slices without peel and Peanut Butter Carrots and humus Dry roasted soybeans Mozzarella sticks Cottage cheese Good luck!