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    I take two adult gummies every day and a Vitamin D. I live in MN, land of the long winter, so like most Minnesotans who stay inside and covered up for most of the winter, I am deficient!
  2. Sarah72

    July Bandsters In Need Of A Buddy

    I'm struggling. I'm a lot more active and it helps that I lost about 50 pounds pre-surgery, but now I'm over a month out and officially in "bandster hell" Rediscovered my bike and we've been taking lots of bike rides so I know thats been helping. I need to update my weight ticker because I weighed myself today and am under 330 now. Happy about that, but not as much weight as I'd have liked. I am eating less, and some of the temptations aren't as hard to pass by, but I've only had one fill and knowing that this is only a tool and it's still going to take a lot of hard work helps. Looking forward to getting to the infamous "green zone" though! Have another fill in a couple of weeks.
  3. Sarah72


    I had surgery on July 25 and had my first fill on August 20th. It's been rough. Those first few weeks I was sore and tired, but hungry. I was 3/4 of a pound over what I was when I had surgery. My doctor gave me a hard time about it. This morning I weighed myself and I'm down 2 pounds below my lowest weight so I was happy. Not feeling restriction yet, but I'm more active. I'm riding bike again (haven't done that in probably 10 years!) and walking more. My clothes are getting looser so I know things are happening. Hang in there and good luck!
  4. Sarah72

    sleep centers are a scam

    I adore my c-pap machine. I got it in March and sleep so much better. When I had my sleep study, I was averaging about 130 episodes per HOUR of my body waking up. That's crazy! I would fall asleep watching a movie, I would nod off in the car (if hubby was driving) and there were times I'd feel my head bob at work (I work with preschoolers, so that was quite the feat!) Now that I've been sleeping with a c-pap every night, those things don't happen. In fact, I fell asleep watching television with my husband just the other night and it was the first time I've done that since March. It had been a busy day and I was exhausted! I can't imagine sleeping without it now. My 5-year-old calls it my "elephant nose"! It's pink and pretty and I love it!
  5. My out of pocket was over $1200. Was not expecting it to be that much. The psych clinic is in my medical clinic and ended up being out of network for my insurance. I was annoyed, but what do you do? One of those hoop, I guess!
  6. Sarah72

    What Type Of Birth Control Do You Use?

    Had my tubes tied with my last c-section Works for me!
  7. Sarah72

    Don't Give Up!!! Never!!!

    Thank you! May God bless your day and always!
  8. Sarah72

    Banded 25 July

    I was banded on the 25th, too! I'm finding these boards so informative and supportive! I'm so ready to get through this "healing" stage and get on with the rest of my life. I have my first fill on the 20th of August and am excited about it!
  9. Sarah72

    I Didn't Want Anyone To Know!!!

    Just because she doesn't want people to know doesn't mean she isn't ready for the surgery. When I first started the process, I felt the exact same way. I was ashamed and embarrassed because I felt like I had failed at weight loss. My husband had just finished losing over 100 pounds through diet and exercise and I felt like an utter and complete failure. Even though, I knew if I wanted to be healthy. When I admitted that WLS could help me with this, I broke down and cried. I needed to do something drastic and with my husband's complete support I went to the meeting. Now, 8 months later and 10 days post-op, EVERYBODY knows, lol! Not only that, I have not run into anyone who has made me feel bad or ashamed about it!
  10. Sarah72

    Pre-Op Diet: It Gets Better??

    It gets better. The first week of my pre-op was so hard. I think I was going through carb withdrawals! It was HORRIBLE! I'm a week and a day post-op and I can look back and say it was worth it. By the second week, it wasn't too bad and this past week, I've been able to sit and drink my Soup while the family chews their dinner and not really miss it. Keep at it, my friend! It is worth it in the end!
  11. Sarah72

    Newly Banded/ Help

    I was just banded last week, but have lost 50 pounds since I've started the process. It's HARD! My advice to you is to take it day by day, hour by hour, meal by meal and bite by bite. The best advice I've gotten during my journey is this: When you feel "hungry", ask yourself these questions--"Am I REALLY hungry or am I bored, emotional, etc...", "Am what I am about to put in my mouth worth it and how is it going to benefit me?" Sometimes, that piece of chocolate cake IS worth it, but most of the time. No, it's not. I make sure I really take the time to chew and savor each thing I put in my mouth. Take time to enjoy the texture and the flavor. Don't just eat it because it tastes good. Eat it because it is something you truly enjoy and make it a treat for yourself, not something you eat because you can. I don't keep treats in the house because then I eat them. I make them hard to get to. If I'm wanting ice cream, then I have to take the effort to go and get it and I only get ONE serving. Not enough to bring home and eat whenever I want because then it's not a TREAT. You know what? I rarely have ice cream anymore, but when I do... Boy, do I ENJOY it!! When having a treat makes you feel guilty and depressed, it is not a treat. I used to walk past the fridge and open it because it was there. Everytime I opened it, I found something to eat. Maybe a slice of cheese, or a meat stick, or whatever. I don't open the fridge anymore unless I have somethng that I'm opening it for. It's not worth the temptation to me. Every day, every hour, every meal. Ask yourself these questions. Am I REALLY hungry? Why am I eating? What am I eating? Is what I'm putting in my mouth worth the calories and what it is going to do to my body? Day by day, hour by hour, meal by meal. You CAN make the right choices and you can make the band work for you. It's just a tool, not a miracle worker!
  12. Sarah72

    5 Days Into My New Life!

    I'm a week out now and after a rough weekend am starting to feel better and felt hungry for the first time this morning. What a wierd thing! I have my post-op tomorrow and am hoping to be able to start mushies. Feel free to add me. From what I understand, from this point to where we get some restriction with fills is the toughest. I'm 50 pounds down from my highest weight in February so I'm feeling pretty confident that I can do this. It is hard sitting down and watching the family eat while I sip on Soup, though! Slow and steady, right?
  13. Sarah72

    Stop Living In Bondage!!

    Amen! Ephesians 5:8 says that "For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light." I am trying to live my life as a child of light, mentally, spiritually and physically! Every pound gone is one pound less that is pulling me down!
  14. Sarah72

    Post Op Appointment

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I have my post-op tomorrow. I was banded 7/25-a week ago! My highest weight was back in January or February where I weighed in at 383. I was mortified. Last week, on surgery day, I was down to 338 and up to 344 the next day due to Water retention, swelling and IV fluids. Today, when I stepped on the scale, I was 333!! 50 pounds GONE! Again, congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing what the "official" number is tomorrow!
  15. Warning! Don't want to squick anyone out, I'm going to get graphic here! I was banded on 7/25 and incision-wise feeling pretty well, but Friday-Sunday had severe bubbles in my digestive track EVERY time I ate something and it hurt! Even when I drank Water So, not-so-smart me shied away from it all and drank very little of anything. Saturday, I had severe diarrhea so I stopped the colace. Yesterday... well, now I'm constipated-sorta. I have watery diarrhea, but I feel like I'm impacted because it feels like something is stuck. It hurts to even urinate because of the pressure. Anyone experience this? I've never had issues with constipation so this is a new one for me. Yesterday I started taking the colace again and have added some senna today. I also used a glycerine suppository. Things have "moved" a bit, but still feeling a lot of pressure and having the watery bowel movements around whatever is feeling stuck. Was pretty worthless yesterday and today seems to be turning into the same type of day. I am forcing liquids! Drank 10 cups yesterday and have had about 5 8-oz glasses of water today. I"m hoping by upping the water intake as well as the colace and the senna I can get things moving again. I have my follow-up on Thursday and do plan on talking to my surgeon if I'm still having these issues, but would like to resolve it before then.
  16. Ahh! Thanks! That's exactly what I'm feeling. If it's not better by Thursday when I go in for my follow-up, I will talk to my surgeon. Hopefully, I can work it out before that! Had some success with the glycerine suppository today so hopefully, that will continue to help! Continuing with the Water intake!
  17. I was banded on the 25th too and feeling a bit frustrated with all this gas. It's kind of a viscious circle thing. I know I need to keep up on my liquids to help my body recover, but it causes so much gas and bubbling in my system and it hurts so I don't want to drink the Water or drink the soup. I think most of the gas they used in the surgery has worked it's way out, but the intestinal gas is awful! I'm just continuing to do what I need to do. Drinking my water, taking the gas-x. Called my surgeon this morning and begged the nurse to see if they could prescribe a different antibiotic. The one I'm on is 4x/day and has been giving me wicked loose stool and I just can't keep up with it being 4x/day. She just called me back and told me that my Dr. said I could just disconitinue it! Happy dance for sure! I keep telling myself that it will get better, it will get better and the weight will start coming off. I haven't loss more then a pound either after all the liquids they pumped into me. I was discharged 6 pounds heavier then I came in at. That's gone now, but holding steady at what I was when I was admitted. Hard to figure out how because my intake is so low! Anyway.. I'm right there with you! We'll get through this, right?
  18. This is so reassuring to me! I, too, just had surgery last week and can't believe how tired I am all the time! I hope I turn the corner on this soon!
  19. Sarah72

    Nervous About After Band!!!

    I had my surgery on the 25th and all I can say about the farting is if you feel the need, GO TO THE BATHROOM! It might be more then just air I'm embarrassed to say that I may have had a surprise or two!
  20. Sarah72

    Muffin Tins

    yup, click the bigger picture and it opens up in another tab or window. I LOVE Pinterest and am following you now! I'm still on liquids and can't wait until I can chew again! I miss chewing, lol!
  21. Sarah72

    Tuesday Is The Day!!!!

    Everyone's experience is different. I had to spend the night and have an x-ray and swallow test the morning after surgery to make sure my band was placed right and everything was working correctly before I could even take a sip of water! I arrived at the hospital about 9 a.m. in the morning and went back to pre-op. I had to change into a gown and they asked me the normal "are you safe at home" questions before they'd let my husband join me. When he got back we waited about 90 minutes before I was taken back to the surgery suite. During this time, I got my IV started with a dose of antibiotics in it, had the anesthesiologist come back and talk to me, my surgeon popped in and quickly went over the procedure one more time with me. I walked to the surgery suite about 10:30 and took a quick pitstop in the bathroom. So glad I did because I DID NOT want a catheter! Got to the suite and the lights were SO BRIGHT back there! Stepped on a stool and situated myself on a narrow table. The anesthesiologist put a mask over my face saying it was just some oxygen and something to relax me and the next thing I remember is waking up in recovery. In recovery, my memories are really loopy. I remember my surgeon coming in and telling me that he was able to get the band in successfully and repaired a hiatal hernia while he was in there. I remember vaguely getting wheeled up to my room where my husband was waiting for me. I had a lot of pain at this point and they gave me a shot of fentanyl which helped. I dozed most of the afternoon. Woke up and took a walk down the hall with the nurse and came back to my room. Talked with my husband a bit while sitting in my chair. He left for the evening to go home (we have 3 kids at home!) Shortly after he left, my parents showed up witht the kids. My 18-year-old has been watching too many youtube videos of people being loopy from coming off of dental anethesia and just wanted to know how loopy I had been. Told him it wasn't that kind of anesthesia! My 5-year-old was just little girl with a million questions, LOL! They stayed for about 45 minutes and I walked them to the elevator (with the nurse). Came back, went potty, and talked to my husband on the phone and went to bed! The next morning, I paced the halls, had my tests, slowly drank some juice and was walking out the door at about 12:45!
  22. I came home with just the steri-strips. No clear gauze stuff (I'm guessing it's the same stuff they used to hold my IV in place that you're talking about). I would think that if the steri-strips stay in place, you can take the guaze off. You don't want to end up with an infection under it from your skin getting irritated. Of course, I would call your surgeon this morning and talk to his/her nurse to get an official "OK". Good luck! Hope it's feeling better soon!
  23. Yes! What is this card you are talking about? Would like to get one!
  24. Sarah72

    2Nd Day Post Op

    I was banded on the 25th and having horrible tummy gas. I'm trying to take sips and drink slowly. Went out and did a lot of walking today with the family. Bought some gas-x tablets and those seem to be helping. The gas from the surgery doesn't seem to be too bad, but the digestive gas is killing me. I need to stay close to a bathroom, lol! Will definitely NOT be taking the colace tonight! Everyday is better though, so that's good.
  25. Sarah72

    July Bandsters In Need Of A Buddy

    Yeah, I had to stay overnight. It was kind of nice, actually! No kids! LOL! I finished about 1 1/2 fills of my water bottle, but also drank about 8 oz of broth. I'm stuffed now. Crazy! Tomorrow I get to move onto full liquids instead of clear liquids so I'm kind of excited to try some soup or yogurt. Local grocery store had greek yogurt on sale so I bought a bunch of them for the protein and warned the kids to STAY AWAY! I'm ready to take my meds and fall into bed, though. I'm exhausted despite the 2 naps I took today. Glad I don't work summers!