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  1. I'm with you on this. Worth a try since I 've been gaining.
  2. Livinglifeout

    One Month, Two Days

    You look fab!! Enjoy your new sexy self.
  3. Livinglifeout

    Lexington Ky

    Has anyone in Ky had plastics yet and who did you use? I'm starting my research and nothing better than hearing about peoples personal experience:)
  4. Livinglifeout

    Circumferential Body Lift Done 12/6

    Scout thank you for all the information you have shared with us on your plastics journey it has really given me a lot to think about. Thank goodness your swelling is finally gone down. I've been thinking of maybe doing plastics in Mexico to save on money. I had my sleeve done there. But now you have opened my eyes that complications can occur and what would I do with my doctor in Mexico. So many doctors do not want to treat you after someone else has done surgery. I am going to continue on my weight loss, save more money and have my surgery done closer to home. I am also going to continue to watch your journey as long as you continue to share with us. Thank you.
  5. Livinglifeout

    Hot Flashes/cold

    I'm 53 and had my surgery July 2012 and do experience the same symptoms since my surgery. I'm post menopausal so I am not sure what it is. I thought it was the surgery too. Just wanted to let you know your not the only one with the hot and cold:)
  6. Livinglifeout

    Its my day!

    I'm green with envy...you look FANTASTIC!! What is even more important is you sound so happy!
  7. Livinglifeout

    Getting my first flat tummy in......EVER!

    Glad your doing well, the TAP is new to me but sounds great. Keep us posed on your progress.
  8. Livinglifeout

    I've come a long way baby...

    Your doing great..keep on going:)
  9. Livinglifeout

    TT and thighs at the same time?

    Thank you so much for sharing all your info and pics. You look great..maybe there is hope for me yet. How long we're you in Mexico? What about follow up? Would you mine sharing an approximate cost?
  10. Livinglifeout

    So close ! Updates with pictures ;)

    Great job, you look fab!
  11. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and thank you for sharing. Can't find the pics either, please repost.
  12. Livinglifeout

    Boobs version 2.0

    Kris glad to hear your doing well. I can relate to the boobs going south! Hopefully I can get mine done this winter. Please keep us posted on your journey.
  13. Livinglifeout

    Tummy tuck without muscle tightening

    Good luck Aussiegirl...you have done fantastic on your weightloss:). Let us follow your plastics journey.
  14. Livinglifeout

    One Month, Two Days

    Wow Missy you truly do look fantastic. Thank you for sharing with all of us that are considering plastics. You have a whole new lease on life.....enjoy:)
  15. I quit watching, they gross me out! I know I'll be getting a tummy tuck, the less I see the better I'll be is my theory:)
  16. Livinglifeout

    Tummy tuck advice...

    I really considering getting a tummy tuck. Please keep us posted on your recovery. Best wishes for great results and an easy recovery:)
  17. Livinglifeout

    Weight loss slowed after beginning exercise

    I really stepped up my workout and now find I'm a lot more hungry! Anyone else experiencing this?
  18. Livinglifeout

    Dr. Oz

    He endorses everything, and has the best weightloss plan every other week. Drives me crazy to watch him anymore, so I don't:)
  19. Livinglifeout

    Serious Stall

    Have you tried Miss diva's boot camp?
  20. So I'm feeling super great and have finally got into the workout mode, had my surgery July 18. Than......I get my six month test results back (had them done a little late) my cholesterol is super high. I had an appointment with my primary doctor who tested me on August 20 th and than last week. All cholesterol good and bad numbers were bad, no problem in August. I told him that I'm eating mostly Protein to lose weight. Of course he said that is the problem and put me on meds. Does anyone else have high cholesterol since surgery? Never had this problem when I was fat, Lol. Now go figure with 101 lbs down since surgery! Help any suggestions?
  21. Livinglifeout

    Cholesterol seven months out

    Great info, thank you for taking the time to help me..I'll add you:)
  22. Livinglifeout

    Cholesterol seven months out

    Great suggestion definitely going to ask for a retest. He wanted to test in six weeks, but I really don't want to take the meds.
  23. Livinglifeout

    Cholesterol seven months out

    Very good points. I'm going to hold off and fix the diet as you suggest. Totally cutting out all but lean Protein.
  24. Livinglifeout

    Cholesterol seven months out

    Lucky you. I hav only recently really started the exercise daily 60 min, maybe that will help.

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