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  1. Livinglifeout

    Lexington Ky

    Has anyone in Ky had plastics yet and who did you use? I'm starting my research and nothing better than hearing about peoples personal experience:)
  2. Livinglifeout

    Tummy tuck without muscle tightening

    Good luck Aussiegirl...you have done fantastic on your weightloss:). Let us follow your plastics journey.
  3. I quit watching, they gross me out! I know I'll be getting a tummy tuck, the less I see the better I'll be is my theory:)
  4. Livinglifeout

    Cholesterol seven months out

    Great info, thank you for taking the time to help me..I'll add you:)
  5. Livinglifeout

    Cholesterol seven months out

    Very good points. I'm going to hold off and fix the diet as you suggest. Totally cutting out all but lean Protein.
  6. Livinglifeout

    I have Collarbones!

    Your doing great, you'll make it on those rides this summer:)
  7. Livinglifeout

    My Skin - Pictures speak a thousand words.

    Good for you:). I think you look great. After all the hard work losing the weight you deserve to be happy...I don't think it was a bad decision at all...and hopefully when the rest of my weight is gone, I will be getting mine done:)
  8. Livinglifeout

    Selfish and Mad!

    Do you already have your date? Are you going to Mex or doing it here. Start the process you need something to look forward too while he heals.
  9. Livinglifeout

    My Exciting News

    I would luv to see pics..
  10. Livinglifeout

    Ice Cream

    Healthy choice has some new frozen yogurts that are really good, and I'm not a yogurt fan at all. They come in strawberry, raspberry, plain and blueberry:)
  11. Livinglifeout

    I need to whine - dress sizes

    Also different clothing labels really vary in how they are sized. I hit sales in January for some cocktail style dresses that I need for upcoming weddings. I feel in love with one of the first dresses I tried on .....a size 10 fit perfect.....I was thrilled. Next dress I loved was a 12 and couldn't even come close to closing the zip. I hated to but grabbed the 14 in the same dress. Fit but still tight, a Calvin Klein. I decided Calvin was bad for my self esteem and left the store with my one dress, the size 10:).
  12. Livinglifeout

    Its days like these...

    I finally put on the last pair of jeans I was wearing before surgery in July...I still can't fathom how big they were. Wow this really is workin:). Luv your pic.
  13. Livinglifeout

    Work out weight gain?

    Great info Mark, it explains a lot:)
  14. Livinglifeout

    Progress at almost 9 months out.

    Fantastic job! Your very upbeat and you will make it to goal:)
  15. You look sassy and wonderful:). Your outfit is fab.
  16. Livinglifeout

    Belly loose going down to private area?

    Oooops so sorry Tyson, not thinking right today:)
  17. Wow you have totally rocked your sleeve. Great to hear your still losing, since I'm at the 6 month point and still have more to lose. Great pics:)
  18. Livinglifeout

    Why do I feel so yuk?

    Are you getting in all your vitamins and protein? You may need a B12 shot.
  19. Livinglifeout


    Six months out and they have really faded, and I'm a bad healer. Or at least I've been told that from my thyroid removal incision. So I think you'll still see them, but pretty faded.
  20. Livinglifeout

    Zumba work out at home is the best

    What DVD are you doing at home?
  21. Livinglifeout

    Do you really need a hospital buddy?

    You will be just fine without anyone:). No worries
  22. Livinglifeout

    I need help getting back on track

    Today was my first day in awhile that I haven't been bad. The grazing and carbs need to stop and I need to get serious:). I'm with you we can do this!
  23. Livinglifeout


    Thanks for the update...keep them coming. Hopefully the pain will ease soon.....just keep thinking how wonderful you'll look:).
  24. Way to go Patrick, your workin it:)

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